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Small layout idea of a Patreon i’m thinking of starting.

So my basic idea for this is to start a Patreon centered entirely around class knowledge/starting a learning database. Considerin’ this is one of my only marketable skills i’d like to see what it’s worth.

Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated and boosting as well! This is very important to me and something i’m extremely passionate about trying to do.

The basic layout of this would be tiers, priced around either 5/7/10 dollars or 5/10/15 dollars judging on feedback entirely of this post and what people might be willing to pay for. 

Here’s a basic layout of the tiers.

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Peter Hale Imagine: "I'm Better"

Peter Hale Imagine: “I’m Better”


Words: 305

Rating: PG

         You held Peters hand as you snuggled up to him and watched your favorite movie ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ you felt Peter shift behind you and suddenly your engulfed in his warm embrace under a fluffy blanket. You loved being in Peters arms, and you loved date night because it usually ended with you both cuddling and snuggling on his couch, in his apartment as you watched Netflix.  

         “Please, he’s a damn fool for leaving her. She’s hot” Peter said smirking at you. “Yeah? Well I’d sleep with him in a heartbeat. He’s gorgeous” you said looking over your shoulder at him, a smirk resting on your lips as well. “oh really? You think he’d be any better than me?” he asked looking down at you. “Well I don’t know, Id have to test him out to see” you said confidently. Peter raised an eyebrow at you before turning his attention back to the movie. You loved getting under Peters skin, because he did it back to you, he knew deep down how you felt about him.

         As the credits roll, you knew what it meant, almost time to go home. You rolled over on your back as Peter shifted and sat up on his elbow, the side of his face laying against his hand. “Thank you for your wonderful company tonight. I had a blast Peter” you said grinning up at him. Peter grinned and kissed you softly. “Youre more than welcome, I enjoyed tonight to” “This is the worst part when I have to go home” you said as you sighed. “then don’t…why don’t you spend the night here and let me show you who would be better and last all night” he said smirking as he kissed you.

On the Devil’s Back - closed


The light had startled Kira, something was hurdling towards the Earth and it made the land quake when it landed in the woods nearby her little home.

It looked like it had fallen from Heaven itself, which was cause for the angel to worry. Pulling on a robe to cover her night gown, she moved about to go check on what happened.

As she neared the crash site, she could see the marks of impact on the trees, singeing and bending some of the branches. Some of the grass seemed dead, and got worse as she neared the field. Finally, she saw the crater and approached it with caution. “…Holy shit.”

I need a small TEEN WOLF group. My Stiles muse needs his best friend for sure. He already has a Lydia but he needs his SCOTT MCCALL. It could just be a small group and I’d be happy to either do a slight AU and have ALLISON ARGENT in the group or do it more canon and have MALIA TATE, KIRA YUKIMURA, ISAAC LAHEY, or any of the other characters from the show. If we do more AU then we can still have any characters. Please come to me if any of these ideas interest you. I really want a great SCILES bromance. Thanks, loves.

Derek Hale Imagine: "Almost Lost You"

Derek Hale Imagine: “Almost Lost You”


Words: 431

Rating: V

You couldn’t believe your eyes, there he was sleeping with her when he wouldn’t even date you. ‘I cant believe I was so stupid to think he actually liked me or cared about me.’ You thought to yourself. ‘well who needs him? I can do this on my own.’ You thought to yourself as you left the loft and headed toward the warehouse.

You looked inside the warehouse and saw Peter standing there. You loaded the gun and slowly crept inside, you ducked behind a wall of barrels and waited to attack Peter but he never came around the barrels. Suddenly someone grabbed your hair and yanked you up over the barrels putting their hand over your mouth. “Scream and I’ll slice your throat.” Peter said in your ear. You panicked; how did he know you were in here? Could he smell you? He dragged your up to the top of the warehouse, and tied you to a chain. “Now you see this button? With one press, it will drag you off this walk way and dangle you about 25 feet from the ground. If you’re a good girl that wont happen.” He smirked when suddenly the doors below flew inside after being kicked in by the pack.

Peter taped your mouth shut and jumped down behind them. “Where is she?!” Derek roared. “She’s a bit…tied up at the moment. Maybe come back another time? No? Alright then.” Peter said smirking. Derek and everyone began looking around franticly. With them distracted, Peter threw a quick smirk your direction before attacking them. Somewhere along the way, Peter had pushed the button sending you flying into the middle of the warehouse room, dangling there. You tried to scream, to get someone-anyone’s- attention, when suddenly the rusty chain snapped and sent you flying toward the ground.

