kio and nia

because of the anon who asked me earlier what was my colouring for ones of my first original characters. From left to right: Kio, Nia, Ace (and Sulfur is the name he came up for his pet the guy clearly isn’t a scientist yeah)

Kio is obviously very irritated with Ace at first, but they totally end up being bros. yeah and Nia is pretty unemotional on that stage

Sooo it’s viria’s birthday today and since I love this two darlings she created I decided to draw them for her! I probably got some things wrong but it’s really rushed and we still don’t know a lot about them haha

I never saw Nia smiling so I thought maybe she doesn’t do that a lot, and Kio would be surprised when she did?

Anyway, happy birthday vika! You deserve to have the best day, week, month, year, and life because you’re an amazing and inspiring person, and you have influenced me in so many ways, have a great day!