kiran seth

“Brother!” The both of them exclaimed, tightly clasping each other’s arm in a warrior’s greeting. Seth’s golden gaze glimmered brightly before he pulled in the blue haired angel into a tight embrace. “It’s been too long…” A small whisper as he tightened his hold. The last time he laid eyes on him was a decade ago as they raced across the ocean with nothing but the sea stretched out before them.

Startled by the Seth’s sudden hold, Kiran’s widened briefly. The fledgling was not known for touching another so openly. He even swore Seth was trembling against him, his wings folded so tightly against his back that Kiran believed to be painful.

“Hey hey… I haven’t been gone for too long.” He hadn’t meant to be gone for a decade no less but he wasn’t complaining to see his friend once more. While the island provided safety and isolation from the curious angels in the Aeries, Kiran often found himself suffering from the need to interact. I nearly forgotten how good contact was, a small thought as he returned the embrace.

I missed you too.