Strong like her

Requested by Anon: Stiles breaks up with you because he doesn’t want you getting hurt but then Lydia starts writing your name and they can’t find you.

Requested by Anon: Can you make an imagine where you commit suicide and the whole pack finds out? Maybe happy ending with you like not dying and coming back or whatever?

Enjoy reading, hope you’ll like it! :)


Your name: submit What is this?

Your House:

>>knock, knock<<

“I’m sorry Stiles, Y/N is not here.” Your mother said as she opened the door and saw him.

“Oh ehm, do you now where I could find her?” He asked stuttering, Stiles didn’t know if you told your mother about the break up.

Your mother smirked, “Y/N is with the school away for a week now, don’t you know that? Have you guys some trouble?” She asked curious.

Stiles knew that you probably didn’t tell your mom were you’d go, when you had problems or were sad. “Oh sorry, I must forgot that.” he lied. “Thank you.”

“Goodbye.” Your mother said with a smile and closed the door.

Stiles went into his jeep and took his phone out. “Hey Scott, meet me at my house.. I don’t care if Kira is with you.. Yes, hurry!” Then he started his car and drove over to his house.


Stiles House:

When he arrived, he ran immediately in his room upstairs. Stiles shut the door and started to search in every corner, for a sweatshirt of yours or one of his, which you liked most to wear almost everyday, when you two were a couple. Stiles heard Scott’s motorcycle and went downstairs after he found his black sweatshirt.

Stiles opened the door, “What took you two so long?” he asked.

Scott and Kira looked at each other and smirked, “We-” Scott started.

“-You know what, I don’t want to know. We have something more important to do.” Stiles interrupted serious.

Scott and Kira were confused, “What is going on?” she asked curious.

“Y/N is gone.” Stiles responded. “No she’s not gone like she would just hide from me and would need time for herself.. She’s missing.” He took your favorite sweatshirt of his and throw it almost in Scott’s face. “Sense her!”

“Woah. Stiles slow down.” Scott suggested. “Did you asked her mother?” 

He nodded, “And I was at the place in the woods where she always was when something bothered her. Scott I’ve the feeling that something is incredibly wrong.” Stiles said worried.

“You aren’t supernatural, how can you feel that?” Kira asked soft and looked confused at Scott.

Stiles turned around and took a notebook. He opened a site and showed it Kira. “Because I can read.” he replied sarcastic. “It’s Lydia’s.”

“Why would she write Y/N’s name a hundred times?” Kira asked again.

Scott looked at Stiles and saw how worried he was. He knew that Stiles was still in love with you. “I’ll explain you later. We’ve to find Y/N.. fast.” Scott took Kira’s hand in his and went to his motorcycle, gave her a helmet and pulled his own on. “You go to Lydia and we’ll get Derek and Liam, then we’ll look everywhere, okay? Don’t worry, she’s one of us. Y/N will be fine.”

Stiles nodded, went into his Jeep and drove to Lydia.


At Lydia’s:

Lydia let Stiles in her house as she saw his worried and stressed face. “Want something to drink? You don’t look so well, Stiles.”

Stiles didn’t heard Lydia, he was thinking about you. He broke up with you to protect you, to keep you as far away as possible from anything that could hurt you. Stiles felt useless because he didn’t know where you were and had no powers like the rest of the pack. He would never forgive himself if something would happen to you because he wasn’t there to protect you.

“Stiles?” Lydia touched gently his shoulder.

“Hm yeah?”

“What is going on?” She asked careful and sat next to him. 

She thought Stiles would still be sad because of you two also Lydia knew why Stiles broke up with you. Stiles took Lydia’s Notebook out of his Jacket and showed her the site where she wrote your name, all over again.

Stiles looked her straight in the eyes. “Lydia I need you to find her. You didn’t wrote this for no reason..” He paused and looked down. “It’s my fault. If she’s going to hurt herself or already has I- I” Stiles paused again and wiped a tear away.

“No, No, Stiles it’s not your fault..” She replied soft and took his hand in her’s.

As Lydia took Stiles hand, he looked her in the eyes again. Lydia didn’t make a move, she was paralyzed. Stiles didn’t understand what was happening to her, he tried to ‘wake her up’ but it didn’t work.. until she closed her eyes for a second again and shook her head.

