Baby Names
  • Talking about naming a new kid at his kindergarten, it all got a little bit ridiculous.
  • Winnie: I let him choose between Harrison, Oscar, Reggie and Jefferson. He chose...
  • Me: The shortest one?
  • Winnie: Jefferson.
  • Me: No way.
  • Winnie: Way.
  • Me: They will just call him Jeff. Which we all know is a well shit name.
  • Winnie: I won't. Jeff sucks as a name. I'm the only one who uses the English names so it shall be Jefferson.
  • Me: It's not really a first name. Did you name him after the band?
  • Winnie: Thomas Jefferson. I know it's not typically but it can be. Korzeniowska isn't typically a first name either, but that's what I'm naming my first born.
  • Me: Excellent choice.
  • Winnie: Little Korzeniowska Kirby.