Bus Ride (Liam Dunbar)

Warnings: language 

Pairing: liamxreader

a/n first liam imagine!!! let me know if you have a request or want a part two!

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      Moving schools sucks. I mean being pushed into a totally new environment with new people isn’t ideal, but all of this is my fault. I didn’t plan on being caught vandalizing the school but shit happens and now i’m here. 

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Kira Yukimura Week (August 31st- September 6th)

So, in honor of another successful season, why not celebrate with the best kickass character on the show? Kira has only been around for a few seasons, but there’s no doubt that we all love her. So why not take a week and dedicate it to Kira Yukimura, a time to share and spread the love and admiration for her character. It will take place for a week, a total of seven days, and you’re free to let your creative juices flow. Remember, the point of this week is to spread the love. If you’re fresh out of ideas and need some inspiration, we’ve got your back!

Here’s a short list of ideas for creators:

  • Classics: Color Porn, Hair Porn, Outfit Porn, etc.
  • Kira & the Fox/Kitsune
  • Some kickass Kira!
  • AU’s! ( Werewolf!Kira, Nogitsune!Kira, etc.)
  • Fanmixes, Art, Fics.

Those are only some of the ideas, but you’re free to create as you wish! We will be tracking #kiraweek during that time period, so don’t forget to include that in your tags. 

Sick Baby Wolf --- Derek Hale/Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested by: Anon Could you write an imagine where the reader is in a relationship with Derek and the pack come back from a battle and suddenly Liam starts to feel ill so the reader takes care of him and sort of baby’s him and Derek doesn’t understand why and she explains to him that it’s bc Liam doesn’t have anyone else close to him and refers to him as “my baby”.

warnings: none

I set pizza boxes on the coffee table for everyone when they get back. The alarm on the wall starts to go over and I jog over to turn it off. The door slides open and the pack walks in. Derek, Scott, Kira, Stiles, Malia, Lydia and Liam. Derek comes over and kisses me. I smile and kiss his cheek after. “How was it?” I ask.

“Brutal.” Stiles mumbles, setting his bat against the wall.

“Well pizza is on the coffee table.” I say and they all rush over to it. Well, everyone except Liam. He just comes down the steps slowly. I go over to him. “You feeling okay?” I asks and he shakes his head. I kiss his forehead. “Oh baby you’re burning up.” I say and bring him into the kitchen area. I have him sit at the table.

Since I moved in with Derek, I made him go out and buy more furniture. Like a kitchen table, a few arm chairs and another couch and we redid the kitchen. Thank god.

I take a cold wet paper towel and kneel in front of Liam. I rest it on his forehead. “When did you start feeling ill?”

“On the way here.” He tells me and I nod. After I feel the cold turn into warmth, I wipe his face with the cloth, getting the dirt and blood off. I stand back up and throw it in the trash. I go over to the cupboard and look through medicine.

“You want some Midol?” I ask, turning around. He looks up at me. I laugh. “Just kidding.” I humor myself. I don’t think he understood though. Sigh. “What do you feel?”

“Like I’m going to puke and I have a headache.”


“Basically.” I take out tums and ibuprofen. I get a glass of water and kneel in front of him again. I set the water on the table next to him. I put two ibuprofens in my hand and hand them to him. He takes them and swallows it with the water. Then I give him two tums.

I put the stuff back in the cupboard and take him to the living area. I sit down and Liam sits next to me. I pull him into me and he sets his head on my chest in the crook of my neck. I feel him fall asleep.

“Why are you babying him, Y/N?” Derek asks. I look up at him.

Have you not noticed the lack of people close to him?” I ask. “I’m like a second mother to him and I’m perfectly fine in being a mother to this child. He’s my baby.” I smile and kiss Liam’s head again.

His New Anchor --- Liam Dunbar Imagine

Part 7

warnings: swearing 

We’re running suicides. Liam and I are in a competition, seeing who can get all twenty done fastest.

I fall down onto the grass, my face getting cut on a rock. Huh, what are the odds? Thanks luck for making my migraine even worse. Thumbs up to you. I start to get up. “(Y/N), do not get up.” Liam says.

“But I’m halfway there.” I whine and flip onto my butt. He grabs me and lifts me up. I conveniently rest my head on his chest. The non-bloody side.

“You had a headache since sixth period, haven’t you?”

“Yeah.” I say. “Liam?”


“Thanks for noticing.” He smiles and I smile a little, closing my eyes.

I listen as he walks in the school. He sets me on the floor, up against the lockers. Ah, cold. Liam! I need your warmth! I open my eyes and see him grabbing the first aid kit. He comes back over and straddles my legs. But he’s up on his knees. He starts to clean my cut with an alcohol pad. “It stings.”

“Oh come on. The number one lacrosse player has to be tougher than that.” He jokes and I laugh.

“Not when she has a booboo.”

“Well then boohoo, toughen up.” I smile and he throws the pad on the ground. I watch as he grabs butterfly bandages out of the kit. He unwraps them then pinches my cut together, putting three down my face.

“That hurt.”

“Do you want them to heal faster or not?”

“Well I’ll have a scar from it. It’ll make me cool.” I say and he starts packing the kit up.  