You squeezed your eyes shut waiting for the impact of the ground. But instead, what you felt, were two strong arms pulling you tightly into a warm chest as you landed in some boxes and other debris. “Are you okay?” Derek asked as he panted, his hot breath fanning over your face. “What are you doing here?” you asked after he removed the tape from your mouth carefully. “Scott told me everything, I just wanted to protect you. I never meant to hurt you, or break your heart Y/N, Im in love with you” he said caressing your cheek. “You….You are?” you asked breathlessly. He nodded and kissed you as Scott destroyed Peter once and for all.

Derek Hale Imagine: "Human"

Derek Hale Imagine: “Human”


Words: 1,014

Rating: V

            You panted lying on the floor, Derek towered over you. He grabbed your arm and yanked you up again. “Ow!” you winced and he turned around. “You won’t be able to protect yourself if you don’t pay attention!” he growled. You stood in a fighting stance and tried to fight him off. But yet again you fell flat on the concrete ground. “Derek, maybe you should give her a break” Stiles said as he stepped forward alittle. Derek shot him a glare making him step back. “No Stiles, its alright. I’m fine” you said slowly getting up. You turned towards Derek as he glanced back to the pack again and that’s when you did it. You drew your leg back and kicked him, you kicked him between the legs so hard you thought your foot was broken. But you didn’t show it, you looked down at him. “How about that?” You went over grabbing your bag and walked out slamming the door.

            Derek always did this, he always treated you like shit, made you feel bad about yourself and has even degraded you in front of the pack. You walked home holding your nose, the impact from your back slamming against the concrete made your nose bleed. You sighed getting home laying on the ground, your bruised back, blooded nose, and your foot all felt like they could fall off. You got up and dragged yourself up the stairs to shower. You cried in the shower, you sighed putting your hands to your face. “I’m so stupid. Why do I still love him?” you finished your shower and laid in bed. You couldn’t hardly sleep when it got quiet; you hated being alone. You felt yourself finally fall into the darkness of sleep.

            You went to school the next morning feel better, your back still hurt horribly but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle. You had on a cute short, pink dress with white high heels and your hair was curly. You sat next to Lydia at lunch as the gang looked at you. “What?” you pulled your salad out of your lunch box when stiles cleared his throat. “We were told that you have to go straight to Dereks after school.” You smiled. “Oh I would just LOVE that, but I have to rehearse for the talent show remember?” you said taking a bite. Allison smiled and nodded. “Yeah! I was gonna show off my Archery Skills!” Lydia smiled looking at you. “What are you singing?” You shrugged “It’s a surprise.” The gang ate their lunch as Scott texted Derek telling him you had rejected his invitation. Derek glared at the text, grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the loft. He never meant to hurt her, he loved her. Why couldn’t he just show her that! He squeezed the steering wheel harder and finally whipped the car into an empty parking spot. School had ended and he got out headed toward the doors. He knew she was still here, he could hear her heart beat.

            You stood on the stage and smiled at the piano player. “I can hold my breath, I can bite my tongue, I can stay awake for days, If that’s what you want, Be your number one, I can fake a smile, I can force a laugh. I can dance and play the part, If that’s what you ask, Give you all I am. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. But I’m only human, And I bleed when I fall down, I’m only human, And I crash and I break down. Your words in my head, knives in my heart, you build me up and then I fall apart. ‘Cause I’m only human” You sang out as the gang looked with their jaws almost on the floor. Derek stood in the back dark corner watching you. He stared in amazement at you, he heard every word and suddenly it hit him. You were only human. He had pushed you way to hard and now he was realizing what he had done. You ended the song and sudden the gang and the rest of the kids in the show. They all clapped and you smiled bowing. That’s when the pain in your back hit. “ow” you groaned rubbing your back as you walked off stage. You went to your locker and grabbed your bag and leaving the school. “Let me give you a ride” you turned seeing Derek. You sighed and turned back around. “No thanks, I can walk” you walked down the stairs. He was in front of you instantly; “Don’t start this, I want to talk to you. Please” he mumbled the last part and you sighed looking away from him. “fine.”