“He took Y/N.” Lydia whispered. “HE’S BACK!” She stood up and ran out of the House, followed by Stiles.

“Lydia wait!” He paused running. “What- What are you talking about?”

“Call Scott, I know where she is. Y/N is in some sort of basement.”

Stiles pulled his phone out and called Scott, “Lydia found her! What you too? Where? School?.. We’ll be right there. I don’t care if it’s to dangerous!”


At the Beacon Hills School:

Stiles drove really fast to get to School and this time Scott, Kira, Liam and Derek were already there. Lydia and Stiles got out of the car and walked over to them.

“How did you knew where to find her?” Liam asked curious because Stiles wasn’t a werewolf neither was Lydia.

“Lydia is a banshee.” Kira replied and looked to Lydia who was starring at the school.

Stiles noticed that Lydia were focused, “What?”

“Y/N is in there also is he but she’s not- she’s not herself.” Lydia replied confused and walked into the school, together with the others.


“Scott, I can smell her.” Liam looked in direction of the basement. 

“Lydia, who else is here?” Derek asked as he could smell someone else.

Scott moved downstairs, followed by the others. He only could hear one heartbeat. He showed Liam that he should stay with Stiles, Lydia and Kira. Then he walked into a cold room where he heard the heartbeat.


Scott saw you laying on the cold ground, he wanted to ran over to you but then Peter got out of a corner. Scott growled, his claws came out and his eyes started to glow as he was sure that Peter killed you.

“Na, Na Scott. We don’t won’t to wake the dead ones.” Peter smirked satisfied and turned short to you.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Derek said growling and turned into a werewolf as well. 

Scott heart another heartbeat behind him, he turned around. Stiles. Stiles was standing right behind him and saw your body. A tear rolled down his face. Lydia, Kira and Liam came behind him and as Lydia saw another friend of her’s dead on the ground, she started to cry. Liam hold her back as she wanted to go over to you but he wasn’t fast enough to hold Stiles back.

“Stiles, don’t!” Derek shouted.

Stiles didn’t care about Peter he need to get to you, to hold you and to say sorry for what he has done to you. Peter let him trough and enjoyed Stiles pain. Scott got angry about Peter’s smile and attacked him together with Derek.


Stiles hold you tight in his arm and couldn’t stop himself from not crying. He repeated himself all over again. He said that it was his fault and that none of this would ever have happened when Scott and he didn’t looked over to you and your best friend Allison. That he shouldn’t have asked you out for prom and that he shouldn’t have stayed with you, just because he needed you. Because he loved you. 

Scott and Derek tried to take Peter down but he was strong. They couldn’t explain why but he was stronger than both of them. First he knocked Derek out and then he throw Scott against a wall, he didn’t want him to pass out, he should only be hurt so he couldn’t stand up for a while. Peter wanted Scott to feel the pain when he’d kill Stiles.

“When you could please stop now from being so pathetic? She’s dead and so are you.” Peter growled and came closer to Stiles.

Stiles didn’t make a move, he was only holding you. Scott couldn’t stand up and Derek was still hurt. Liam hold Lydia and Kira back because he knew his Alpha wanted him too but he was sure, if Peter would make another step towards Stiles, he’d attack him.

“You know Stiles, she didn’t even tried to fight back.. was that because of you?” Peter laughed sarcastic.

Stiles got angry, laid you gently to the ground and stood up. “You’re pathetic Peter. Killing a girl just because you want to get to us!” He shouted.

Peter took Stiles at his throat and his eyes started to glow blue, “I offered you once the bite, you should’ve accept it. Scott, I hope you’ve a got view.” 

Peter hold Stiles tighter and he almost couldn’t breath. Stiles tried to get Peter of him but it didn’t work. Liam turned into a werewolf and ran to Stiles, he scratched Peter’s face but he only throw Liam away and laughed. 

Peter stopped, “What was that?” than he looked around to see who was standing around him. “Where is she?” he growled.

You got out of a dark corner, with your head down and took a deep breath. Then you looked at Peter who didn’t knew how you could even be alive. 

