"I Miss The Old Stiles."

“I miss the old Stiles,” “I miss the happy, sarcastic Stiles,” I am so tired of this. If you’ve watched the entire series, then you know what he’s been through. You try to go through what he’s been through and still manage to smile.
1) he saw his mom die
2) his dad was a drunk
Not only was his entire life was turned around within a week.
3) his best friend is a werewolf
4) the girl he’s in love with loves someone else
5) he was sick- with possible frontotemporal dementia
6) he got possessed by an evil spirit which made him torture his friends and almost kill like all of them more than once
7) he put himself in a nut house so that he wouldn’t hurt them anymore
8) he had to let the nogitsune back in to save Malia
9) he hurt Lydia
10) he thinks he’s one that killed Allison- that it’s his fault
11) he lost his freaking best friend
12) he’s probably failing high school
13) he almost loses his dad like every season
14) he was losing his mind
15) he had a panic attack bc he thought he lost his dad
16) he killed someone and is being blackmailed by an asshole
17) his best friend is trusting someone that isn’t who they say they are
18) he’s broken his hand like twice (but then Scott fixed it


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Y/N: Guys what should I wear on a date?
Malia: What?
Y/N: I’m going on a date. I didn’t tell you guys?
Derek: You? On a date with someone?
Stiles: Are you sure that’s a good idea Y/N?
Y/N: Why wouldn’t it be a good idea?
Kira: Maybe the person…might not be the right person for you.
Y/N: Oh for god’s sake. Scott you’re going to let me go aren’t you?
Scott: No. You’re still learning.
Y/N: Learning?
Scott: How to control your powers. You’re a siren Y/N. We need you to control yourself.
Liam: Y/N, Scott’s right. You have to control your powers before you go out on dates.
Y/N: That’s not fair. I mean you are a werewolf with anger problems and you are dating Hayden!
Liam: That’s different…
Lydia: Everyone calm down. Y/N is a big girl she can take care of herself. We’ve fought a kanima, alpha packs, a nogitsune and took on berserkers. She deserves some fun.
Y/N: Thank you Lydia.
Lydia: Plus I already have the perfect outfit picked for you. Let’s go!

i keep wanting to write an essay about how much i like winn adami as a character but all that comes out is “she’s just great, okay, bite me” and i’m not sure that’s selling my case to anyone???


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talk to me about scira because I miss them so much

Sometimes when I’m feeling short on scira, I like to sit and go through a little mental list of ‘scira things’ that I especially love:

  • Face touches.

For some reason, Scott and Kira seem to touch each other’s faces a lot. Scott has this thing where every time he kisses her, 9 times out of 10 he’ll grab or cup her face with both hands like he’s trying to hold her there so she can’t move away (lol). She also grabs his face a lot when they kiss but also likes to hold the back of his neck or have her hands lower down on his jawline/neck instead of cheeks. (Scott always goes for her cheeks). Also, Scott does this other thing where he gently rubs her cheek with his thumb and that renders me fully and wholly dead.

  • Casual physical intimacy.

Aside from the face touching, Scott and Kira are quite physical with one another in other ways. For me they manage to show physical intimacy with one another in everyday situations but not necessarily in the “simmering sexual tension” kind of way. For example, when they’re standing together in a room, they seem to gravitate towards one another so that they both end up standing either next to each other or as close as they can otherwise get. Kira’s always glancing back at Scott, as though keeping one eye on him most of the time. Scott also shares plenty of little looks with Kira.

Both of them also casually touch a lot, gentle and tender little gestures that aren’t really that highlighted but when you’re as hardcore trash as I am, you do notice it. Things like how Scott and Kira both like to hold each other’s hands when comforting one another or gently touch the other’s arm. Scott settles a hand on Kira’s back or at the small of her back when they walk together. Or when he has his arm around her he also likes to rub her shoulder, make little circles on her back with his fingers, or play with her hair. (I swear ’m not making these up, this isn’t just my trashy imagination, I’m telling you, these are all things that are actually on the show if you look closely enough).

  • Butt grabs

‘Nuff said, I think. Scott is definitely more a of a booty guy. Now I just need Kira to return the favour.

  • Kissy face

When they make out, both Scott and Kira do this thing where their faces do that eyebrow scrunching up thing like they’re concentrating intensely and you just know in that moment that both of them are focused on nothing but kissing each other as passionately as humanly possible.

  • Height difference

Ok but like height difference is my thing. The height difference between Scott and Kira is so fucking cute and perfect, I am dead always. Kira is so smol?? So very smol??? Smol enough for Scott to just tuck under his chin. Smol enough for them to do cute-ass things like Kira burrowing into Scott’s jacket to hide from the rain or Kira hiding in Scott’s shade from the hot sun. Kira being too fucking tiny for them to actually properly nose boop so Scott usually just goes for nose-booping her forehead. Kira being so smol that when she kisses Scott she usually has to go up a little on her toes, or Scott will have to pull her close and lean or bend down to kiss her properly.

