kira the dog

The Story of Kira

Once upon a time, there was a dog, and her name was Kira. She was a long haired “tiger” brindle mutt with fluff to spare. She had big brown eyes, and freckled white feet. She loved people, and especially loved to run. But she was tied to a wire on a tree.

This wire was digging into her neck, causing painful scabbing. She could only run a few yards in either direction, and it was difficult for her to lay down. She had mats in the fur ruff around her neck, and her butt fluff was woefully overgrown. She was covered in fleas. Worst of all, she was incredibly skinny. She had no fat whatsoever, and very little muscle. She could only stand for a few minutes at a time before her legs began to shake. She had water to drink, but no food, yet her stomach was hard as a rock.

When I met Kira, she was barking as loud as she could, desperate for attention. She was owned by someone my aunt knew, but she wasn’t being taken care of. My aunt said the last time anyone had come to feed her had been several days ago. She begged me to untie the dog and take her home because she is deathly allergic and couldn’t keep her. I agreed, and took her home.

Despite being horribly weak and malnourished, she couldn’t stop moving that first day we brought her home. She was constantly walking, jumping, wiggling, scratching–she was moving so much, she was exhausting herself, panting constantly. I bathed her with flea soap, and tried to feed her. She took a mouthful of food at a time and buried it under blankets and couch cushions, afraid to eat. I learned that this is a behavior in starving animals; they will hide their food for later instead of eating it immediately, fearing it will be taken from them. I couldn’t get her to eat, even with tasty lunch meat and gravy. I was horridly perplexed by that knot in her stomach, too.

That night, when I took her out, she peed a little, and tried to poop. What came out was that mysterious belly knot– sticks, leaves, and dirt. She had become so hungry, she had eaten the only available substances. She passed several fistfuls of sticks that night, and it broke my heart.

Over the next few days, it seemed like we wouldn’t be able to keep Kira. She was too energetic; she jumped on my dad’s leg and dislocated his knee, she stepped on our pregnant stepmother’s belly, she played too rough with our chirussell, Indy, and accidentally bit him. She was too much to handle, and worst of all, she didn’t respond to any commands. We tried calling her by her name, but nothing we did could get her attention– she was in a highly energized state at all times.

We tried taking her to the shelter, but they were over capacity so we tried putting her up on our local classifieds website. The day after her ad went up, we received interest from someone claiming to be a mother “looking for a playful dog for her children.” When we took her to meet the new family a few days later, Kira seemed very upset. It wasn’t until we got out of the car that we realized why. The lady who had contacted us was the very same lady who had owned Kira previously, and had left her tied to a tree with no food. This lady now lived in a different home, and had lied to us about her identity in an attempt to get her back. She had no children, no room for a dog, and had expected us to just drop Kira off without knocking on the door to meet her.

There was no way I was letting her have Kira back.

We took her home, wondering what to do now.

That night, as I was getting ready to fall asleep, Kira began to cry. She was dead asleep, but she was howling and crying and whimpering and shaking; she was having a nightmare. It killed me to see her like that, and I just picked her up and hugged her, stroking her, trying to wake her gently from her terror. It took almost 4 minutes to wake her, and when she finally woke up she looked right into my eyes. Something happened, and it was like I suddenly understood her, and she understood me.

I understood why she’d been such a terror for days now: she was scared, she didn’t know where she was or what we were going to do. She was used to fending for herself, and being mistreated. She didn’t know what this place was, or who we were, or if she’d survive. She thought she had to compete with this other dog for food, and for love, and was so desperate for our approval that she was trying to show off for us. And she was afraid we were going to abandon her. She was stressed, and it was making her act crazy.

And she understood what I had just discovered in that moment: that I would not be giving her up.

It has been about a month since we brought her home. Kira now knows and responds to her name, and will sit, lay, and shake on command. She comes when called, and she walks on a leash. She is only about 5 pounds under her ideal weight; for perspective, she was about 15-20 under when we got her. She has built up a lot of strength and endurance, and now plays tennis ball for hours. She eats when she’s given food instead of burying it. She is learning not to jump on people and hasn’t injured anyone since the day she accidentally bit our other dog. They are now best friends and play together all the time. She sleeps on my bed at night and cuddles during the day. She has even become so attached to us and comfortable with us that she rolls over and presents her belly– the ultimate sign of submission and trust for a dog. She has even gone to sleep on her back before.

She still has nightmares sometimes, but all it takes to bring her out of it now is a little touch and a soft, “It’s okay.” As soon as she hears my voice, she relaxes, without even waking up.

I am so glad that shelter was full and that we couldn’t find her another home. Kira is my baby girl, and deserves the best things in life. She is a wonderful, loving darling of a dog.

This is the face of success, and the reason we should never give up just because things are difficult at first.

This is the face of a rescue dog, who only ever wanted to be loved.

This is Kira, and she is loved.