“Can someone in this town stay dead.”  He said pissed, letting Stiles fall to the ground.

Stiles coughed “Y/N?” he asked confused as he saw you.

Derek, Liam and Scott were healing and Scott was smiling as he saw you, alive.

“When you want to kill someone Peter, make sure he’s dead.” You growled and your eyes glow in a yellow light.

You ran over to Peter and punched him in his face, then you kicked him against a wall. You fell to the ground. Stiles came over to you and helped you to stand up again. Meanwhile Scott, Derek and Liam stood as well. As Scott wanted to go over to Peter, Derek hold him back. He walked to Peter and punched him again to make sure he’d stay unconscious until Argent was here and bring him to Eichen House. 


In Derek’s Apartment:

After Argent showed up and brought Peter away, the pack brought you to Derek’s. They wanted to find out how you could even be alive and could knock Peter out. Stiles carried you upstairs into Derek’s bed. You were still weak.

“Okay I’ll ask the question everyone here want’s to ask..” Liam said. “How can she even be alive? Not that i’m not glad but how?”

“I gave her the bite.. a week ago.” Scott answered. “She disappeared to get trained, if the bite would work.. She should already have her Anchor on the Full moon.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Lydia asked and Derek looked confused as well.

“Why risk her death?” Liam asked a bit angry.

“She didn’t want you to know. Y/N wanted to get stronger until she could protect herself-”

“-Like Allison wanted.” Lydia added soft and Scott nodded.

“How she was.” Scott responded. “And I was sure, she could survive the bite otherwise I wouldn’t gave it to her.” Scott said to Liam. “Y/N needed the bite more than anything.”

“And how could she turn and be this strong?” Kira asked again, she was still a bit confused about this whole supernatural thing.

“Three days ago was full moon, that was why I should watch Liam.” Derek said. “A new Wolf is always stronger than normal ones after a Full moon.. and Peter had no Idea that she was a Wolf.. but you thought she’d be dead why?”

“We hadn’t much time to train and I still have no idea how her heart stopped and then-”

“We’ll figure this out but not today.” Lydia smiled. “I’m glad that no one died today.” 


“Why?” Stiles asked you after you explained what happened back in the basement.

“You didn’t have to protect me, we can be together.” You replied with a smile. “And I always told you I want to be a Werewolf.” you laughed soft.

“You didn’t had to do that, I know it was wrong to break up with you. I’m sorry that I had to thought you’d be dead to realize it.” Stiles said. 

“I wanted to.” You smiled. “I’m sorry that you’re the only human in the pack now.” You smirked and he had too.

“Now you’ve to protect me.” He smiled.

“This won’t be a problem.” You chuckled. “But I didn’t only want it because of you. I did it because-”

“Of Allison, I know.”

“I don’t want anyone else to die.” You said and a tear rolled down your face as you thought about your dead best friend.

Stiles laid next to you and you felt asleep in his arms.


I made this video for a Copic Contest ^o^ #HowDoYouCopic :)

So this is the way I Copic, hope you like it and please wish me luck for the contest ^-^ I’m so exciteeed - as you all know, I love Copic Markers ♡♡♡ Hihi

