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—I didn’t go to school yesterday but I made an explosion box for earth science about the geologic time scale. was inspired by the stars I’ve been reblogging all week.

(the moon broke off before I could submit it ;-;)


Hi guys, first of all I just want to thank you so much for 200 followers! Second of all, I saw a great post by a Korean language learning studyblr learnkr about the days of the week and I thought it would be a good idea to do a Japanese version! 

Monday - 月曜日 「getsuyoubi」
Tuesday -  火曜日 「kayoubi」
Wednesday - 水曜日 「suiyoubi」
Thursday -  木曜日 「mokuyoubi」
Friday -  金曜日 「kinyoubi」
Saturday - 土曜日 「doyoubi」
Sunday -  日曜日 「nichiyoubi」

Last week - 先週 「senshuu」
This week - 今週 「konshuu」
Next week - 来週 「raishuu」



Honeyworks’ third major album, titled  好きになるその瞬間を。(Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan o.), is set for release on July 15, 2015!

The regular edition (second image) contains a CD and costs 2800 yen (+ tax). While the tracklist remains unknown, the CD will contain 4 new collaboration songs (1 is a collab with sana and CHiCO, another 1 is a song by sana written by Gom), a sana x Gero collaboration of a mix version of Kinyoubi no Ohayou, 2 voice drama songs, and many more!

Meanwhile, apart from the CD, the limited edition (first image) includes a DVD featuring a fully voiced comic of Ima Suki ni Naru - Short Story, and a 120-page comic of Ima Suki ni Naru - Prologue illustrated by Yamako! It costs 3800 yen (+ tax).

Here is the expanded seiyuu list for the characters:

Hina Setoguchi - Momo Asakura
Kotaro Enomoto - Natsuki Hanae
Koyuki Ayase - Tsubasa Yonaga
Natsuki Enomoto - Haruka Tomatsu
Yuu Setoguchi - Hiroshi Kamiya
Miou Aida - Aki Toyosaki
Haruki Serizawa - Kenichi Suzumura
Akari Hayasaka - Kana Asumi
Souta Mochizuki - Yuuki Kaji
Sena Narumi - Sora Amamiya
Arisa Takamizawa - Nao Higashiyama
Ken Shibazaki - Yoshimasa Hosoya
Yukihiro Yamamoto - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Midori Hamanaka - Gero
sana - sana

Also, the fourth novel of the Confession Rehearsal Series, Ima Suki ni Naru, is set for release on July 1!

Mobile Mail From Maiyan 2015-11-20


今日はこのあと、FM-FUJI 「沈黙の金曜日」 にゲストでお邪魔します!


Maiyan’s Mobame Translation

Later today, I’ll be going on FM-FUJI 「Chinmoku no Kinyoubi」 as a guest!

I want do my very best as much as I possibly can!!
By all means please listen to it(o^∀^o)

bellita  asked:

I am late to the party.. but can you tell me what happened in ch. 9 of Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi? It's not on mangalator 😢

You literally couldn’t have asked this question at a better time. Today, after 4 years of the manga being on scanlation hiatus, chapter 9 was published today. So lucky you, go read for yourself:


I covered honeywork’s friday’s good morning♪~

ah maybe I should’ve posted this on a friday…?? ww
also I managed to get singingyuu aka the shigure to my eruna (!?) to mix for me!!!!!/////// (thank you so much aaaaa 助かったわーー♥) 

cries I’m still waiting for my shoujo anime-style life to begin where are you