kira's style


you are the land
unrelenting and wild
pure instinct and jagged claws
you are free


you are a hunter
born to lead
and born to die
you will rise again


you are a goddess
beautiful and strong
proud and unashamed
you are fearless


you are a typhoon
wild and unapologetic
a beautiful disaster
you are destruction


you are a volcano
spitting hellfire and curses
sharp claws and unabashed ferocity
you will burn


you are the current
running through our veins
deadly and alluring
you are death

—  you are the golden age // k.h

Theo may be an asshole but Cody Christian is a ray of sunshine and if you start hating on him just for his role you must be very stupid and immature.. I’ll kick your ass without hesitation.
Just look at that handsome face 😍😍