Dance Moms S05E21 Recap: Down Under part 2
  •  JGirls with koalas. So cute!
  • Abby trying to steal his food… not so cute
  • Why would they learn a new routine for the showcase though. Abby keeps saying these events weren’t meant to be filmed, but if they weren’t, why would she create a new routine instead of having her girls perfect something they already know.
  • Naturally, she won’t add in Jojo and Nia. Because “the events were set and weren’t meant to be filmed”
  • And here, she just contradicts what she wrote on twitter.  “this is my vacation time. this is who I want to spend time with”
  • Group routine theme: mad max
  • Kalani isn’t there.  BUT I remember Kira posting a picture a while back saying “mother-daughter day” as in… the producers forced them away to create drama
  •  I mean, it’s not like Holly was invited to the event, so she can schedule her own event whenever she wants.  I just love how defensive Melissa and Jill are though.  
  • Jessalynn brings up the video of the girls bullying Jojo in front of them.
  • I love how they don’t show the actual video (copyrights?)
  • So according to Jill, their intention was malicious, but it was fun (unsaid: to mock her).
  • But I know Maddie is trying to show Jojo they also spoke good about her… but that IS included in the video. We DO see Maddie trying to get them back on track… but we also see MACKENZIE and KENDALL  (but especially Mackenzie) push forward.
  • I loved Jojo’s interview.  “don”t talk about me behind my back” and “I thought you were my friends” 
  • When Maddie says “you’re like our best friend now” and “we really love you” and Jojo is just “aww thank you” but you can hear in her voice… the resentment and hurt is still there.
  • And Kendall was awkward truth be told. “I take back all the stuff that I said. You’re my bro” with a weird one arm hug. Kinda trying to act cool. And did you notice Jojo didn’t hug back. She was actually standing rather defensively. Arms open, straight. She didn’t lean in at all. And didn’t look impressed at all either. 
  • Good girl. I side with Jojo. Don’t take shit from anyone.  Your friends are not supposed to talk shit about you and mock you.. And half ass apologies should never make up for the hurt.  Take that as a lesson friends. Don’t forgive people who act as if they didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Jill bringing up the team is better as a team and not as four kids. 
  • If this is a repercussion for not using Abby for her video… then there are serious issues with Abby. And also for Jill for thinking this is normal.
  • Ohh ohhh do you here the bitterness in Jill’s voice haha. She’s jealous about Mickey Minden (sp?) being flown in and the performance. 
  • Jessalynn asked Abby on what basis she chooses who gets corrections on their performances and which kids gets their flaws hidden and covered up because she calls out Jojo all the time, but covers up for others.
  • Jessalynn seems to be saying that when Maddie ran out, she slammed two doors.  
  • Abby is saying that if a kid does the same errors over and over again, she’ll yell it out.. but it doesn’t make sense.  Maddie’s turns aren’t always perfect and she does the same errors with her upper body a lot which is why she loses control.
  • Abby basically just admitted to wanting to humiliate kids in front of their peers.
  • Jill said Maddie was protected.
  • Abby and the girls are preparing their events in one room, while Nia and Jojo are in the other room with Mickey.#awkward
  • Did Melissa just act as if she didn’t know who he was
  • And said he had an American accent…
  • Aww, they included Jojo because they don’t want her excluded from events :)  That’s so nice! 
  • Wow, Melissa sounds like a bitch to Mickey, and Mickey has claws haha. 
  • Kendall, Mackenzie and Maddie didn’t look too impressed.
  • Woah, Melissa.  Jealous it’s not your kids?
  • Abby sure doesn’t know how to make connections now does she?  If she was a true professional, ready for LA, she’d have smiled big, and faked liking him. 
  • WTF Abby?  She’s asking why they brought in Mickey when there are tons of choreographers in Australia and saying Nia should be able to work with every choreographer… but like… he’s more than a choreographer? He’s a director? 
  • Wow.  Jill stirring the pot with Abby as ever.  Abby just completely insulted him saying there must not be that much work in LA.  (nice way of making friends).   Jill brings up that Jojo was invited while the other girls weren’t.  YOU JUST SAID YOU HAD AN EVENT THAT DAY YOU MORON! YOU CAN’T BE AT TWO PLACES AT ONCE! 
  • WTF WTF WTF.  Abby just said that the other girls would make Nia and Jojo look bad. WTF she’s smiling and saying they know that and all.
  • Jill, not even saying it’s wrong, just says that’s not the point. 
  • Abby saying she doesn’t want to be the bad guy and say that…
  • Melissa just looks up to Abby 
  • Why would Holly change HER SCHEDULE for THEM? When they can’t bother to include Nia? Why would Nia even include them anyways? She doesn’t have to.
  • Mickey making fun of the pyramid system haha
  • Kalani isn’t there. But she’s the star. So it’s ok.   Jill says Kalani shouldn’t be the star since she’s not there.  And that they’ll look bad if she isn’t ready. 
  • Jill said the last thing they need is Abby feeling like she’s being shown up by Nia 
  • Jess and Holly bringing up how handson Mickey is, even if he has an assistant and how he’s never on his phone unlike Abby.
  • Jill and Melissa talking about Holly saying she’s trying to make things bigger because she wasn’t included and that she changed. (yea, she grew a pair of balls)
  • Wow, Jill. Someone is doing what you always do!
  • Wtf is wrong with Abby.  She said Mickey should send her a gift because she’s the reason he’s in Australia.  
  • Abby bitter narcissistic Abby.   Saying they are piggybacking her event (ok, they are, but no need to make it something negative).
  • According to Melissa and Kira.. Holly and Jess WANT To be divided from them.  Like. They weren’t automatically divided by Abby. 
  • This is an ALDC thing  -Jill.     Yea. So why was Kalani invited instead of Nia?
  • And so what if it originally had nothing to do with the music videos? They had an opportunity. And they took it!  
