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so i’ve been lurking this particular blog and i felt like contributing in some sort of way.

i COULD draw fanart. but i decided to do something different. so i started working on a sort of theme for them, i guess? i just sort of went with the first thing that came to mind when i saw them. :P

it’s not finished, but i’ll try to get it done!

flies into the sun



ahh gosh this is dumb

okay so the other day i was listening to old songs i finished and i came across modmad’s theme and i just thought

“hmph this isn’t the best i can do, i should do something better” and also “gosh modmad is really cool i want to make something and actually put effort in it because i sort of look up to them oops”

so i started on this thing, but i can’t remember where i was going with it…figured i might as well post the snippet now since i don’t when this’ll be finished. or if it’ll ever get finished. WHOOPS

also hey while you’re at it if you like this doodad and the old modmad’s theme you should totally check out my other music because woah man i don’t think anyone really notices it oops

Kio's Music Commissions!

Hey there! If you’re reading this, you might be interested in a music commission from me. Here’s how you can do that!

If you’d like to commission me, message me by either emailing me at , sending me an ask, or messaging me on Skype at kiosothegreat.

In your message, I’ll need the following information:

  • I need to know who you are. Make it clear you’d like a commission from me.
  • What kind of song would you like? The more details, the better. Do you want a ringtone? A character theme? Something more specific? If you only give me a mood to work off of (“i want it to sound cool”), I won’t be able to do a very good job with it.
  • Is there a deadline for the song?
  • What is your price range? The more you pay, the more inclined I’ll be in making your song perfect. ;)

Once you’ve sent me a message, I’ll respond as soon as possible. If I don’t respond within a few days, be sure to message me back (especially if you sent it via tumblr).

Here are my prices, which are in USD ($), as well as some examples:

  • A short, 30 second to 1 minute song will cost $2-$5. Examples: 1
  • A 1 to 2 minute song will cost $10-$12. Examples: 1, 2
  • Any song 3 minutes and over will start at $20, adding an extra $10 per minute. These songs will be my highest priority. Examples: 1

Other factors such as deadlines, complexity, and more will cause the price to fluctuate a bit. One more thing to note is that I tend to stick to ambient and game themes.

Any song produced by commissions are able to be used in any way except monetary gain. I also ask that I retain the right to post any of my songs where I’d like, and to be be able to share my music with people. If you’d rather I not post the song, please let me know in your email.


i can never remember what i’ve uploaded and what i haven’t so i’m just gonna go ahead and upload this just in case i didn’t and if i did then hey whatever bro

ANYWAY UH this is kind of old but one day i wanted to make the northern desert theme from PMD2. so i did.


so a LOOONG time ago before i used fl studio and instead used mario paint composer because i was stupid, the first song i made was mabe village because link’s awakening was my first zelda game and i wanted to make something i know.

and i was going through songs i remade in fl studio and realized i never remade mabe village.

so here you go. i did this in five minutes because i was bored. :B

oh i also gave it a sort of outset island-esque sound to it because i fucking can that’s why >:J


god okay here’s oldale town

i kind of got sloppy towards the end (you know, before it loops) because i don’t really like this town’s theme much and it was hard to hear some of the background instruments and i just wanted to get this done so i could move on.

i’m thinking i’m going to do the town & city themes first, then do certain areas like the pokemon lab and other places, then routes, and then i will do battle themes.

let’s see how long this even lasts haha

i actually have lilycove done from like a year or so ago (although i added a viola recently to make it sound nicer teehee) and i started sootopolis the other day just to get it started. but i’m going to be going in ORDER BECAUSE ORDER IS NICE

anyway here you go.