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7 Minutes in Heaven

The Chainsmokers- Roses

Truth or dare with the pack…

“Come on Y/N,” Lydia begged. “You have to play! It won’t be the same without you. It’s your house.”

“We need your witchy voodoo powers to amp up the party games,” Malia added as she placed small candles in the living room.

“It’ll be fun,” Kira comforted, setting up the drinks.

Groaning in agreement, I helped set up the cushions and snacks along with cushions, I was about to “voodoo light” the candles when Lydia stopped me.

“Save it for the guests,” she smiled.

Grinning in response, I turned my head as I heard the doorbell ring.

Kira opened the door and was immediately embraced by Scott. Lydia by Aiden, Malia by Stiles, and Isaac- well Isaac just jumped onto the couch.

“It’s a little dim in here, don’t you think?” Lydia asked.

Smirking, I closed my eyes and motioned towards the candles as they sparked and lit up. Isaac’s face held a look of awe for a moment, just before it was washed away with a smirk.

“Who’s up for some pizza?” Malia cheered.


“I still can’t believe you broke your arm during our first track meet,” Scott muttered in disbelief.

“I have very sensitive bones,” Stiles blushed, throwing a pillow at Scott’s face.

“Bet that’s not the only thing that’s sensitive…” Aiden teased.

Laughing in unison, I looked over to Isaac who was paying attention to everything but what we were stupidly discussing.

“How about we play a game?” Lydia gasped.

We all groaned at the naivety and childishness of the idea, but agreed when told that it was senior year and we could be as stupid as we wanted to.

“Don’t think you’re safe from this Lahey. Get your ass over here,” she demanded, placing a bottle in the center of the circle.

Isaac huffed in annoyance as he sat down next to Scott.

“I guess I’ll go first,” Lydia offered. Turning the bottle, it landed on Kira. All the boys except Isaac and Scott cheered in excitement. She gently pecked Kira on the cheek receiving boos from everyone.

“You never specified,” Kira smiled while leaning into Scott’s shoulder.

“From now on,” I theorized. “You can choose between kissing them and going into the closet for 7 minutes. Deal?”

Everyone seemed to approve. Stiles took a go and it landed on Lydia. Deciding not to risk it, he went with the latter and spent 7 minutes in the closet with Lydia while we munched on pizza. Nothing rogue was going on because all you could hear upstairs was laughter.

After Aiden kissed Scott, Scott kissed Stiles, and Kira was in the closet with Malia, it was Isaac’s turn to go. He reluctantly spun the bottle and we all waited in anticipation at who would get stuck with him tonight.

It slowed down, taking it’s sweet time to point at each and every single person sitting down.









Everyone’s eyes went to me, then Isaac, waiting for him to make his decision. Standing up, he walked over to me and offered me his hand. Taking it unwillingly, we walked up the stairs and into my bedroom closet.

Sitting down on my wooden trunk, I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, waiting for the 7 minutes to be over.

“What’s your favorite color?” he blurted out of nowhere.

“Now you decide to talk,” I muttered.

“Color,” he demanded childishly.

“Red,” I seethed.

Inching closer to me, I stood up reflexively, standing my ground.

Pressing his hands above my head, he leaned into my lips.

“I’m blue,” he smirked. “And I hate to break it to you, but I’d love to make purple.”

Chuckling at his stupid pick up line, I stared into his blue-green speckled eyes.

Closing my eyes, I felt his soft lips press into mine in a rough and desperate kiss, wrapping my body in a warm embrace.

Pulling away, I saw that his eyes were glowing gold, canines protruding. Hooking my arms around his torso, I leaned into his neck as he traced his teeth along mine.

Biting me harshly, I parted my mouth in an open sigh, letting him mark me.

Running my hands through his hair I tried to distract myself from the pain as he bit me in multiple areas.

By the time he was finished, we were both panting in the adrenaline rush we had gotten from what had just happened. Molding my lips into his once more, everywhere he touched was like a spark of electricity, only so much better.

“I think-” I gulped. “I think- we should go downstairs now…”

Smirking at my speechless nature, he kissed me one more time, sealing our bond.

We walked down to where everyone was laughing at Stiles who had somehow got 4 pillows shoved into his shirt. Props to Malia.

Isaac and I sat down next to each other, trying to make what we had just done less obvious.

“Y/N?” Aiden asked.

“Is that-” Kira continued.

“a-” Stiles retraced.

“-mark?” Scott finished.

“How many did-” Lydia exclaimed.

“Calm down there Lahey,” Malia surrendered.

Widening my eyes in shock, Isaac smiled proudly and brought me into his chest.

Nooo but Kira and Malia bonding

Lydia taking Kira and Malia on shopping trips

Kira and Malia becoming best friends

Kira and Malia giggling over Scott and Stiles

Kira and Malia doing impressions of their boyfriends and stealing their clothes

Kira and Malia looking after each other when they’re in trouble

Kira and Malia tag-teaming with Scott and Stiles

Kira and Malia <333

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You know what I just realized?

In the “journey through Stiles and the nogitsune’s mind” last episode the only people in there were of course: Lydia, Scott, Stiles, and the nogitsune. Scott and Lydia were brought in and Allison was supposed to be a hallucination to keep Scott away from where Stiles was. Lydia was at the school reliving the night Peter attacked her, only instead of Peter it was the nogitsune.

That’s strange, if it can be hallucinations why not have it be Peter coming after her? After all, what better way to keep Lydia preoccupied than to actually show her Peter? But then I thought….What if it’s not hallucinations? After all, they’re all in their heads it doesn’t make sense for hallucinations to be there, only dreams and memories.

Lydia’s memory of being attacked, of her looking for Jackson, her dress, all of it was based on memory. But even memory can’t bring Peter into Stiles’ head, after all Peter isn’t in there. Only Lydia.

Scott’s is his memory of that moment when he and Allison had to hide in that very closet from her father and his body had an involuntary reaction to her because he still had feelings for her. But, as much as I love scallison, the narrative has shown us that Scott is very much into Kira right now and views Allison as his friend. If the nogitsune wants to keep Scott trapped, why not give him Kira in Allison’s closet? Hell, why not give him both?

Unless you can’t bring Kira in for the same reason you can’t bring in Peter - because he’s not there with them and you can’t have hallucination when you’re in your head, only memories.

Meaning that Allison is there because she’s in that head space too. Just like Derek, Ethan, Aiden, and Isaac were all connected to the nogitsune through the flies and once Stiles broke to the surface, its hold on them broke and they all fainted and reverted back to normal. Allison is able to be there because she’s being possessed too. She’s part of the “we”.

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