Smol Kira having to hug Scott by jumping up on her toes before her arms can reach his neck but every time she does she straight-up launches herself at him and quite literally jumps into his arms, after which Scott leans into her hug but he has to lean down because Kira’s smol and her smol arms are very short but now that she has her arms around Scott she’s kind of just latched onto him like a koala and she won’t let go. And Kira’s also the perfect height for forehead kisses and kisses on the top of her head. And oh look that lifeless body lying over there is ME.

  • Nose boops.

I feel like this deserves it’s own bullet point because NOSE BOOPS. N.O.S.E. B.O.O.P.S. Scira nose boops. Happen. SO MUCH. I mean, who even does nose boops nowadays?!?!? What kind of young couple nose boops?!?!? That’s something that happy grandparents who have been married for 75 years do when they’re being cute and old on their anniversary or something. BUT LIKE. For some reason it feels normal and natural that Scott and Kira nose boop?! They actually seem like the type to nose boop and it’s the most heartbreakingly adorable, fluffy, pure thing you’ve ever seen because these two fucking nerds are such a pair of radiant, kind, loving, basically-married-already cinnamon rolls that nose-booping is probably their regular default greeting. THE NOSE BOOPS JUST AFFECT ME A LOT OK.

  • Forehead kisses

I don’t have the words to describe the effect that Scira forehead kisses have on me so here is a visual representation:

(They are so intimate?!?!? so tender?!?!? so heartbreakingly gentle?!?!?!?)

  • Forehead touch

Actually I also don’t have the words to describe exactly what happens to me when Scott and Kira do that fucking thing when they touch their foreheads together and just close their eyes and rest like that for the briefest moment because basically every single last molecule in my entire soul and body is destroyed.


Imagine going out clubbing with Kira, Malia, and Lydia - Requested by @shadowhunter-rey

‘Come on!’ you said, tugging at Lydia’s sleeve.

You were currently sitting in her living room with Malia and Kira. The idea had been to try and get homework done, but that had been hours ago. You’d been the one to suggest it – assuming that getting a bulk done would be smart – now, however, you were beginning to regret it. You’d gotten a text off one of your other friends letting you know about the new club that had opened, and currently your mind was set on getting them to join you.

‘What’s the big deal?’ asked Malia, her attention successfully distracted.

A small smirk slipped onto your face as the others relented, too. You could see that Lydia still needed to be won over though.

‘It’ll be fun. You know like in Mexico?’ you asked, gaining a nod from Malia, a small half-smile as well.

‘But without the prospect of anyone being killed by hunters,’ said Kira happily.

‘Exactly. And we deserve one night off,’ you said, beaming.

Malia and Kira nodded. You tried not to look too triumphant though.

All attention turned towards Lydia.

She sighed, but there was no mistaking the grin on her face. ‘All right,’ she relented, causing you hug her. ‘But we’re doing this properly. Taking ages to get ready and listening to really loud music.’

You chuckled, moving away as Kira began to collect up the things from the table. ‘I wouldn’t have it any other way, Lyd,’ you assured her.

Getting ready was one of your favourite parts of clubbing. The random little jokes that you shared with the girls. Everything felt right. Felt normal. So, you did have to make a run to your, Malia and Kira’s houses to get stuff, but other than that everything felt like nothing had changed. You gossiped; you sang along obnoxiously to the music; you drank some of the drinks that Lydia had found in one of the cupboards all while making sure that you looked how you wanted to.

‘Isn’t it going to be a little packed in there?’ asked Kira, pausing as she put on lipstick.

‘I think Maxie said she knew the guy that runs it,’ you said, worry slowly washing over you.

‘We could just rush in,’ suggested Malia.

Lydia shook her head, teasing her hair slightly as she grinned around at you though. ‘We’ll get in,’ she said, and the certainty behind her voice made you smile. ‘Just because we’ve not been for a while, doesn’t mean I can’t remember how to get let in!’

You scoffed, shaking your head. Some things never changed, and it warmed your heart to see that they were lightening up slightly about the prospect.

When you were all finally ready Lydia called the taxi. You were excited, and all you could do was chatter away. The taxi driver chuckled awkwardly at a couple of things he overheard form Malia, but it didn’t matter. You were just so glad to be going, to see the others looking so relaxed, that none of it matter.

True to her word Maxie had waited for you. She gripped your arm and practically dragged you to the front of the queue, grinning at the bouncer as the five of you filed in.

‘Woah,’ breathed Kira as you entered the place.

It was already loud, people dancing while other milled around with drinks. There were a few clusters of people trying to talk over the music while others already seemed as though they didn’t know what was going on.

‘Come on,’ you said, after mumbling your thanks to Maxie before she was dragged away. ‘I’m getting the first load of drinks.’

You didn’t get straight to the bar though. Instead you danced with the others, grinning around at them in your little circle. The music seemed to go through you, but all you focused on was enjoying the time with the others. You laughed and joked all the while, teasing each other for cheesy dancing during the old songs. The smiles never left your faces that evening, even when you went to the bar panting, still chuckling at something one of you had done.

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