  • Jill: “i don’t know if we’ll even make it to the event”  and someone pissed in Kira’s cheerios because bitchy face and “poor me poor me. go whine to someone else who gives a crap” or something like that.  My VLC is acting weird and I can’t rewind or forward.
  • See. This is how you do it.  Mickey is talking to Nia and Jojo like adults.  He told Jojo there were things to work on, and today was the day to get it done but that he knew she could do it.
  • I find it so insulting when Abby uses the term space cadet.  
  • Scripted part I guess? Kira saying she thought they needed a day? When she wrote back then that the producers were making her.
  • Jill said Kira could take a day with her daughter in Arizona but not on their kids’ time
  • Melissa interview: Kira wanted a day with her boyfriend, nothing to do with Kalani and that obviously Kalani wasn’t number one.
  • Jojo asked Nia if she saw the video, and Nia said she did but didn’t want to do it (repeat what the girls did) and Jojo sarcastically does it. 
  • Holly thinks the video brought Nia and Jojo closer together. 
  • Nia asked Jojo if she believed the girls when they apologized. 
  • Jojo sounds so grown up and smart. “kind of. you know.”     Nia hits it.  Saying they probably still believe they were right.
  • Jojo interview: the girls can say they’re “sorry, and we didn’t mean it. we just said it. they made us look bad and …” in a mocking voice.  And then straightens up and says “you said it.” 
  • Jojo: “Nia’s my only real friend here because she’s the only one who can be nice to me and include me”  
  • That’s so sad though. That Jojo believes that.  
  • And I think that’s seriously what distinguishes the two groups apart tbh. It’s not all just Abby.  
  • Jojo is honestly a lot more mature than the show and Abby had first wanted to portray her as.  It’s great we get to see these moments.  
  • And I hope the girls saw this part. I really do.  I want them to be hurt by it. Perhaps they’ll learn from it and grow up.
  • Kalani isn’t keeping up and Abby is getting exasperated. 
  • Jill is ready to blame the kids not doing well on Kalani.
  • But like… If Kendall doesn’t do well. It’s Kendall’s fault. If Mackenzie doesn’t do well, it’s her fault. Same with Maddie.   Kalani isn’t to blame if they don’t do well.
  • Nia is so excited. I love it!
  • Fans freaking out hahaha 
  • Jojo is acing that attitude!
  • Who get’s to have their choreographer flown across the world Jill?  Celebrities. haha
  • So.. they complain when Holly is around because she’s not invited… but Holly doesn’t call and it’s a big deal?
  • Abby is saying that Nia is shooting herself in the foot, because in LA, they want kids who look young. But like…  I don’t believe that. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to watch a video or listen to a song from someone who looks 10.  Nia doesn’t want to appeal to little kids. She wants to appeal to a real public. 
  • Ew. Why would they want a 18 years old who is sexy, to act like she’s 13, instead of a 13 years old. 
  • Ew. Abby just said she hopes they have something to fall back on.  (And Nia tweeted her plan A. was her education, and everything else was plan B. … GOOD FOR HER!)
  • Mickey is quite the perfectionist.  Good. The show is better that way. And he doesn’t lose his cool even if things aren’t as he planned.  Abby should be taking notes.
  • Meet and greets pictures and Abby is telling a girl to sit up straight. 
  • Jess and Holly show up just to show their support,
  • Kira looks honestly done with everyone’s shit. 
  •  Holly says that Kalani and Maddie have an elite status where they can do no wrong.
  • Kira is trying to say that Nia taking a day for her music recording was a me day, in the same token a her me day.
  • Jill basically tells them to go before Abby sees them because it was a good day
  • Holly is asking Nia if she always wants to be known as an ALDC member or if she wants to be Nia Sioux the artist, the performer, the entertainer,
  • That Abby took her to a certain level, and she wants to continue growing. (YES YES! NOW TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER OUT OF THERE)
  • Random phone call to Aubrey (kinda awkward if you ask me)
  • Isn’t that the guy from Afterbuzz introducing Abby?  So.. It’s problematic for Nia to fly in her choreographer, but she can fly him in?  Don’t they have any good presenters or host in Australia? Did they really need an American?  *cough* hypocrisy *cough*
  • Kalani in her interview just said they only had one rehearsal… but the other girls had two … she makes it seem as if they all just had one.
  • Mad max routine:   Mackenzie was late.  Only Maddie’s facials were actually good.  Kendall’s bad spacing is a recurrent matter lately.
  • Nia said she worked really had to achieve her dream, and that she finally feels like her own person and not just another face in the background.  Yay! 
  • Jojo asked Nia if she wants the girls and the moms to come. Nia said she would like them to do so, but if they come and cause commotion, it might not be the best thing.
  • Jojo saying that they probably want to come, but are too scared of Abby.
  • haha Mickey telling Nia she has the best stomach ever (and seriously jealous here. cuz damn Nia)
  • Jill, Melissa and Kira showed up.
  • Melissa and Jill seem genuinely happy.  Kira looked like she just sucked on a lemon.
  • Jill said they snuck out of the event, but that the kids were fully booked, but that she wanted to see what they were working on for their sakes.
  • Jill just said the gangs all here thing
  • I’m cracking at seeing the flashes of the fans crying lmao
  • kk. All the moms are super excited, and Kira looks bored to death.  She should of just stayed at the event.
  • The performance was nice :) Would have loved to see even more energy from Nia, but I thought she did great for her first time!  Crowd obviously loved it! 
  • Really sweet of her to let Jojo talk to the fans too on stage after the performance :)
  • Melissa and Jill looked genuinely happy for Nia :) 
  • Jess and Holly are proud mamas
  • Omg Mickey hahaha.   He’s really happy for Nia and his mind was blown about how well she did on her first performance “and i’ve worked with everyone” lmaoooo
  • Awww  Nia is so sweet honestly. She’s really making sure to share her spotlight with Jojo :) 

