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Bully ‘Coming Out’ Headcanons

Trent Northwick: Accidentally called Russell ‘babe’… it didn’t end well

Cornelius Johnson: Pretended to be Juliet to Constantinos

Gord Vendome: May as well have screamed it from the top of Harrington House

Vance Medici: Was checking out a bit of dat Peanut Butt

Kirby Olsen: Just casually made with with frickin Trent in front of all the jocks and then proceeded to say ‘don’t tell anyone about this, okay?’

Duncan: Didn’t just think the female elves in Grottos & Gremlins were hot af


This interview was wonderful 😍 plus learning that Christian is still single! Single!!!!How!?

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Welcome to Bullworth

Since the poster was actually wrecked, I wanted to colour it digitally. I feel much better knowing it hasn’t gone unfinished. 


Inspired by the 57th Grammy Awards, Deborah created this look exclusively for PopSugar and host Kirbie Johnson with our lacquers and Swarovski elements.

We can’t wait to see the looks on the red carpet Sunday, February 8, 2015.


1) Prep nails for nail tip adhesion by filing your natural nails to make sure that they don’t extend past the tip of your finger. Use Cuticle Remover to gently push back the cuticle so that when the tip is applied, it looks as natural possible. Do not apply oil afterwards, but cleanse the nail plate with 2 Second Nail Primer or The Stripper

2) Working on one hand at a time, apply nail tips by dabbing a small amount of nail glue on the back of the nail tip where it will touch your nail and press the appropriately sized nail down for a few seconds

3) Paint two coats of nail lacquer in Rolling In The Deep on all nails, waiting two minutes between coats

4) Apply a thin “French tip” using nail lacquer called Stronger, created with Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson to all nails

5) To adhere crystals, work on one area at a time, and dab a small amount of top coat or nail glue over the French tip area. Using tweezers or a damp orange wood stick, pick Swarovski crystal elements up one-by-one and place them along the tip of the nail and in random places on the backside of the nail. Start with larger ones at the tip, and use smaller crystals down the sides towards the fingertip for a gradient effect

6) Flip your hands over and paint one coat of Rolling In The Deep on the undersides of your nails. On one nail at a time, apply a second coat of Rolling In The Deep and as it is drying, sprinkle the crystals on the nail over a bowl to catch any excess. Pat the crystals into the coat of Stronger that is drying to secure

7) Finish with a topcoat. Let dry and enjoy the Grammy-inspired bling!

I’m still gathering the shattered pieces of my feels after watching Age of Ultron.

16. Kirby Johnson- The End


So in my travels of the internet, I have had a hard time finding two of the songs on Vetiver’s "A Thing of the Past": “Sleep a Million Years” and "Hook and Ladder", so we’re just gonna skip them. If anyone can find an mp3 copy of the originals for me please send me a link or something!

Jumping to the 5th track on the album, we have a cover of Biff Rose’s beautiful ballad from his album “Children of Light” entitled, “To Baby”.  Biff has an interesting voice but plays the piano like a god but what really ties this track together is the beautiful, but subtle, orchestration provided by Kirby Johnson who also has done work on Bonnie Rait records and Van Dyke Parks records (hopefully I’ll have a series of posts with his orchestrations eventually). Tetragrammaton Records 1969.