❝ That’s my lady. ❞

Plot: You’ve been distant from yoongi and he finds out the reason it’s because you recently became an underground dancer. 

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 1,5k+

For anon, I hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Once again you had to give up time with Yoongi and you felt incredibly guilty about that.  

He was trying hard to be more present despite his schedules and you couldn’t make time for him. It seemed as if the situation was reversed.  

But you worked so hard to become part of that group that to waste the opportunity was the last thing you wanted.  

“Are you okay Y/N?”  

“Yes, Jisoo.. Let’s keep trying, the competition is between a few days and we have no time to lose. ” You settled the matter with a weary smile and the music started again.  

Your muscles were pleading you to stop, but you didn’t have any intention to listen to your body.  

You would have won that competition of underground dance, at all costs.  

~ ~

The silence of your apartment was a relief after hours and hours of loud music and yelling.  

You were feeling your feet sore for too many hours of practice, your arms looked like jelly and your legs almost struggled to hold.  

The bathroom was your main direction but the fatigue won completely on you; making you collapse on the couch. Your little dog Kira, Yoongi’s gift for your birthday just passed, ran on the couch and settled on your breasts beginning to lick your face, welcoming you with joy.  

“Hey, little girl. I’ve missed you, you know? ” You whispered, starting to caress her soft coat; “Have you been good? I’m sure cutie.. Now you mom sleep a little, huh! ”  

Your voice went to fade and sleep got the better of you, while the little Kira continued to lick your face looking for attention she did not have netted.  

The little dog was not alone in wanting attention, Yoongi left the kitchen shortly after and he watched while you slept blissfully on the couch, with your shoes on and a veil of sweat to wet your forehead.  

He approached you, trying in every way to not wake you up, taking off your shoes and taking the blanket from the couch.  

“What are you hiding, Y/N?” He murmured placing the blanket on you; “You’re always more distant and it worries me. And why the heck you’re all sweaty. ” He added, perceiving at that time of the sweat on your skin.  

Intrigued he recovered your purse and a folded leaflet bad came in part from the hinge.  

And was watching it carefully that each piece of the puzzle in his mind found the right place.  

~ ~

The voice of the leader was attracting the attention and the agitation was literally eating you alive. Your first competition and all eyes of those present seemed to be probing your soul.  

What you didn’t know is that Yoongi was hiding in the shadows, watching you, not knowing what to expect. Once he has found the flyer of the competition he had started to bother you less and you couldn’t figure it out, but you had so many thoughts on your mind that you were worried a lot.  

You felt a horrible girlfriend and were promised that once won that competition, you would have devoted whole days to your grumpy boyfriend.  

“Y/N, are you ready?”  

“I am always ready, sunbae.” Your sigh made him raise an eyebrow; you knew that you seem scared in appearance; “Really Sunbae, I’m fine.”  

“I hope for you if we lose we’re out of the competition.”  

You nodded while remaining silent. You wanted that Yoongi was there, but you didn’t have time to tell him anything. Maybe you were even afraid that he would not approve even if several times he had been the first to say to chase your dreams.  

“Ready?” The leader asked again, looking at you and while infusing somehow the calm needed to take the stage.  

The music echoed in the underground car park where he was holding the competition, it was not illegal but secrecy was something fundamental, and now your body responded to the music, starting to remember every single effort made in those weeks.  

You wouldn’t ruin anything, you would win.  

~ ~

Your group had defeated the first group, something that made you particularly proud and now you should have been battling with another to gain access to the semifinals. Your gaze continued to wander in the huge crowds and inside you were hoping, even though you knew it was impossible, to see Yoongi’s gummy smile.  

Your group began to dance, you and two other girls had been joining at the third bar when a familiar voice spread anywhere and made all completely stop.

“Why did you stop? I want to see you dance, you were doing so well. ” The voice said and you weren’t the only one to know her. You became almost afraid it was just a figment of your imagination, but your friend erased all doubt.  

“This is Suga’s voice.” She muttered upset.  

“Then I’m not the only one to hear it..”  

“I WANT TO SEE YOU DANCE, CMON’!” He yelled again, with his pick-ups English, making you smile like a child in front of the candy.  

He was there, he was there and every fear you felt in those weeks vanished altogether. You would dance for him and after you would apologize for the bad girlfriend who you were.  

Finally, the music began again and your group was ready for action, starting to dance following the choreography to perfection.  

The victory was yours, you were more than confident.  

~ ~

“WE WON, WE WON, YEAAAH. WE’LL GO TO SEMIFINALS!!! ” JeuYoo shrieked, hugged you and making you laugh. She was a little girl but her enthusiasm was always welcome. “Y/N, WE WOOOOOOOON. BUT NOW I WANT TO SEE SUGA. WHERE IS SUGA. DID YOU HEAR THAT, WHERE IS HE!!! ”  

“Don’t ask me.” You muttered, ignoring her request; “Go to find him, if I find his I’ll send you a text!”  

