So here’s just a speedy little tutorial I threw together to show how I made the opalescent color on one of my Black Friday dragon Teos. Since opals are like fire (very inconcrete) - this is a highly stylized technique and is more of a suggestive starting point than an authority on how to actually render realistic opals. It worked in getting a quick and easy result for me so I thought it worth sharing! :)


Absolutely could not let this bandwagon pass me by without trying my hand at some Rattatas. Most of what I’ve seen has been fur or color variations, and while ratties do come in a menagerie of gorgeous patterns and colors, I decided to focus more on body types and physical traits. Might expand with fur patterns later :’)


You might remember an [Aywas Shading Tutorial] I made with one of the monthly RCC designs. If you’re having trouble understanding parts of it, here’s one in video form! :D


So I draw people about once in a blue moon because frankly, I’m not great at it and up until this point, avoiding it has been easier than actually practicing. However, my desire to draw AH fanart is finally starting to wear me down enough that I actually went and did some face studies! Hopefully they’re somewhat recognizable?
Here’s to hoping I improve \(ouo)/
p.s. sorry about Michael’s creepy mugshot stare

After snagging an autograph ticket for Ray and Kerry at RTX, and trying for a week (to no avail) to come up with what I’d even say to them, I decided to go with some fanart instead (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?). This was meant to be done during my flight to Texas, but I ended up working on it right up until 4am the night before the signing session (hence the bad lighting and crappy camera photo). Was all totally worth it though for the hugs I got! <3 Ray’s picture features X-Ray, roses, Percival the ocelot, cakelessness, the Brown Crown, and all the best Rayisms!
Colored pencil & pen. [WIP Photos] [Kerry’s Version]