Here’s my submission to the Kirby Mash Attack collab, Hol Up Orange.

If you had fun working on Gangnamcore and want some more collaborative remixing action, go and check out Kirby Mash Attack!

A small collection of my Kirby Miiverse drawings as a small thank you ;w;, 

I’m absolutely blown away by the support you guys gave my first post, I hope some of my new-found followers aren’t too shy and leave some questions!! Right now I’m working on making my theme more unique as I know a lot of Kirby fans use that theme, so expect a resource dump of new drawings (including a huge Dream Land painting) for it eventually; hopefully you guys might be able to use them for your Kirby themes too!

ALRIGHT so i was tagged by seabassbitch to name my top ten favourite characters from anything

most of these will be vidya game characters because that’s all i do

KIRBY my innocent cinnamon roll child

MARIO (and dr mario) a character that i really like and i dont know why

DEDEDE my trashbag supreme child

MR GAME AND WATCH my favourite cute blob of pixels


PAVÉ i love this peacock

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WADDLE DEES they are just amazing


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PRINCESS PEACH is pretty rad

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and pretty much every steven universe character

that was my list thank you all for listening