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steph-25 asked:

Hi Kira, May I ask what the difference is when you are the writer of an episode and when you are the producer of an episode? ps the show is epic! It was the weekly conversation at work and we are very excited for S3.

Great question. The writing of an episode on The 100 involves participating in (and sometimes leading) the story break – figuring out the ep act by act and scene by scene – in the writers’ room, writing and revising the story document and then the outline based on the Jason-approved break, and writing and revising the script. Notes to be addressed in revisions come from Jason, the studio, and the network.

Producing an episode typically involves three aspects:

  • Pre-production aka “prep” - As the episode is readied for filming, participate in meetings with the production staff about everything from locations to stunts to costuming to cast.
  • Production - Help solve problems and put out fires as the episode is being shot. That might mean doing script rewrites if something has to change, and often includes being on set in Vancouver for a few days or more to answer questions and help ensure that the creative vision of the episode is being accurately communicated from writers’ office to the director, cast, and crew.
  • Post-production aka “post”- Give feedback on the cuts (edited versions of the episode) as they come in as well as offer input on other elements outside of principal photography such as visual effects and music. Sometimes write additional dialogue to be recorded and added later.

On some shows, the only people who get involved with producing are the more experienced writers on staff, the ones with “producer” officially somewhere in their title: you can see their names at the beginning of the episode after the main credits. I’m currently a Producer myself.

On The 100 – and, in my opinion, most well-run shows – EVERY writer regardless of level gets the chance to produce their episode. This is an important part of the apprenticeship-style training that TV writers get.

Thanks for watching, and for spreading the word at your work!