I can’t believe I’m alive to witness showrunners and media outlets actually call bi characters bi. I can’t believe they used the word “bisexual” to describe Dizzee instead of “not liking labels” or “an experimental phase” or any of the usual bullshit people pull to not have to call their characters bisexual. I truly can’t believe we’re so blessed!!

between dizzee on the get down and chiron on moonlight i keep hearing yall say this “they’re not gay enough” bullshit as if because they aren’t constantly kissing on and fucking guys that lessens their sexuality. like what is this obsession with y'all needing queer men to fuck right in front of you in order for them to BE queer, life ain’t Queer as Folk and y'all are just nasty fetishists


#i feel like we don’t talk about this enough #that and thor’s face after the ‘REALLY knows him’ #he’s like ‘yeah lmao you could say that…’ #imagine mylene finding out this is how set me free took off #all because dizzee’s kinda crush fucked carlo pakoussa and gave him the record


if i learned how to relate to rich white girls going to private school or a white boy with fucking spider powers i know damn well you can relate to poor kids living in the bronx

Yoo don’t mind me while I’m launching myself into the sun