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Imagine religious students at Hogwarts wearing religious clothing such as Hijabs, Chadors, Tichels, Yarmulkes and Kippahs, Niqab, Tzitzit, Dastar, and so much more, in their house colours and designs! I can just imagine the most beautiful green and silver hijabs, Kippahs with small lion patterns, a teacher with a bright yellow tichel! A chador with an eagle spreading across the shoulders!

oh man oh boy somebody draw it.

If Europe intends to keep its Jewish populations - and keep them safe - it’ll have to do better than “don’t go out after dark, don’t go into certain neighborhoods, don’t wear identifiers."  How is that any sort of protection?  How is that any sort of promise?

we grew up with our bodies cradled into sleep among comic books that promised us of better lives. we gave up god in camps only to take him back into our lives, a forgiveness that blistered us. we made heroes that could defeat what our own hands could not. we stood up in a time when others were not.
our grandfathers had comic books that lined the shelves, thousands of pages of original content. all of which promised us a better life in the end. and we, who grew up now, in a time when little boys are beaten for being like us, who had names shouted at us for our kippahs, who have our peaceful meetings protested: 
we mean nothing to them.
and i get it. you hate gay people, you’ll never make a superhero one of us. you won’t really stand up. you hide behind what is safe enough to want. we get that you’re not a minority, you’ve never had to distrust those who have too much power, who can do what they want; you’ve never had to worry about seeing yourself represented, about whether your needs will be covered by their intentions. it doesn’t matter that captain america was founded to be the defender of those who could not defend themselves. that he was a response to a genocide. that queer kids are getting slaughtered elsewhere. 
we get it. when the outcry for support of a canonically gay character gets too strong, you have to move in a new direction. you’re scared of portraying it in a positive unsexualized way. we get it. everybody hates it when we “make it gay." 
gal gadot doesn’t get to be jewish without getting hated. the actors who play canonically jewish characters get to watch their own identity erased. this isn’t something from a different age. there are hate crimes happening every day, hate crimes that now are given a friendly face they can point to and relate to - hell, even our heroes are secretly hiding their hate. the question "does it matter?” gets thrown in our face.

i’ll tell you why it matters: it matters because a generation of queer and jewish children are going to grow up without a captain america to believe in.

—  You’re not suddenly giving us a brilliant plot-twist, Marvel. You’re directly supporting antisemitism. // A collaboration between Sam, who is my Jewish Superhero, and r.i.d

This came across my Facebook page. Now, Jared isn’t Jewish. And I have no idea why he is using the word Yarmulke to describe beanies. The only other time I have seen it used to describe beanies has been by Messianic Jews. I am quite confused, and at a loss as to what to do.

I honestly have no idea how to address this, or if it should be. So, if @jewish-privilege or @returnofthejudai or @littlegoythings or honestly any other Jewish person wants to comment on this, please feel free.


After hours of discussion and debate, the Central Student Government reversed the indefinite postponement of the controversial divestment resolution and subsequently voted to not pass it in a 25-9 vote with five abstentions early Wednesday morning. Hundreds of individuals gathered to watch the meeting in the Rogel Ballroom in the Michigan Union while hundreds more followed along online through a live-stream. (All images are subject to copyright)


Hi Tumblr! My name is Isaac Ofori Solomon! I’m a Jew of African descent! My mother’s side are Ethiopian Jews and my father’s Ethiopian and Igbo Jews. On this day that we celebrate the preservation of our people and our diversity I am proud to be part of something so important. I also want to tell a little bit of my story. I was born March 10, 1999 (or Adar 22, 5759). I’m 16 years old, semi-religious, a zionist, and future anthropologist/rabbi. Every day of my life so far I’ve had to deal with someone trying to question my Jewishness and/or me being a Jew because of the color of my skin. It got so bad that from 6th to 8th grade I stopped wearing my kippah to school because I got tired of the harassment. Last year before starting 9th grade my grandfather(who is recently deceased) took me to Brooklyn so I could meet his friends. That’s when I met my best friend Shlomo who is Hasidim and he told me to never let anyone take who you are. The day after that was the first time I wore a yarmalke outside of a synagogue in years, and I haven’t stopped since. Since then I’ve noticed many things. One largely being the “white lie”. The way how in American society, not Western society, that allows so many Jews to hide who they are. Jews of ALL colors have tried to bury our heritage just to be comfortable in this antisemitic society. This is detrimental to a point that few truly are acknowledge. As a group of people we must unite and educate ourselves. We must also stop allowing gentiles to weigh so much on things that should only involve Jews. We also need to accept TRUE zionism. What does that mean? Zionism goes back to the time of Moses. It is simply realising that we as a people have a right to be defended and a right to our ancestral land. We need to stop selling our people down the river. Whether it is over color, politics, or interpretation. We need to stop it. We also need to be proud of our people. Physically, historically, and religiously. I’m tired of people demeaning Jews of color and hearing people say the idiotic phrase “You look Jewish”. Wtf does that mean. We’ve lived across AfroEurAsia and have mixed with the native populace. Someone who is Ashkenazi doesn’t look like someone who is Kaifeng or Lemba. Nonetheless we still are related and follow the same truth. We must stop letting goy define us. Repeat with me “DON’T LET GOY DEFINE YOU!!!” Shalom. I wish everyone an empowered preservation day.
Montreal Student Asked to Remove Kippah At “Arabic” Concordia University
Antisemitism 101 being taught at Concordia
By Lex

Jewish blog recently reported on its Facebook Page on an incident involving an orthodox Jewish student who was asked to take off his kippah (skullcap) in the Hall Building at Concordia University, the school famous for rioting over Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2002 speech. The blog reports:

Howie Silbiger had just entered the hall building on his way to class when a young man told him to remove his Yarmulke, explaining that he shouldn’t wear one in “an Arabic university.”

