kirby bowl

fluffyheretic  asked:

Did you hear today's Kirby Bowl episode? It sounds like Arin's getting really bad health advice. He has to take a TON of vitamins and his personal trainer is claiming that "every diet works". I'm legitimately worried about him :/

honestly everytime arin talks about his paleo diet i think i feel something close to what brian feels when people talk to him about their chakras

i’m sure arin is going to be fine, but for all the young people following me i just want to make sure that you know everything arin says about diets and health related stuff is literally 100% wrong. every diet does not work (i honestly can’t even fathom what kind of a hack of a personal trainer would say otherwise), and taking vitamin and mineral supplements is not always good for you. unless recommended by your doctor, dietary supplements are usually just a waste of money, and in some situations they can even be harmful


My First Brunch!, Part 2
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My first brunch was at a place with lots of sugar! Sugar packets in a flowery mini pitcher, plus lots of fancy sugar cubes all the way from France in a bowl! The sugar cubes were almost as big as me—but nothing could be as sweet as me, of course!


Super Bowl XLIX, Part 2 (Part 1 here) It’s kickoff time! Who are you cheering for? I am rooting for more frilly kale—snacks are the most important part of any Super Bowl party!


Super Bowl XLIX, Part 1
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It’s Super Bowl Sunday! After Ballghazi/Deflategate, clearly what is needed is a baby tortoise to inspect all the footballs. I decree that this ball passes the nap test with flying colors!