“RUN!” And she ran really, making you sigh of relief.  

You did not tell anyone about being Yoongi’s girlfriend, you did not want favoritism or they took advantage of his fame to win the competition.  

More than yourself, it was always Yoongi’s sake that you cared.  

“I thought you’d get tired of me.” A voice behind you murmured, making you turn and running towards the dark corner where it had arrived.  

Your boyfriend was waiting for you with his gummy smile on his face and a small Freesia in his hand, your favorite flower.  

In his simplicity, he always managed to surprise you. You were throwing your arms around his neck, freezing in remember you were completely sweating soup and perhaps not very fragrant.  

“Why don’t you hold me??”  

“I’m all sweaty Yoongi …”  

“Who the fuck cares, come here.” He exclaimed almost blew for your response, lapping your shoulders with one arm. “It isn’t a bit of sweat to get me away, silly girl.” He added into your ear, provoking yet another smile.  

You hid into his arms while he started to brush your back with his other hand, slipping his fingers along your spine just like you loved. He knew you so well that sometimes scared you.  

“I’m sorry Yoongi…”  

“Now that I know you don’t want to leave me, I feel better.”  

“LEAVE YOU? Pabo… I’d be a fool to leave you. ” You felt almost offended by his thoughts, but you couldn’t blame him. You heaved your gaze and bit his cheek gently, causing him to rotate his eyes pretending to be disgusted.  

“You’re damn good Y/N, you know that? I’m used to Jimin, Jungkook-ah and Hobi.. but I’ve never seen anyone dance like you danced you tonight. ”  His compliments made you blush, forcing you to hide your face against his neck again. Two of his fingers were under your chin, lifting your face and letting your eyes met. Your eyes were talking without that they need to be accompanied by words.  

“I’m proud of you, Y/N”.  

“You don’t know how much this counts for me, Yoongi.”  

“Now we go home, take a shower and then I’ll see what to do with you.”  

“What do you mean…?” You asked, not understanding what he meant.  

“Oh… Now that I’ve seen you dancing you couldn’t think you get away with it. I need a sexy dancer for my next solo videos. ”  

“Yoongi… NO WAY ” You shouted and he tapped your mouth with his open hand, giving you a killer gaze.  

“I’m not. Everyone needs to know how much you’re fucking good, Y/N ”.

Every Mangaka Ever
  • Mangaka: Here you go, a wonderful array of characters for you to fall in love with!
  • Fandom: Wow, we love them! Thank you. We can't wait to watch them grow and succeed.
  • Mangaka: Of course. It'll just be a shame if anything were to happen to them...
  • Fandom: Wait, what?!
  • Mangaka: lol, don't worry about it too much.
  • Fandom: ...

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Prompt: Person A returns home from a business trip and is greeted by Person B’s guilty smile and a puppy.

Something seems off when he parked their car in their driveway, nothing seemed out of place, Stiles heartbeat sounded like it always did – sounded like there was a dog in the house, it wasn’t unusual for Stiles to take care of Scott and Kiras dogs when they needed it, but it was only one dog inside with Stiles. Derek opened the front door, calling out: “I’m home.” As he took off his shoes, jacket and put the suitcase next to the stairs, Stiles came through their living room. He smelled nervous and giddy – Yes Derek is aware it didn’t really have a smell as such but you could always tell with Stiles. Brows furrowing, he turned to meet his boyfriend-

“So, I know we haven’t talked much about it and I shouldn’t try and push this on you and I know I should have at least called before I made any kind of decision and that I shouldn’t make decisions that affect our life on my own but Derek, look at this face and you try to say no.” Stiles rushed the last steps, holding out a Collie puppy, who yipped happily at Derek trying to reach out to smell and lick at his face. Derek blinked a few times, eyes going from the frankly adorable canine in his boyfriends outstretched hands to said boyfriend, whom was looking at him smiling albeit guilty.
“Why?” He asked taking the dog in his own hands and moving them into the living room, several toys thrown around the room, a moss-green fluffy dog bed between their sofa and Stiles lazy-boy, he sat down on the floor, putting the dog down between his legs, petting it as Stiles sat down next to him.
“I promised to drive Scott to work yesterday morning, right? And this little guy was just left there, tied to the door, we’ve tried to find the owner, he has a chip but there is no registered owner. There wasn’t any space for him at the clinic and neither Deaton or Scott could find place at any shelter near here and so I offered to take him.”
“Is it for now or?” Derek looks up at Stiles, whom bit his lip glancing at his boyfriend. “I want to say don’t get attached. But I see it’s already too late.”
“She’s just a couple of months but she seems house-trained and Kira mentioned that they will start an agility group soon and that I can join in with the puppy group that started the other week. And she also said that-“
“What’s her name?” Derek asked, scratching her belly as she had sprawled between his legs.
“River.” Stiles answered, Derek didn’t need to see his boyfriend to know that he was grinning like a loon right about now, because he knew that River was now a part of their little family.