“At first, my instinct was to ignore him, but then I decided to engage,” said Silbiger. “I have never backed down from a confrontation nor have I ever taken my yarmulke off for anyone. I steadfastly refused to remove it.”

The young man then took a step closer and shouted at him to take it off. “I looked him dead in the eyes and said, ‘if you want it off my head, go ahead try to take it off,‘” reported Silbiger. “He took a step forward, I got mentally ready for a physical confrontation, I planted myself and glared at him. A small crowd was forming around us.”

For a few minutes the two stared at each other until the man told Silbiger “I’m not going to waste my time with you” and walked off.

Silbiger plans on reporting the incident to Concordia security, but has a message for fellow Jewish students. “I call on all Concordia University Jewish Students to proudly wear your yarmulkes. I know a lot of you take them off out of fear, but fear only encourages hate. Don’t be afraid, be Jewish, be proud!”

Antisemitism is still on the rise in North American universities, somehow now considered acceptable due to the rise of anti-Zionism.

Swastikas are constantly painted on buildings, visibly Jewish and Zionist students are jeered at and insulted, and rarely could a Jewish, Israeli, or Zionist speaker come without being shouted down into oblivion.

At Concordia, a small crowd gathered around, according to the report, but nobody did anything.

To these students, most of whom are enamoured with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Jewish lives (due to perceived privilege) seem to matter much less.

Since then, a movement has been started, with many Jews at Concordia posting pictures of themselves wearing their kippahs and Jewish star necklaces in plain view. One student writes:

“In Concordia right now and wearing my yarmulka and whoever wants to engage come and get me, I am proud of who I am and hearing these stories only makes me closer to my Jewish brothers and sisters and gives me more strength to embrace who I am, and that’s a proud Jew!“
Michael Twitty, Black Jewish Foodie, Talks 'Culinary Justice' –

A cook and culinary historian, he is African-American, openly gay and a skullcap-wearing Jew.

“But the editor who made the final decision on whether the book will be published or not – she basically said, ‘Okay, what about this Jewish part? Can we just get rid of that?’ And she basically told my agent: We will give him a fabulous book deal if he just won’t wear his kippah in public, or talk about it in any radio interviews. And I said, I hope you told them to … And she said: Yes, I told them you won’t go for that. I said you’re damn right.”

He adds, without a trace of rancor: “Black guy, heritage, food justice, ghetto people, eat broccoli – that was cool, but me being complicated and Jewish and all that other stuff was not cool, not marketable, I was, quote, ‘muddying the waters.’ This is America, the water has been done muddy. And [the publisher] said something on the phone, with a nervous laugh: I don’t think America is ready for someone like you. F–k you, I am America. It infuriated me, because this woman was Jewish and she said, ‘Jews don’t read our books. Jews don’t buy our books.’ It’s this box again, I will put you in this box – if you complicate it I don’t know what to do with you.

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While you’re laughing/groaning at this whole Flat Earth B.o.B. debacle, and cheering for Neil DeGrasse Tyson to school him in basic science, please keep in mind that B.o.B. didn’t just show his ignorance of science in Flatline, but demonstrates that insidious ignorance and hatred go hand in hand.

To quote the New York Times:

“’B.o.B shouts out Holocaust denier David Irving, asserts…that ‘Stalin was way worse than Hitler,’ and darkly implies that a Jewish conspiracy compels the president to wear a kippah.”

This is not to be taken lightly. This is what ignorance perpetuates. And while, as a scientist, I am appalled at the disdain for scientific reason in the States, as a Jew I am disgusted and scared that people seem to find more hype in belief in a flat earth than they do in the denial of the systematic murder of 6 million Jews (and 5 million others, including Romani) and belief in a world wide Jewish conspiracy, which to this day allows anti-semitism to proliferate.

Things I think about

- Does Spock know how to work a washing machine?

- When was interspecies marriage legalized in the federation?

- Are there starfleet regulation hijabs and kippahs?

- How does the federation prevent giving newly discovered cultures diseases they don’t have immunity to?

- Are there tribble mills, like puppy mills but for tribbles?

- Is the horta happy with its babies? Are the miners leaving it alone?

- Do Vulcans have memes yet?

    - In relation, does Spock have That Feel When No T’hy’la?

   - Or does he desire that mineral sustenance?

- Does Jim’s tummy know we love it?

- Is Bones eating enough?

- Are there Gorn coture shows?

- Has someone kissed the unicorn dog today?