kira is turning into such and interesting character

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what's up with the netflix deathnote that ppl don't like it? :0

ok this is coming from Me, a person who had a hardcore death note phase for the better part of two years and who still loves the series (im. literally watching the anime right now)

the biggest issue people have is the whitewashing. its an american adaption, but american =/= white, but literally Every major character (aside from one, and then a minor character) is white.

they also took the time to whitewash their names. so light + soichiro yagami -> light + james turner; misa amane -> mia sutton, etc etc.

im white myself, so my opinion on it obviously doesnt hold the weight a japanese person’s would, but. its bad.

in that vein, they also warped the whole concept of the series itself? the omnipotent forces at work are shinigami, a godlike creature in japanese folklore. they turned the shinigami they kept (which, by the way, they made the Actually Interesting Shinigami fuck off in the movie entirely) into some spooky malevolent antagonistic force, instead of the neutral bored entity it was in the series.

but the worst part of the adaption is the main characters (light and mia).

light’s an edgy outcasted moron (unlike the straight laced, likable, Actual Literal Genius he was in the original) and has no solid motivation for anything he does except for, literally, to get pussy. he only edges up from settling personal scores into becoming kira because his equally edgy and vicious girlfriend egged him on.

he also gives himself away to L literally in their first meeting. under absolutely no pressure at all.

mia is… mia is nightmarish, she’s sadistic and antagonistic and arguably more ‘kira’ than light himself. she’s the one that kills all of the fbi agents, she’s the one who surges at the chance to kill light’s dad, she’s the one who writes light’s own name in the death note and seems to get off on the carnage she and light are causing.

it’d be an interesting dynamic if it werent so overplayed and overtly edgy.

the one redeemable factor to the movie is L. his character is kinda garbage, but it’s by far the most true to the original factor of the adaption. his actor does really well with the shit he’s given, and despite the issues with his L (the revealing his face to the public Immediately, the fact that he loses it when watari is killed, the fact that he Super loses it and chased after light with a gun) his portrayal was one of my favorite things in the movie.

that said, literally everything else is bad. the pacing, the soundtrack, the characterization, the writing, the plotholes, the overtly edgy characters, lights scream, the fact that matsuda isnt there.

but ya. its horrible

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IDK if you watch Riverdale, but it's kinda got the same feel as TW. The show seems to frame that you're supposed to care about Archie, he's the main guy, but I've become invested with anyone but him, which is similar to TW. I stopped caring about Scott very early on, becaause I found him annoying and his development is lackluster. Stiles, Boyd, Erica, Lydia, DANNY, these are characters I wanted to spend more time with. So, it's not a malicious thing to pass Scott over, it's a writing issue. 1/3

2/3 Interesting things happen to Scott, but they’re never capitalized on. We know he’s never in any real danger and shit always gets sorted out within episodes. He DIES and is revived in the same episode. He’s turned into a mindless rage machine and is saved shortly after. Stiles lost his mind for a whole season, Kira struggled with control for a whole season, LYDIA still can’t 100% control her powers and it’s been 6 seasons.

3/3Even characters we get small hints about who they are or could be are far more fascinating even though we might not get a lot of screen time. Erica and Boyd had an interesting storyline, they willingly stepped into this world, they have a different perspective and it would’ve been nice to see that play out. Danny apparently knew from the start and we never see him again.

I do watch Riverdale…although I haven’t seen the new eps yet. I am also quite disinterested in Archie. He’s… boring? But I like Jughead and Betty and Veronica, and I love the campy soap-operaish shenanigans going on, so I’ll keep watching for that. 

And I agree that the stakes are never high for Scott, because the moment something bad happens to him it’s resolved in the same dame episode. Often in the same damn scene. If the show isn’t going to put the effort into making me fear for this character, then I’m not going to bother either. 