            The car ride was silent, you got to your house and hopped out when he got out too. “Lets go” he nodded toward the house and walked up the stairs. You made a face and followed him. “So what do you want? Here to throw me on the floor some more?” you asked as you stood against your kitchen counter. Derek walked around the counter and trapped you between him and the counter. “No, I shouldn’t have done that…I forget how fragile you can be, compared to me. I look at you and I see this strong, beautiful, intelligent woman who just…takes my breath away.” He stared you in the eye; you drew in a breath, your lips slightly parted as you took in what he had just said.

            “So I’m sorry for all the hard training I’ve put you through, and if you would allow it, I would like to make it up to you” You swallowed at the closeness, his breath brushed against your lips. You swallowed and pressed your lips against his with force. He wrapped his arms around your waist kissing you back as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “My little human” he mumbled against your lips and you grinned. “My big bad werewolf” 

Not Of This World (Closed RP)

     Kira couldn’t see her reflection within the dusted windshield of the 1930′s Sports Coupe, it’s frame scraping against the ground and rusting in the desert sand. It was taken there not by a tow car, but by a tractor trailer with the bed taken off. Seemed like a hopeless case, or so they said. Not for her though. “ Hi old friend,” she whispered quietly to the machine. 

She closed her eyes and put her palm on the car, closing her eyes and trying to think of reference photos. It was easy to mess up on something so mangled. She loved this, restoring old things to their glory. It seemed almost like a caring gesture to objects so easily left to decay. She heard several affirmative bangs and creaks, and beneath her hand the rust faded to a smooth, slightly dusty surface. When she opened her eyes, the car was still dusty, but it was new. 

     New as though it had been taken from the dealers lot and taken through a drive in the dust bowl, and someone stole it’s wheels. She sighed, feeling a little worn out. “ Okay, now let’s give you a little bath. Some love and soap, then let’s see what we can do about those wheels. You probably don’t like the sand, no, not at all…” She said to the car lovingly. When she turned, she jumped back, almost falling back onto the car. Her heart jumped and started running. “ Who are you?” 


Peter Hale Imagine: "Coconut Oil Treatments"

Peter Hale Imagine: “Coconut Oil Treatments”


Words: 479

Rating: G

               You moved in with Peter about 2 months ago. You were perfectly happy too. Peter had been the best boyfriend anyone could have ever asked for. He’d offered to move all of your stuff for you, but you wanted to show him you were a big girl who could handle some hard work. Plus, you didn’t want him checking out all of your girlie stuff and making comments.

               Tonight, you had the apartment to yourself. Peter was with the pack, so you decided to pamper yourself for the evening. Your toes and fingernails were painted, your face mask was on, your whitening strip placed on your teeth for the next 30 minutes and now it was time for the most important one, the one no one knew about. Your hair. You grabbed the towel, the spoon, measuring cup and hairclip. You grabbed your coconut oil and opened it to reveal it was empty. “Dammit! I knew I forgot something at the store last weekend!” you muttered to yourself, suddenly, you remembered Peter had a jar above the stove in the kitchen. Making quick work to get the oil scooped out so you could melt it.

               After about twenty minutes, you sat with your hot oil treatment on your hair as you read a book. Once you heard the kitchen timer go off, you went into the bathroom, throwing away the whitening strip, taking the towel off your head, you grabbed fresh towels and wash clothes as you got into the shower and cleaned up. You got out dressing and throwing your hair up into another towel and set off cleaning the apartment. You waited for Peter to come home but you ended up falling asleep around 2 am.

               The next morning you heard movement in the apartment. As you stumbled into the living area, rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you notice Peter in the kitchen. “Morning handsome” you said smiling as you pulled your super soft and silky hair up into a bun. “Morning…Hey…” he said turning toward you. “Did you use this?” he asked holding the jar of coconut oil, which you had used just the night before. Not wanting him to laugh at your strange habit, you shook your head. “No, I haven’t”

               Peter tilted his head; “There’s only your finger prints in my jar of coconut oil.” He said placing the jar on the counter. You felt your cheeks darken from embarrassment. “Y/N…” he said a little sharper. “Alright, yes, but you can’t laugh at me” you said pointing a finger at him. “I use coconut oil to make my hair feel like silk.” He broke out in a grin before kissing you. “Thank god, I thought it was something different.” He said kissing your head as he laughed causing you to laugh too.

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since it's an ooc thing i figure maybe it goes to this blog? but i love the way you rp kira, it's so in character with just the right level of sass, i've just been scrolling down wmk and having a good chuckle i love it

aa thank you so much! i always worry that my humor might fall flat, so i’m glad it’s hitting some notes there