kiqo art


*FACEPLANTS* FINALLY. Oh my gosh I’ve been wanting to do gift art for people for mONTHS and my time kept getting away from me. >-<

SO HAVE SOME DOODLES. I wanted to particularly do some gift art for a few artists on here, whose characters I aDORE, that inspired me to start posting my GW2 stuff on tumblr. ;u; I only started playing GW2 back in October of 2016, and I had doodled my characters and made up stories for them, but I didn’t feel confident enough to post them or even know where to start. And then I browsed the Asura tag on tumblr and just saw ALL THESE AMAZING CHARACTERS AND AMAZING ART STYLES and they were all so interesting and fun, and it gave me that confidence to start posting my stuff too. Even if I’m still feeling a little nervous around here. @ w @; So…THANK YOU FOR HAVING AMAZING ART, AMAZING CHARACTERS, AND INSPIRING ME TO SHARE MY STUFF TOO! \( ;w; )/ YOUR ART IS AWESOME AND YOUR CHARACTERS ARE PHENOMENAL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. d(;W;)b

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Once in a blue moon I’ll get the sudden itch to animate something. This time it was a walk cycle along with a bunch of other things I’ve never tried before.
Big cranky rabbit person thing is called Crown and belongs to me.

Done in photoshop because I am a dingus