“Oh yeah, so much popularity.” He says, getting off me, leaving my legs cold. He puts it back then walks over to me. He picks me up and sets me on my feet. Stiles and Scott run in. Stiles comes over and stands in between us.

“No, this is not happening.” He says, pointing at both of us.

“Nothing is happening, Stiles! We’re just friends!” I exclaim.

“Something is happening and I don’t like that something! Especially when this something involves my sister.”

“So you’re saying you don’t want me to have friends?”

“I want you to have friends, just not this kid, I don’t want you hurt.”

“He’s not going to hurt me.”

“How do you-”

“She’s right.” Scott interrupts. “He’s not going to hurt his anchor.” Stiles’ eyes widen and so don’t mine.

“Anchor?” We ask at the same time. Suddenly, Liam runs out. I push Stiles out of the way and run after him. I stumble into lockers on my way down the hall.

“Liam!” I call. “Liam, wait!” I fall down but quickly get back up…just to fall down again. Only if I could like, slither down the hall. Can I? I try to wiggle down the hall. Nope, can’t do it. Liam stops running and turns around. “I’m very weak right now so could you possibly come over here and help me?” I ask. He laughs and walks down the hall towards me.

Liam picks me up and sets me on my feet. I hold onto his arm. “You okay?” He asks and I nod.

“Why didn’t you tell me that I was your anchor?” I ask.

“Because of Stiles.”

“Hey, if we’re going to be friends, you have to realize that my brother cannot control me even if he tries to or acts like it okay?” He nods. “I’ll prove it to you too.”

“You don’t need to prove it to me. I know that you’re not your brothers property.”

“But hey, it’ll be fun.” I say and smirk.

I wait until I hear both boys snoring until I climb out my window. I jump onto a tree next to my room and climb down that. I pull the string to close my window. I run down the road as fast as I can.

After a while, I get to Liam’s house. I never told him what I was doing…this will be a surprise. I walk around his house and see his window. I’ve been here before, I know what window is his. I start to throw pebbles at it. “Liam go to the fucking window.” I say under my breath.

The window opens and Liam sticks his head out. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Proving it to you.” I smirk and he laughs. “Now let me in.” I say and he nods, closing the window.

I go around to the front and the door unlocks, opening. Liam stands there in shorts and a t-shirt. I go up the steps and walk in. “Is this really how you’re going to prove it to me? Coming to my house in the middle of the night?”

“Well I was also thinking about going on the roof and star gazing if you’d like.” He laughs a little, nodding.

“Sure.” He says and we go inside.

We get up to his room and he opens the window. “I can go up first and then I can pull you up.” He says, climbing out. I set my stuff on his bed and I go over. I stick my head out. He gets up and reaches out a hand to me.

“Dunbar, if you drop me I will kill you.” I say and take his hand.

“I won’t.” He laughs and pulls me up. We go up the roof a little further and lie down.

“My dad and my brother are going to be so pissed if they find out I’m not home.” I laugh. I look at the stars. They’re all so bright tonight.

“Did you ever do this at your private school?”

“No, it was always so cold over there. I could never do anything but I did stuff anyways. But when I came back, I realized that all that happens is Stiles does the same thing. He never lets me do anything unless I’m with one of the seniors from the pack.” I move my head onto his shoulder and his arm wraps around me.

Stiles is wrong about Liam in so many ways. He has great hair, perfect body, amazing personality, charming smile, perfect body…wait I said that already…

“Do you want to do something tomorrow? It’s Friday and we don’t have practice.” I ask.

“Like what?”

“Play video games and eat pizza?”

“So my house then.” He laughs. “Yeah, totally. I’m down with that.”

“I’ll come over about five, okay?”

“That’s good.”

Take the Blame- A Pack Imagine

Imagine where you are Scotts younger sister and you get hurt during a mission that they didn’t know you were there and Scott takes away the pain and fluff from the pack while you’re healing but you get into a lot of trouble?- Anon

A/N: This is written in a strictly platonic/family way. There’s no love interest, because I didn’t really find a need for one. I also made it so that Scott knew you were there, because it made more sense with the plot line. Enjoy! 

Warnings: Minor violence

You had just broken up with your boyfriend of eight months, and you needed something to occupy your time. You overheard your older brother mentioning about planning a visit to Eichen House to talk to a patient who had written a book about the Dread Doctors. 

“Hey, Scott!” You smiled cheerfully, leaning on the door frame to his bedroom. 

“What do you want, Y/N?” He chuckled, seeing right through your attempts to suck up. 

“I want to go with you and the rest of the pack to Eichen House.” 

“Absolutely not! You’re my baby sister, I don’t want you involved with this stuff. Plus, if Mom knew I took you, she’d kill me.” 

“Please, Scott?” I’ve been so down lately. I want, no wait, I need this. I have to distract myself or else I’ll get to thinking and make myself even more upset. Also, Mason, Liam, and I have been researching those Dread Doctors. I think I can help.” You pleaded. 

“Fine,” He sighed. “but I want Mom to know that you thought of this yourself and I do not endorse this idea.”

“Okay, I’ll take the blame if we get in trouble.” 

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