Season 6
  • Me: So NO Stiles Stilinski for a whole season because he will probably disappear.
  • Me: So NO Kira Yukimura, they cut her off of the entire season for no reason. Without even finishing her storyline.
  • Me: So NO Scira, without even a last goodbye.
  • Me: So NO MaliaxKiraxLydia Bestfriend relationship? I been waiting for this friendship forevaaaaaaar!
  • Me: Probably the start of a love interest with Scott with a new character which she will probably be one of the bad guys or Malia. The person I think as Scott little sister.
  • Me: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Me: *Turns Off TV*
  • "I am out of this shit!" I scream.
  • *Goes to a corner and cries*
  • Me: Come here Liam, let's fall to a hole together...
  • Jeff Davis: We are not sure what could happen with Liam like he is Scott's first beta he might want to have Scott's powers as a Alpha.
Weird- Liam Dunbar/ Pack

Request- Um hi I have a request I know you are on a request break but when you have time can you do one where the reader is watching teen wolf and stiles is like “hey that looks like Scott!” And then Scott will come in and say “what the heck that looks like Liam” and they are freaking out BC of the show and the reader is like “just calm down you guys don’t look anything like them” I hope you get what I mean (:

Slight LiamXReader!

Monday nights with the pack were always interesting. Sometimes you went out and did stuff, other times were spent fighting bad guys and evil creatures that rolled through Beacon Hills, and nights like this were spent inside, surfing through TV channels to find something interesting. There was a show about cooking called Hell’s Kitchen, one about a murderer going after a bunch of teens called Scream, a show about rappers called Wild N’ Out, and even one about a town under a dome called Under the Dome (go figure). It was your night to pick the show, and it seemed like nothing was on and that bugged you to no end. Every good show in the history of good shows always came on during different days of the week. You skimmed your eyes down the glowing screen in annoyance, reading over the many shows and movies that were on. “Girl Meets World, Thor, The Avengers, Bones, Mr. Robot, Twilight!” You huffed, turning to look at the kitchen where the pack currently resided. “There’s nothing on!” You grumbled loudly, folding your arms as you continued your conquests.

Several replies came from Stiles and Liam but you just ignored them as you clicked select and turned on a show about supernaturals called Teen Wolf. You folded your arms and took it all in, the way ‘Scott’ reminded you of Scott, with his chocolate brown eyes and incredible personality and a true alpha. There was ‘Stiles’, who was sarcastic like your Stiles was, and completely human as well. ‘Lydia’ was a queen like your Lydia, with a great sense of fashion and a banshee. ‘Malia’ was hostile like your Malia, always thinking of her and Stiles and no one else, also a werecoyote. ‘Kira’ was adorable and shy like your Kira, a thunder kitsune that was dating the true alpha, Scott McCall. They even had ‘Liam’, who was cocky but scared of what he was becoming, a powerful werewolf. Everyone was there, even Theo who was turning out to be evil. Well, everyone except you.

You took interest in the show, leaning your elbows on your knees as you watched the screen intently, trying to take in the plot. It was weird to you, the characters were all going through what you and the pack had gone through just months before. Scott biting Liam, the deadpool, going to Mexico, all of it was there. It was like a TV show about your life, except one person was missing, one important puzzle piece that was used to completely the picture.


The elusive and beautiful Y/N. How could anyone forget about you?!

You were getting jealous, anger rising to fill your cheeks and mind. How come those six were more important than you were? You helped take down supernaturals countless times with the pack, becoming the most feared hunter in Beacon Hills, and even working missions outside of the country. You should be on that show too! You were just about to turn the TV off when Stiles came waltzing into the room, his eyes focused on the screen. “Whoa!” He exclaimed, his eyes focused on the scene of Scott nearly choking Liam to death. “Scott!” He called, snatching the remote from your hands before impatiently pausing the show. You let out an objection, only to be ignored by the senior.

Scott, followed by Liam, Lydia, Malia, and Kira came into the room. He hummed and looked between Stiles and you curiously, wondering what the commotion was all about. You simply rolled your eyes and turned to face the TV again, folding your arms in annoyance. You watched Stiles in your peripheral vision, watching as he pointed to the TV, his finger directly on the spit-image of Scott. Scott’s eyes widened and his jaw fell open, his eyes searching the screen. “Is that- Is that me?!” He shrieked and rushed forward, nearly knocking Stiles to the ground.

Lydia, who was the closest to Scott hummed in agreement. “Looks a lot like you actually.” Lydia spoke up, her eyes studying the illuminated screen with interest. “Same name, same face, same eyes.” She declared, tapping one of her cherry red nails on her arms. “A little bit weird if you ask me.”

