you had me before
and you will have me again

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and we have this week’s episode of “kay cries about werewolves”!!! (ignore the title ok, it’s in beta.) i’m kinda bummed i had to put it out so late but there were technical difficulties. also, mental ones. basically every kind of difficulty. but when you’re going through hell, keep going!! and this week was a special kind of hell, i assure you.

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Dear Allison, 

I would have fought with you until my sword turned to dust, and you ran out of arrows and knives. I would have fought through a thousand wars, if it meant you would be here to fight along side of us. Along side of me. I am so sorry you lost the fight, but I know it would have made you feel better to know that we won the battle.

This doesn’t feel like a victory, 

Kira xo 


Michelle was so cute in all her selfies, and she tagged me to share six in that funny six selfies meme, so! As you can tell, most are from snapchat that I thought were good enough/funny enough to save, haha! I tried to post things most people haven’t seen before ah

Shannon, Jake, Shawn, Laine, Julius, Bria! Go go go with your cute faces!

They all think they know him well
They all talk about him like
He burdens himself to lift the sun up every morning
He’s a hardworking man
That I cannot dispute
He works extra hard to keep his name
Cleaner than the rest of ours
They all think they know him well
But they don’t know him like I do
So I’ll keep walking
Straight past his office
Where you can look right through the glass
If you so choose to
Straight past the old house
Where regret collects like dust
Where there’s an old bed rotting
—  the hardworking honest man- (d.o.m.)
kirallisons replied to your post:[drags hands down face] why do people insist on…

is this because i called you a loser i’m sorry

no gosh no honey it’s not you 

the thing that happened last night with my friend apparently her and another friend were talking about the whole love confession thing and speculated why i was “avoiding” them and she took it as fact instead of a theory so that’s great 


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congratulations guys! and thanks to everyone that reblogged and liked that post. i’ve made sure your asks are on and i’m gonna send you a message in a moment.