Until about 130 years ago, residents of the Gilbert Islands, which make up much of the Republic of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean, used teeth from dusky sharks (Carcharhinus obscrus) and spotfin sharks (Carcharhinus sorrah) to make swords, spears, daggers and other fearsome weapons. Today, spotfin sharks can be found near Australia and Indonesia, and dusky sharks can be spotted near Fiji — but neither plies the waters around Kiribati.

Disappearing Islands

This is my grandbabie maternal islands, it will be gone by the time they are 30. With it will go their language, their culture, their history

Wreathed in a lei himself, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon deviates from his prepared remarks while addressing the group. “I visited the Solomon Islands and Kiribati two years ago,” he says. “I think I am maybe one of the very few world leaders to visit these small islands and saw and understood for myself.” While staying at his hotel on one of Kiribati’s islands as a layover on the way to New Zealand, the South Korean diplomat tells the gathered leaders, he and his wife were both given lifejackets. “Because this island is sinking and the highest point on this island is just three meters high,” he explains, just barely higher than sea-level. Depending on the tide, the waters that surround Kiribati can easily rise above that level, leading cars to have to drive through shallow seawater during these times. “That really gave me a strong conviction that we must address this,” Ban says firmly.

Are you guys watching the Olympics?

Are you cheering for Japan?

I’m tempted, but I feel as if they don’t need my cheers.  This year, I’m all about Kiribati and that pregnant Malaysian shooter.

Enjoy the Olympics this weekend! ^_^

Go Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi!  DO IT FOR YOUR BABBY!

EDIT: I just found out my girl Nur Suryani didn’t qualify this year.  Noooooo!  Who will I idolize now?  *weeps uncontrollably*

Cook Islands queen: Our anti-gay law is unfair

Cook Islands queen: Our anti-gay law is unfair

Marie Pa Ariki, a queen of the Cook_Islands (Photo courtesy of

A queen in the traditional royalty of the Cook Islands has spoken out against her  country’s law against same-sex intimacy.

Marie Pa Ariki, who is Takitumu paramount chief in the Cook Islands, says it is unfair and unjust for gay people to be treated as criminals due to who they love and how they express that love, GayNZ…

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