“A little bit?” Kira huffed, turning her eyes from the screen to her boyfriend. She let them flicker back and forth, pressing her lips together as she gathered her thoughts. “It’s not just weird, it’s freaky, they look so much alike and I assume they act alike. It’s not just some character on a stupid screen, that has got to be him.”

“Well whoever it is, looks a little too much like Scott.” Malia growled impatiently, folding her arms as she began to glare at the image. “It’s like someone cloned him.”

“Guys calm down, its just a stupid show, none of it is real.” Liam reassured the pack, going over and plopping down next to you on the couch. He slung his arm around your shoulder and squeezed, smiling down at you. You kept your eyes averted and on the screen, blushing to yourself that Liam was close to you. “They’re probably actors, it’s a coincidence they look like us. Right Y/N?”

You shrugged and looked at your hands, playing with your nails to avoid everyone’s intense stare. “Yeah, sure. Whatever.” You spat, pulling your knees to your chest as you lad your head on your knees.

“Okay, if they’re just trained actors, then how do you explain this…?” Stiles started, clicking the play button. You listened closely to the TV, hearing “Liam's” words to Scott, the same words your Liam said to your Scott in Mexico when Scott was a Berserker.

“You’re not a monster, you’re a werewolf, like me.”

“Holy shit!” Scott exclaimed, clapping a hand to his mouth. “That looks just like Liam!”

Liam took a deep breath and shouted. “Okay! Whoever is recording us needs to back off or something, because this is getting kind of freaky.”

“Someone’s watching us Scott. Someone is watching us and they are getting vital information from us to only turn it into a sick TV show.” Stiles growled, turning to look at the alpha with hard eyes. “We need to find out who is doing it.”

The pack started arguing and bickering, discussing plans and possible outcomes, and all the while, you sat there with a hard glare, watching as Chris shot Kate with the wolfsbane bullet. You clenched your teeth and snorted, you should’ve been there with Chris, you shot her with a wolfsbane arrow, so what the hell was going on?

You snapped from your thoughts and looked at Scott when he called your name. He sighed and began to talk you again. “What should we do?”

“Nothing.” You growled, getting to your feet before looking around. “You look nothing like them, so just leave it.” You hissed before stomping away, tears managing their way to your eyes. They were all so worried about the TV that they barely recognized that you weren’t there.

You walked out onto the porch, and sat down, putting your head in your hands with a cry. You weren’t okay with this, they had the nerve to complain about being on TV, when you barely got any recognition. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Liam asked, going to sit next you, his arm looping around your middle. You tried to fight him but stopped after it became futile. “Y/N, tell me.”

“You all are in that TV show! That’s what’s wrong!” You screamed, pushing back to look into his concerned eyes. “You’re all there, and I was nowhere to be found. Am I not important?”

Liam blinked and sighed, cupping your cheeks with a soft smile. “You’re important to me, to us, to everyone. Who else is a badass hunter who kicks ass?” He teased, leaning forward until your noses brushed against each others.

“Me, I guess.” You shrugged with a tearful smile.

“Not “I guess”, it’s a definite answer. Who is abadass hunter who kicks major ass and always saves the day?” He hummed, brushing his thumbs against your cheeks soothingly.

You smiled wider, swallowing before giving a definite answer. “I am.”

Liam smiled and pecked your lips quickly, watching the blush as it slowly rose to color your cheeks. “That’s my girl. Now come on, Lydia’s about to go on her rant about how weird it is to be on TV.”

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The recent news regarding Scott's potential bi storyline is certainly a nice turn of events. I'm here for as many queer characters as you can throw at me. However, I was also a bit surprised by it all, since I personally have never really seen him display any attraction toward another guy. I'll be the first to admit that I'm likely to have been blinded by his whirlwind romance with Allison and the subsequent one with Kira, to detect any interest in anyone else, so it's very possible that (1)

oblivious of an evident queer inclination. I’ve seen you say that the show has shown numerous hints of Scott manifesting queer feelings throughout the show. This intrigues me so much. Would you care to do a meta detailing these hints to the blind among us? Thanks!


I’ve got a few posts to link you on this one!

The larger ones are here and here with scads of links to follow. There’s also this touching on Scott’s “I like girls” and this observation.

