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Winter Formal - Garrett Imagine

You groaned in front of your locker after witnessing another winter formal grand proposal in the hallway that involved balloons, streamers, and glitter. After seeing an organized flash mob that involved the football team in the quad for the head cheerleader during lunch, you were ready to snap if you saw one more grand gesture. You wanted to scream so badly but that would set off certain people. Of course, it would catch everyone’s attention but only a handful would find it as a warning, a trouble of some sort, or a death warning. 

The problem wasn’t the general idea of winter formal. You wanted to go. You wanted to be asked in a special way and get dressed up in a dress you’d only wear one night. You wanted to keep the corsage in a box of memories in the back of your closet, create memories with your friends, and capture them in photos you’d keep forever. You wanted to dance the night the away under the stars with the boy you loved. That was the problem. The one person you wanted to ask you to winter formal and go with is the one guy you’re not allowed to go near, Garrett. 

“Guess who just got asked to Winter Formal?!” Kira cheerfully asked with a handful of pink and white balloons in her hand, and a picture perfect smile on her pretty face. That’s it! You thought to yourself. Inside your locker you grabbed a pencil from your magnetic pencil holder, and stabbed a balloon, making a loud pop noise.

“Bite me!” You said angrily to Kira and walked away.

Garrett was a touchy topic with the pack. No one knew how you felt about him. You two were chemistry lab partners. The kind of lab partners teachers regret putting together after realizing how loud the pair was, as they always laughed, joked, smiled, and flirted between the eyes. Except nothing more happened, or rather nothing more could happen between the two of you. Garrett was an assassin, who kills supernatural creatures, and sooner or later he’ll go after Scott’s pack, a pack you were a part of. 

After lashing out on Kira, you decided to skip your last class, chemistry. You were tired of all the winter formal talk and the last thing you wanted was the constant reminder of not getting to share at least one dance with the boy sitting next to you.

You walked right by the chemistry classroom door, down the hallway, and bumped into someone before reaching the double doors that led to the parking lot. The clash knocked down your school bag and papers flew everywhere. You sighed in frustration and kneeled down to pick up your school stuff without looking at the klutz that walked into you.

“Whoa! I didn’t see you, Y/N. Where are you off in such a hurry?” You recognized the voice, making your heart skip a beat. You looked up to see your favorite pair of blue eyes. “Chemistry is that way,” he gestured with his index finger.

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Precure 2017 tittle announced! It’s Kira Kira Precure (so the earlier leaks turned out to be real ones) - judging by the logo, we are back to 5 members team (there are five colours in the logo: pink, orange, blue, purple, red) and the motif seems to be sweets/desserts related (for me the logo looks like a cake. There are even a whipped cream decorations all around!).

No idea what “A’la mode” could mean though. But it is mentioned somewhere in the current ED song lyrics, isn’t it?

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Don’t Take Love Off the Table Yet

Rating: G
Main Pairing(s): Allison/Kira
Warnings: None
For: henrymaarchbanks
Part of the teenwolffemslashexchange

When Allison offers to drive Kira home for winter break (“It doesn’t make sense for your parents to drive all the way up when I already have my car on campus, and have to drive back anyways!”) Kira is concerned that she won’t be able to hide her gigantic crush on the archer.

It gets even more difficult when unexpected, inclement weather forces them to stop and share a motel room for the night.

Her worries prove to be for nothing as Allison uses this opportunity to let Kira know exactly how open she is to the idea of exploring their feelings for each other.