If various Bleach characters met Baymax...

Author’s choice list. :)

When I did my Bleach / Big Hero 6 crossover list, I had a lot of trouble with the Baymax part. Because there were just so many jokes I wanted to make. So here’s a list with those missing jokes: if various Bleach characters encountered Baymax (the inflatable health care robot from Big Hero 6), how would that go?

1. Grimmjow



Grimmjow: WHY

2. Kira

Kira: That Baymax guy asked me to rate my pain. I said I wasn’t injured.

Kira: He said he meant my “emotional pain.”

Kira: He said he could help with that too.

Kira: Then he called all of my friends.

Kira: Long story short we all got drunk and cried with a robot last night.

3. Soi Fon

Soi Fon: That robot tried to come out with me and my ninjas last night.

Soi Fon: Then he lagged a million miles behind saying, “I am not fast.”

Soi Fon: He’s probably still out in the woods somewhere.

4. Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: I asked him about the heart.

Ulquiorra: He downloaded a human biology text book and showed it to me.

Ulquiorra: There were diagrams.

Ulquiorra: Literally no one else actually answered my question.

Ulquiorra: I love that robot.

5. Aaroniero

Aaroniero: And then I was like, “I do NOT have a parasite I have TWO HEADS!”

Aaroniero: And it calls itself a heathcare professional.

6. Orihime

Orihime: I never thought I’d meet someone with powers like mine!

Orihime: Then I met a healthcare robot who shares my “heal anyone” philosophy!

Orihime: He’s my favorite robot ever!

7. Hisagi

Hisagi: He diagnosed me with stress.

Hisagi: He gave me this stress ball.

Hisagi: [squeezing stress ball]

Hisagi: I’m not really sure what he was, but he seemed nice!

8. Unohana

Unohana: All I’m saying is that I did the flying healer thing first.

Unohana: And Minazuki can carry way more people. 

9. Nnoitra

Nnoitra: And then he said he wasn’t PROGRAMMED to fight!

Nnoitra: And then he diagnosed me with despair!

Nnoitra: And then he recommended that I let Tesla hug me!

Nnoitra: Like, what the fuck??

10. Hinamori

Hinamori: When he hugged me, it was so….warm.

Hinamori: And so lacking in stabbing.

Hinamori: I think I might love him.

11. Yammy

Yammy: He said it was “medically problematic” for me to have a giant hole in my chest.

Yammy: Rude.

12. As Nodt

As Nodt: I said I was lonely.

As Nodt: He said I should call my friends.

As Nodt: I said that I had no friends, hence the loneliness.

As Nodt: He said he could be my friend.

As Nodt: Then he hugged me.

As Nodt: …

As Nodt: I really wish I hadn’t been wearing my spiky face mask.

anonymous asked:

Isn't it messed up how arden cho is korean but shes playing a japanese girl in tw???? Like I think so??? O.0

I think Teen Wolf has tried their best to be sensitive to this— they stated that Kira is Korean-Japanese (after the backstory that Ken Yukimura is Korean like the actor, Tom Choi). It would be great if they could explore Kira’s Korean background in the story as well, but I think they have other priorities (We’ve never even heard Scott speak Spanish, which is an outrage. C’mon.) 

It’s a fairly common practice in media for Asian-American actors and actresses to play a background that is not their own. Getting cast in any role— TV, film, movies, commercials— remember that these people are trying to make a living, and know that getting parts = paying the rent, and also getting more parts adds to their filmography and acting credentials, and also means a character of color on screen. 

Yes, Hollywood has a diversity problem, and actors who are trying for roles are constantly struggling with this. The industry, the people who write the scripts, produce the movies, cast the roles— they create the characters, and the actors try their best to get the part. 

I think certain roles are amazing opportunities, and the actor has to think, can I play this part with sensitivity? If I don’t try out for this part will they give it to a white actor? 

Right now there are so few roles out there for Asian actors, especially roles that aren’t extras, roles that aren’t stereotypes. How often are those roles going to go in depth to portray cultural details/ languages, too? There are specifics, like I would definitely raise an eyebrow if I saw on a film they have a character speak a language that they weren’t fluent in (and the role expected them to be fluent), but I’d have to say right now the pickings are pretty slim and the actors are doing their best.

Constance Wu, who plays Jessica Huang on Fresh off the Boat (which also stars a number of Asian and Asian-American actors of different ethnic backgrounds to play a Taiwanese family) says:

I wouldn’t say that just visibility is important. I would say visibility as the stars of a show is important. That says that our stories matter. We’re not here to do the taxes of the white person, or to be the chipper best friend to the white person. It’s important to see Asians in those leading roles because it changes what I’m calling the anglo-heteronormative status of TV. [Imagine] that a producer says, “Guy and girl meet-cute at an ice skating rink. They fall in love, but then she has to move away.” If you say that to anyone, including an Asian person, you picture a white person because that’s what’s become normative to us. (Time Magazine, 2/10/2015)

Constance in this article says she’s not here to represent every Asian mom in the US. And she doesn’t have to. And Arden doesn’t have to represent every Korean girl, or Japanese girl. She just plays one, and she plays it beautifully. And this one story is important, because it is one of many different stories, that there can be diverse life experiences within Asian-Americans as well as the myriad ones that are told on TV already. 


These two characters are in need of voices! I’m not particularly picky, because I need them ASAP. Within the month, preferably.

Endymion - A male mooira, a vulpine-type race. Endymion is often sarcastic and a little egotistical at times, referring to himself as “the greatest thief to ever have existed”. He’s actually pretty bad at not getting caught in the act, but is very quick to run away and evade authorities and angry shopkeepers, so he never learns his lesson, but his street-smarts keep him around. He is often very cranky and is an impatient person, and can be very curt and deadpan in his conversations. He is quick to anger, but is just as quick to calm down, as he finds it important to stay on-task. He is a quick-thinker and a fairly reliable leader, and uses big, fancy words from time-to-time. His elemental powers are water and wind.

A good voice example for him would be Kurama from Kamisama Kiss (english dub)

Kira - A female flerristt, a feline-type race. Kira is a typical tough-gal, and is pretty blunt when it comes to telling the world what she thinks. She, too, is street-smart, but is more of an honest person than Endymion is. She prefers hard work to easier routes when it comes to earning things, and tends to run her mouth and speak even when she has nothing to say. She is good at dealing with people in diplomatic ways, and would be easily well-liked if not for her rude, harsh demeanor. Her elemental power is plant, but she has been learning how to control a peculiar type of fire that is derived from a plant - she keeps the combustible dust for this fire in the petal pouch on her left arm.

A good voice example for her would be Amethyst from Steven Universe

kira-kuma asked:

Just wanted to say thank you for pointing out how narrowly trans people were represented yesterday. While I might arguably fall under this "preferred aesthetic", I have trans friends who don't and actually got *shit* about it. Like people didn't accept them because they didn't suit *their* ideal of what trans looks like, and it made me furious. I thought the point of yesterday was genuine acceptance and exposure, not specifically admiring pretty androgynous white people (mostly ftm).


Literally yesterday wasn’t really tdov it was white androgynous admiration day