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Uncharted Play produces products that utilize the power of play to solve important global issues including energy access, health, and climate change. The SOCCKET is Uncharted Play’s first product, a soccer ball that acts as an eco-friendly portable generator. Send the SOCCKET soccer ball to Brazil has a $2,960 tipping point that will cover the costs associated with production of the balls and implementing a play program for children in Brazil.

MOMTraders is a platform where mothers can go to trade their unused items for things they need. The goal is to have a local MOMTrader network for each county in the United States where MOMs can support and provide for each other by trading their unwanted items. The campaign’s tipping point will cover the costs of programming a basic beta site with over 3,000 functioning local trader networks. 

Kinyei has two socially responsible businesses that promote social entrepreneurship–a bike tour and a training cafe, both of which work together empower the youth of Cambodia to work together to improve themselves and their communities. The bike tour stimulates the local Cambodian economy while also providing insight for tourists into what life is like in rural Cambodia. The cafe provides a space where community members and travelers can come to share ideas, news, and culture. The campaign, Coffee Cycling and Community, is raising funds to train Kinyei staff to manage these two businesses so they become locally driven and run. Kinyei needs $12,000 to implement an 18-month management training program for four high potential Cambodians. 

The North Korean Human Rights Film Festival (NKHRFF) has a goal to share the stories of human oppression that are occurring in North Korea through the medium of film. The only way to ignite action is through awareness. The film festival will help raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in North Korea. Help Launch the North Korean Human Rights Film Festival. This campaign’s tipping point will help launch the film festival, covering the costs that go into securing a venue and rights for film distribution. 

Real Good Food is a trading, sales, and organizational platform for cooks at home and local food artisans to discover and celebrate the good food in their own local economies. It is developing a user interface for users to post and search for local food, join/create groups, and host/participate in local food events. When people can purchase foods from local artisans that they know and trust, there is full transparency in the origin of the food and, hence, the system will encourage healthier people and healthier local economies. The campaign will help Real Good Food build a working platform for anyone’s use. 


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Kinyei Cafe, Battambang Cambodia!

How Kinyei Raised 1.8 Times More Money on StartSomeGood than on Kickstarter to Create Employment, Opportunity, and Great Coffee in Cambodia exists to support changemakers working on diverse issues around the world. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be featuring stories that illustrate some of the entrepreneurs and organizations who have used StartSomeGood to mobilize their community and raise the funds they need to make a difference. We hope we can help you do the same.

This week features Kinyei, a social enterprise that promotes responsible tourism and community development in Battambang, Cambodia

Kinyei are a social enterprise based in Battabang, Cambodia. Comprised of a coffee shop, bike tourism business and employment training, they were originally founded by two Australians and an American but are now in the process of handing over ownership to locals. But to do this they needed additional funding to see them through the transition period and to allow them to upgrade the coffee-making facilities of the café.

Kinyei had previously run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter but decided for their second go round to work with StartSomeGood due to our unique focus on social impact initiatives. And the metrics proved their decision right. Not only did they attract more donors on StartSomeGood (147 to 116) but the average pledge was 44% higher than during their previous campaign, allowing them to raise over $18,000 to fund this crucial transition period.

The founders had this to say about the next steps: “Our focus for 2013 is to support Kinyei’s local management as they launch into their first year of independent operation, and we’re excited to see how the projects evolve as they take the reins and really make the projects their own.” – Katherine Hallaran, Melina Chan and Justin Lorenzo, co-founders, Kinyei.

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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship
  • We have an exciting update in from Kinyei, who raised over $18,000 earlier this year to fund a management training program for four Kinyei management candidates. Cambodia’s Barista Champion of 2012 has finally been found and Kinyei’s own Untac can happily claim this honor. Untac, a long-time barista for Kinyei competed alongside some of Cambodia’s finest baristas and he secured the top spot for his sugar-cane based “street latte” pressed with local Pursat oranges that he decided on after many hours of practice and experimentation. Kinyei is proud to boast that not only is its social enterprise model providing skills that allow its trainees to be best in their field, but also it allows these kids from Battambang to experience new people and places that they otherwise never would have dreamed of experiencing without this project.    
  • Innovation has no ceiling, yet the path to achieve innovation has barely changed in the past 10 years. Register for The Future of Women in Innovation and come ready to discuss and debate the science of innovation with the professionals who specialize in creativity on Monday October 29th at the Brooklyn Law School. Tickets to this SheSays event are free so all you need to show up with is your mind, ready and geared up for an inspiring discussion.
  • Sometimes it’s not easy to admit you need help but when you’re an entrepreneur, that extended helping hand may give you the boost you need to succeed. Hub Ventures allows promising entrepreneurs to put out their best efforts to change the world by helping them build their startups faster and more effectively. The Hub is accepting applications for existing startups and individuals seeking a start-up opportunity now through December 10th (early application deadline is October 31st) so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity. 
  • Ennovent, an organization invested in accelerating social innovation, is accepting applications for two challenges: The Power to Empower challenge, presented through a partnership with India@75 and the National Skill Development Corporation, is for organizations focused on skill building in India. The second challenge, directed through Millenium Alliance and awarded under the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry in partnership with USAID and the Technology Development Board, seeks to discover solutions that are working toward development across India. Visit the Ennovent site today to see if your organization is eligible for either of these exciting challenges.

