kirby engelman


For the past 2 years, my little sister Kirby, one third of Birch and Basil,has been a passionate beekeeper and advocate for the tiny pollinators. Her never ceasing enthusiasm to educate and act on behalf of the bees is incredibly inspiring. This past year, I’ve seen her passion grow from something she shared strictly with the bees to being an active advocate and educator as she spends her days teaching workshops, visiting elementary schools to give lectures, holding screenings for her award winning short film shot last year and others interested in helping the bees, to visiting surrounding keepers and their boxes.

She has come out of her shell in a way I can only think comes from the confidence she feels for the bees. I’m so proud of her and she is such an inspiration to me. And she’s just 18 y'all– never let anything get in the way of pursuing your passions. Live, breathe, explore, educate, and share that which you care for. You can change the world just being you. Kirb taught me that.