Japan - Tokyo - Akihabara by Sergio Quatraro

So I don’t know how, why or where but the wording of that spoiler about Ross makes me think he spots Aaron and Robert ‘making up for lost time’ *cough* having sex somewhere inappropriate *cough* and he decides to try a little blackmail because he’s an idiot.

It’s the wording used like 'spies’ (so he sees something) and 'little blackmail ( means it’s nothing serious). Am I reading too much into this? Because I really don’t think it has anything to do with the Rebecca stuff.

لقد رأيت جهنم،
لقد زرت أرضها التي تحصد الهموم والحزن.
نعم، أنني على قيد الحياة،
ولاكن عشت هي بطن جهنم.
سحبتني ذنوبي على وجهي
وألقت بي في المكان الذي نخاف ذكر اسمه.
وهكذا ضعت عن ربي وعن نفسي.
كان الصباح الباكر لا معنى له في قلبي،
بل الحياة كانت لا معنى لها.
لكن اخذ الله يدي.
لا تسألوني متى ولا لماذا،
ما اعرفه ان الله وضعنا في هذه الدنيا للعبادة.
فورا أن أيقنت هذا،
أزهر الله خلقه لي وزرع الأمل في قلبي،
واخرجني من جهنم.
وهكذا أصبح شكري ابدي
ليستطيع بدأ حمده على كرم الله ورحمته.
فسبحانك يا من يخرج من الظلمات إلى النور.

I have seen Hell,
I have visited its ground which harvests worries and sadness.
Yes, I am still alive.
But I have lived in the pits of Hell,
my sins had dragged me across my face;
and threw me in the place that we all fear mentioning.
And so, I had lost my Lord and my self.
Early mornings had no meaning in my heart,
in fact life lost its meaning altogether.
However, God has taken my hand.
Do not ask me when or why,
all I know is our placement on this earth was for the sole purpose of worshipping the Only One.
With an immediate realisation of this fact,
God blossomed his creation before my eyes, planted hope within my heart;
and took me out of Hell I resided in.
That is how my gratitude became eternal,
so it may begin thanking God for his Kindness and Mercy.
So Glory and Thanks be to You, O He who pulls from multiple darknesses to The One Eternal Light.