I can’t—
I just cant—-

I cant stop laughing when I see this part, I mean look at nobu’s expression, THAT EXPRESSION IS PRICELESS !!!! I LOVE NOBUGNAL !!!!!

and look… 

poor egu, nobu didnt look at egu at all…

but still egu without glassess is an Ikemen XDD


*secretly wishing “I wish I was nobu”*



Met my friend today. I showed her the pamphlet and promised her I’ll upload these for her, so…:3

Pardon me again for the awful, AWFUL photos, all because I suck too badly…>_<”

Q: Best way to relieve stress?
A: Hanging out with friends, eating something delicious also with some booze.

Q: In 2016, we have the new “Mountain Day”. If you can make one special day for this year, what will it be?
A: The anime day, when we get anime aired all day including on terrestrial TV.

Q: Which songs from each of the other Kiramune members do you like most?
A: [HiroC] Doice misto
[NamiDai] UTAO
[Kakki] Call my Name
[Nobu] Too many to pick
[Yocchin] Dream Flag

Q: Which of your songs do you recommend for this spring?
A: Let;s fire up our love with “Koi no Merry-Go-Around”!

Q: Moment that makes you feel peaceful inside?
A: While waiting for our turns in the studio.

Q: What comes to your mind when thinking of spring?
A: That’s what KiraFes 2017 is, right!?

Q: What’ll you say is the charm point of KiraFes to someone who have never watched KiraFes before?
A: It’s where actors who hardly sing on the stage come together to sing! The songs and performance are awesome too!

Q: Any message to the fans who’ve come to KiraFes 2017?
A: We’ll be able to make another new and special memory again this year. Let’s enjoy!!


Grabbed Kirafes 2016 BD in Japan!!

Am waiting for my friend to rip it for me next week (so that I can play it on my PC) and if no one else has already uploaded anything, I might upload a few HD Blu-ray quality videos -as samples -when I get it back.
Are there any requests? ONE request per person and I’ll only take the first 5~8 I get. (please drop me an ask)

The set list is in the photos.

Requests closed, sorry!