Thus with this kawaii I have fulfilled my obligation to a suggestion from back in october to draw Ardois.

I wanted to do it sort of like how petsite items look, but I’m not gonna shrink it down to 100x100 because I thinned the lines out more than I realized u n u

I caved in and did the portraitdex meme.

Splindie- Extremely withdrawn, it will never show its face unless it feels deeply cared for. It walks silently on small stilt-like legs.

Kipper-A sleepy pokemon which compensates its stunted legs by walking on limbs created from its dreams.

Scarver- A Kipper which has been roused from its trance-like state becomes capricious and relies on other’s dreams to fuel its powers now that it is incapable of sleeping.

It’s funny because it’s dark/ghost and also has a shell so it has insanely high defense but it’s also very very very slow and as a kipper has the tendency to fall asleep in battle. I make a shitty pokemon and you don’t want me on your team.