kirby's birthday


Happy 25th Birthday Kirby!!

Something small for the bestest and cutest borb in my miniscule life!!! It’s Kirby’s 25th anniversary and I had to celebrate it in my small way ;w;)7

There’s actually a lot more items not pictured, but I think showing this off is already embarrassing enough.

To the many adventures Kirby has gone through, I hope this series continues to flourish~  Please enjoy!!

some loser: idealistic characters are so unrealistic!! there’s no way they can go through terrible things and not turn cynical - and if they do, that means they’re totally stupid and na–

me: kbye

April 27 isn’t just Kirby’s birthday, but also Stanley day. Cause Stanley is number 427, and today is the day 427. Gosh this spring sure does have many important days.

A little quick image for Kirby’s birthday~! It may be his 25th anniversary in Dream Land, but the little guy is still 11 years old in my heart.

Please don’t question me on the choice of characters; I just did the ones I can draw nicely–

It’s transparent! And please click for a better quality!


Happy Birthday, Kirby