kirby 2


some of y’all gave me great ideas for additions to my redbubble so i went ahead and uploaded them today!! thank you so much for your suggestions ♡ 

(…the kirby stickers and peach phone case weren’t suggestions but i think theyre really adorable (・ω<) )


1日イチデデデ By ラリアット■絵仕事募集中 on Pixiv

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For no particular reason here’s a couple instances of the earlier Kirby games referencing alcohol. The bottom right is an unused iteration of the icon used for “Mix” in a couple games, which occurs when you inhale two enemies with abilities at the same time and gives you a semi-random ability from a roulette.

The top one is from the japan-only SNES remake of Kirby’s Star Stacker and my definite favorite, though. Apart from the comedy of Kine getting drunk on a bottle of seawater, the implication of the scene here is presumably that Kirby and his animal pals went barhopping, but Kirby decided to try his hand at karaoke and wrecked the place with his incredibly terrible singing voice.