Cypris and Kiojah, her nursemaid.

Cypris was locked away in a fortress tower for her safety during a series of Landweller/Seadweller wars. Her only companion was Kiojah- her very loyal palemate and nursemaid. She kept her safe and took care of her when she began to fall ill. As an Indigo, she has a bit bigger hands and is far bigger than her, even if Cypris managed to grow up.

Kiojah’s a very attentive, loving nurse, and would carry Cypris in her arms to the window so she could see the ocean, mixed her medicine and eventually Sopor to quiet her down in the end. She’d read her maid stories while Kiojah pet her hair.  She loved her more than anything and Cypris loved her right back. In the end she was still petting her hair so she could fall asleep. Kiojah carried her back to the sea, and then absolutely lost her mind, slaughtering anyone who came into her path regardless of blood color until she was culled herself.

Oh! Someone asked.

Kiojah translates in Swahili to “Miracle.” Haha I am very original NOT…
Cypris is named after the Cypress tree- which is often a symbol of mourning in the Victorian era.

Since there were concerns raised about Kiojah and her position with Cypris, I thought I’d draw the girls before the wars and their imprisonment in the tower, when Kiojah was a noblewoman and Cypris was a Princess.

They’d hang around at formal functions and gossip. Because, bluh formal functions. This is when they were a bit younger. Probably 11/15 respectively, and before Kiojah got her big growth spurt and before Cypris fell ill.

Their gowns are recreations from the early 1860s; mimicking Queen Victoria’s early reign as Princess and as a young queen. This one and this one! Later in the tower, their clothes are more representative of the late Victorian period, so, late 1880s… Fashion-wise it’s about a twenty-year jump in such a short amount of time, but it’s more symbolic of hope-to-mourning Victoria anyway.