kirby hands

i tried typing “kirby” but my right hand was misaligned on my keyboard and my left hand just kinda gave up toward the end and i ended up writing “lornus” instead

i like to imagine lornus is a relative of kirby’s that isn’t really unpleasant or anything but nobody really pays him any mind either. not so much an evil twin as he is an good cousin

okay but hoopa looks like it could fit into the kirby world perfectly

i mean, just look at it

its small, and while it doesn’t look completely good, it still looks a little cute

its even got floating hands

true kirby villain material right there

and the fact that its got a huge and scary second form? incredible. truly astounding.

hoopa unbound is final kirby boss material if i do say so myself. i mean just look at it. it looks almost nothing like hoopa confined, its huge, got more floating hands and just badass-looking in general. unbound’s gotta be a phase 1 at least.

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Manga Marx appreciation post! He definitely looks and acts a lot different in the manga than he does in Kirby Super Star.

People understandably get weirded out by the hands a lot, but I think they give him character, in a way. Separates his appearance from the games a bit more, since his personality is pretty different already.

PS: Sorry about the delay on the next translated chapter, things have been pretty busy for me and I haven’t had much time to typeset. It IS coming though.