Rachael Casagrande

I am currently working towards a BS in Information Design and Corporate Communication at Bentley University. Before college, I hadn’t any idea where I wanted life to take me so I decided to just let the wind blow me around a bit. The following summer, I shipped myself off to Romania through Learning Enterprises where I volunteered running English camps. The children I met there made me realize how much just one hello, one meal, or one hug can really grow change in someone’s life. After coming back to the US I’ve been keeping myself busy working odd jobs, studying and taking every opportunity I can to mesh my business degree with my love for positive change.

StartSomeGood News

Kinyei wrapped up Coffee, Cycling, and Community, far surpassing the campaign’s tipping point goal by raising $18,105 from 147 backers! With that, it has become one of the largest amounts raised through StartSomeGood and the largest amount raised by an Australian led campaign to date, so join us in congratulating Kinyei’s team–it’s been a really exciting past couple of weeks for them. Kinyei will use the money raised to train staff to manage its social enterprises, making the projects one hundred percent locally driven and self-sufficient.

The North Korean Human Rights Film Festival (NKHRFF) is a film festival in Toronto, Canada that will raise awareness about the lack of human rights and current humanitarian crisis in North Korea. The money raised will be used to secure a venue for 200 people for three days to screen films and live speakers. With a few hours left in the campaign to launch the film festival, NKHRFF has reached its tipping point, raising $2,545, and is seeking pledges to move the campaign towards its total funding goal.

Quality Food for Everyone Program is designed to provide natural and organic food to homeless shelters and food pantries. This in an effort to increase the health of those who cannot afford healthcare. Contributors to this cause will receive free online personal empowerment life coaching by the founder. This model will be presented at the United Nation’s World Assembly of Youth Conference in an effort to expand the efforts world wide. Funds raised through the campaign will be used to purchase food and improve the website, which will be used for life coaching.

Prolapse Health is seeking funding to create “A woman’s Secret Dilemma” a documentary following five women who have prolapse, a condition affecting 50-75% of women. With this funding, additional equipment, such as cameras and lights, will be purchased and support staff will be hired to help create a quality documentary about this potentially serious condition. 

The Ummah Shop is a store in Austin that will sell Islamic and modest clothing, books, and gifts. The Austin Muslim community has increased and is still growing rapidly, thus placing greater demand on the current market’s location, the shop owner’s home. As a result, she is seeking funding to open The Ummah Shop. All funds raised will be used to open the store by securing a location and increasing inventory so she can offer a wider selection of merchandise.

Shawn D. Ross

Shawn D. Ross is a Northwest Native living in Washington State. A graduate of Washington State University and University of Phoenix with degrees in Architecture and Education he writes about social, cultural, and personal improvement on StartSomeGood and SDRinspire. He is also a filmmaker and owner of Giraffe and Penguin Productions, a single daddy of two beautiful children, avid reader, writer, and hat wearer (Not in that picture but believe me, he wears ‘em). He is currently at work on his first feature length documentary. Follow him on twitter @shawndross and visit his websites: and


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Coffee Cycling and Community

Cambodia is a country plagued by a high unemployment rate among its youths. Kinyei’s Coffee Cycling and Community is pro-actively tackling this problem through its development of social enterprise in the Battambang region of the country. It is achieving this by daily collaboration with young Cambodians on social enterprises, which are aimed at promoting responsible tourism and communal development.

Coffee Cycling and Community is comprised of the Kinyei Café and Soksabike Tours. The Kinyei espresso café is a training project, which provides a collaborative environment for candidates to be mentored while working with peers. Soksabike tours, an enterprise which has trained 16 guides in educational tourism, offers bike tours which enlighten people around the world on the realities of rural life in Cambodia.

Together, management will train staff to manage the social enterprises where they work, ultimately aiming to make them self-sufficient in the future. Kinyei intends to achieve this by incorporating existing management training materials with social enterprise tool kits, while extracting resources and support from industry experts in related fields such as social business, finance, and tourism. Therefore, it is crucial that Kinyei has the funds to further its impact.

The funds raised will be put towards the cost of assembling a management-training program for four dynamic Kinyei management candidates for an 18 months period. Reaching the $12,000 tipping goal will provide the resources to host guest trainers and allow the four candidates to participate in industry workshops and attend study excursions to related organizations and businesses. More importantly, the candidates, who are usually the sole providers for large families or juggle several jobs alongside their studies, will be provided with fair wages. Reaching the $23,000-tipping goal will make capital improvements and strategic business developments possible.

Please help lay the groundwork for a viable culture of entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency in the Battambang youth, by supporting Coffee Cycling and Community.

Asibi Danjuma

External image
I am a 23-year-old Londoner currently in law school. I have a BA in Politics and International Relations and an LLB in law. I have worked as a Student Facilitator for the British Red Cross, taught at local schools in Berkshire and have done a lot of pro bono legal research for Amnesty International and the Arizona Capital Trials Project. When I finish law school, I hope to start saving the world by working in developmental research and perhaps move to Paris to eat macaroons, dabble in photography and write stories. I’m also an avid reader, white wine drinker and world traveler.


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