A lot of it depends on the viewer, which characters they’re paying close attention to when watching the show, and how they’re inclined to interpret what they see.

For example, here’s an unbiased commenter giving a scene between Scott and Stiles has a queer reading: (x)

Scott’s “but I–I like girls” has been taken as a declaration of Scott’s heterosexuality even though Kaitlyn’s conversation with Stiles turned that very line on its head, while Stiles makes just as bold a declaration–

Stiles: Fish? Why you talking about fish? I’m talking about girls. I love girls. I love ‘em. I love especially ones with strawberry blond hair, green eyes, 5'3"…

–and that declaration isn’t taken by the same fans as proof of strict heterosexuality.

(I don’t personally feel like either character is treated as strictly heterosexual.)

In another example, take Scott and Isaac and then Stiles and Derek.

There are meta writers who’ve done extremely long, detailed breakdowns of the smallest scenes between Stiles and Derek who haven’t given the same treatment to similar, comparable scenes with Scott and Isaac.

I mean:


–that is not heterosexual fond hand caressing there. It’s on out into the homosexual stratosphere. Especially with Isaac holding a phallic object. Especially with the intense look they’re giving each other above it.

We have this disparity where people see Stiles as queerer and more frequently queer than Scott simply because attention has been turned to even the smallest scenes, whereas Stiles and Isaac have profoundly queer chemistry – Isaac loves Mexican, Scott stares too long – but the miles of queer between them remain relatively uncharted.

I’m not at all saying that fans of Derek and Stiles together should be fans of Scott and Isaac’s relationship, only that there is a huge disparity in fandom that needs to be recognized as a disparity that doesn’t exist in the show.

Scott’s already had a whole potential bi storyline, with Isaac a potential LI in S2 and his only potential LI in all of 3A – before Sharman began to flirt with network television.

It’s not that it’s not all there in the show, it’s just that the fandom has chosen to pay attention to other areas.

Personal rant about Arden not coming back for season 6

Since season 5B started airing that I’ve known Arden wouldn’t be back, even though everyone else kept telling me she was confirmed for season 6, it was too painfully obvious that she was not coming back. And guess what? She actually hasn’t confirmed anything for season 6. Sure people are saying that she’ll probably come back for 6B but that doesn’t make sense to me because I’m pretty sure we’ve already had our goodbye, the way they sent Kira off to the Skinwalkers was our goodbye, it was an excuse for them not to kill her off, considering killing Alli AND now killing Kira would be too much, completely unnecessary. The reason why I’m so angry about this is not just because Arden is leaving, it’s not just because I won’t see Kira again, it’s mostly due to why she’s leaving. Arden has put so much effort into playing Kira, she has said so herself, she said, and I quote:

 “less than 1% of my time went into side projects (only filmed during breaks of Teen Wolf) and had to turn down numerous other projects and films, I dedicated 3 years to Teen Wolf and made it my first priority.”. 

Arden is an extremely talented, hard-working, girl and she portrayed Kira amazingly well, but what did she get in return? Barely any time on screen (Roscoe the Jeep almost had more screen time than her), lots of the scenes she filmed never even made it to the screen, and a non-supportive fandom. (and you might hate me for mentioning the fandom but it’s true). Kira is such an interesting character and the fact that she was starting to get dark due to struggling with her inner fox, was making her even more interesting, so I really don’t understand why they could waste such a character. And I don’t even know who to blame, to be fucking honest, I don’t. The fact is, that both Arden and Kira deserve(d) better, and I’m super sad and angry knowing that they won’t be back due to how unfairly they were treated.

Fandom and Rachel Duncan

aka: time for charlotte to make everyone mad again. (i mean, hopefully not. if anyone disagrees, i’m interested to hear your take!) thanks to cummingftleaf for talking all this out with me yesterday.

cw: discussion of abuse, brief rape mention

So there have been a lot of discussions of how to treat Rachel in this fandom. I accidentally started one much larger than I intended a few months ago after making a (probably poorly thought out) post that ended with something like “Rachel Duncan has forged herself into a blade; please stop calling her your baby.” Some people reacted really angrily to that, and there has been a lot of discussion over the past few months that has gotten me thinking about the ways in which I treat her as a character. But some specific fandom ways of talking about Rachel have never stopped bothering me, and I think I finally figured out why.

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