Crabster CR200 onland walking without skin - heading for ocean floor by the end of spring

According to Popular Science, “the Crabster CR200 is a 1,400-pound behemoth of a ‘bot soon being sent to the ocean floor—for both scientific and commercial use.” Well, why not? More Info:

The machine you see here isn’t complete; it’s without the outer shell the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology team will be adding. But earlier this year the goal was to begin full-depth (656 feet) testing in spring, and it looks like they’ll make that deadline, far too late to make a convincing version of Wild Wild West.

[KIOST] [via Popular Science]

(via This Robotic Crab Will Soon Be Scavenging the Bottom of the Sea : The Scuttlefish)

Divers and propellor-powered vessels have always had a degree of trouble operating in rough seas, but the Crabster CR200, developed by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), was influenced by the hydrodynamic anatomies of lobsters and crabs, which live in some of the most turbulent waters the planet has to offer, yet manage to remain in complete control of their movements.