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Every Sparkly DMMD Icons

Hello~This is Queen-Emerald formally known as MotherofApplesauce as well as Agent-Feelington, Seeing as I have received multiple asks for these icons even though I have posted them already, I shall re-upload them once more with every icon below the read more of my sparkly dmmd semi-genderbend icons! 

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Giving Dramatical Murder a try for me to be interested in. These kids caught my interest from the moment they entered the scene to the extent that I really wanted to make a gif immediately. Y'all should give the anime a try :) :)

These kids are very adorable and naughty at the same time: Kio, Nao and Mio :)

DRAMAtical Murder CORRECT Zodiac

I have to admit that I’m upset and tired of seeing people spreading false information here about the characters Zodiac. So here is the OFFICIAL one, according to the artbooks:

  • Aries: Mio (04/14) , Trip (05/03)
  • Taurus: Aoba (04/22), Sei (04/22) and Ren (04/22) (I know it’s very hard to notice, but they were born the same day)
  • Gemini: Noiz (06/13)
  • Cancer: ——
  • Leo: Koujaku (08/19)
  • Virgo: ——-
  • Libra: Mink (09/26) , Kio (10/11)
  • Scorpio: ——
  • Sagittarius: Akushima (11/30), Tae (12/3)
  • Capricorn: Nao (01/06)
  • Aquarius: ——-
  • Pisces:  Mizuki (03/07) , Virus (02/23) , Haga-san (02/25) , Clear (02/20 - not official in the artbook)

    The other characters don’t have official birthday dates.
  • Please help me spread the correct information and you’re also free to correct me if I’m wrong on something.
  • Some people say Ren was born later, but many fan artists prefer to commemorate the birthday of the 3 characters together.

dmmd travelling circus au where toue is the ring leader. trip and virus do the animal acts, but trip is mainly a lion tamer and virus is definitely that snake guy that every circus seems to have. noiz does the fire breathing and the human canon ball, since he doesn’t care if he gets burned/hurt. koujaku and ren are both strong men who are always in competition because they’re both totally gaga for the cute, blue-haired tightrope walker, aoba. really, aoba does all of the aerial acts, so that also includes trapeze, cord lisse, and aerial silk. sei is a terrifyingly accurate fortuneteller under the apprenticeship of granny tae. clear is a clown who manages not to make kids cry because he makes them bomb-ass animal balloons and comes up with silly songs. kio, nao, and mio are like annoying little acrobatic kids, but everyone kinda has to take care of them since they’re so young. mink does the knife shows and sword swallowing/throwing. mizuki is a roustabout who sells peanuts and popcorn and cicus merch and doubles as a magician, performing cool tricks to make people waste their money, but he also cleans up after the shows and has to scoop poop out of berta’s cage.

That one moment when you can finally see:

  • How Haga-san’s actual bald head is.
  • How Koujaku and Noiz are real kids whenever they interact.
  • How Mink is a pitiful adult man for being stuck with the two kids fighting next to him when all he wants is just to read the newspaper quietly.
  • How Ren actually makes a perfect listener for Yoshie-san.
  • How Mizuki, Virus, and Trip are adorable OT3.
  • How Clear would make a great grandson-in-law.
  • How Aoba and Sly Blue might be better off as twins instead of multiple-personalities in one body.
  • How Sei can make the world brighter just by smiling.
  • How Clara has found a new love.
DRAMAtical Murder Drama CD vol. 5 Ren X Aoba Summary

So I tried to make a translation summary of the RenAo drama CD as soon as I got the CD earlier yesterday and listened to it. I could have finish this sooner but I was taking it easy by playing sword boys first before I listened to the CD in the night. I didn’t thought that the dl link will be out this early anyway, lol.

Sorry if there are many things that is hard to understand and my writing skill and grammar is nowhere near good, but hopefully it will be helpful for all of you!

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