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camping | isaac lahey

A/N: I wrote this when I should’ve been studying for exams, but anyways, have some Isaac fluff. Love, J xx

Prompt: The pack go on a camping trip and much to your dismay, it ends up being a total couple’s trip with the exception of you and Isaac, whom you happened to be totally in love with.

Word Count: 2.4k

Warning: So much fluff. So much cute.

Camping was Scott’s idea. The Alpha regularly scheduled these ridiculous bonding trips that the pack dreaded but nonetheless endured because no one had the heart to turn down Scott’s enthusiastic grin and puppy dog eyes. That’s how you found yourself struggling to mount your tent up in the middle of the California wilderness. You had followed Lydia’s directions as best as you could, but the sad little pile of tarp gathered on the ground looked nothing like the banshee’s model. 

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12 Days of Teen Wolf: Day 2 - favourite season

“My Japanese isn’t great… but, it appears to say that one method of expelling a nogitsune is to change the body of the host.”

Season 3B

Toys || Isaac Lahey x Reader

A/N: Finally some teen wolf!! Hurrah!! Guys please, requests are open ! Please request. We’re running out of ideas here. Also this is slight AU where Isaac is still in the McCall pack and all is well :) (as if ha!)
Based off the prompt : ( AU Werewolf prompt ) babe I love you but if you buy me another dog toy for my birthday I’ll punch you square in the face.

It had been a while since you started dating Isaac lahey and gotten involved in the constant werewolf crap that was going on in his life. It was difficult to find times like this where you could sit in peace without some crazy supernatural creature trying to destroy the town and skin puppies or your boyfriend but same basic principle.

Sure you had to spend that time doing homework because you needed to educate yourself didn’t you ? What would you put on your college resume? Too busy with giant dog issues? Yeah no.

You were halfway through the equation when you heard Isaac groan loudly. “This sucks, I can’t do this!” He groaned and you looked up at him from your bed at Isaac who was occupying your study table.

“Well then what?” you asked putting your pencil down and Isaac wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at you, cauisng you to roll your eyes in return.

“Yeah no, dog boy, keep it in your pants for now,” you said and he groaned.

“Wait you know what ? I’ve got something for you ” you said sitting up and Isaac’s eyebrow shot up in response, obviously thinking of something dirty.

You got up from your bed heading to your dresser with Isaac’s eyes following you closely and reached out to pull a small wrapped box out of your drawer handing it to Isaac who was looking at you weirdly as he unwrapped it and pulled out a dog chew toy.

He looked at the toy for a solid minute and then back at you whilst you tried to stop yourself from laughing but one look at his face, etched with disappointment and anger and you relented and broke out laughing only for Isaac to glare at you even more.

“Babe I love you but if you buy me another dog toy I will punch you square in the face,” he says, his ice blue eyes glaring at you and you giggled, walking over to him, putting your arms around him, bending down to kiss his cheek.

“You wouldn’t do that, my little wolf baby, we both know it ” you said and he groaned pulling you down on top of him on the chair, pulling you into a kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer towards him till you pulled away.

“Yeah no, my horny wolf boyfriend, homework first all that later ” you said , getting off and walking to your bed again as he groaned.

“What about after I finish this?” he asked hopefully and you smirked at him.


“Good enough for me!” He said , spinning his chair around and getting back to his work and you laughed in response.