Kin without Ableism

Identifying as otherkin or having kintypes can be a fantastic coping mechanism or a spiritual belief, however, neither coping nor spirituality are exempt from potentially being ableist.  

Please don’t:

  • Use the word “system” to describe your collection of kintypes. This is a word used by people with Dissociative Identity Disorder to describe the collection of identities severe childhood trauma split off. This is not appropriate to use for kin. This especially goes for alter- alters are trauma-split identity fragments in DID, not kintypes. I’d prefer you not use “headmates” either, regardless of what kin experiences you’re using the word to describe, there’s probably a better word to use.
  • Use the word fronting to describe kinshifts. Instead of, “Keith is fronting right now,” please try “I’m kinshifting Keith,” “I’m really feeling Keith right now,” etc. Fronting is related to alters and DID. It’s not appropriate to use for kin. 
  • Claim amnesia between kinshifts. Kinshifts are shifts of your identity, how you feel, how you react to situations. You shouldn’t have memory issues or a different core identity between kinshifts, and if you do, you need to seek professional help because you could be having seizures or another serious issue. 
  • Intentionally fracture off parts of yourself or treat specific kintypes as “not you.”
  • Diagnose your kintypes with mental illnesses and claim to have those mental illnesses because of kintypes. If you feel like you might have a severe mental illness, it’s up to you to cope with that and work on feeling better. 
  • Equate kin memories to repressed memories or “true” body memories. If a part of your spirituality is believing in past lives and you have memories of your kintypes, that’s great! However, equating it to recovered trauma memories, body memories (things you’ve experienced in this lifetime), etc is ableist. 
  • Don’t take up trauma survivor’s spaces based on kin memories of trauma. If you have a kintype that’s survived CSA, you may not claim space as a CSA survivor unless you’ve experienced that trauma in this body/life. If you have repressed trauma, it could present as nightmares and you could misinterpret that as kin memories. If you have nightmares of trauma or think you have traumatic kin memories, it’s definitely worth looking into with a therapist. You could be recovering memories and it would be damaging to cast them aside as kin memories. 

Please do:

  • Seek professional help if kintypes make you feel worse. If you feel out of control, if you feel like kintypes are controlling you or hurting yourself/others, if you feel disconnected from reality, if you have vivid or traumatic kin memories, if you have hallucinations/delusions, if kintypes make you feel worse instead of better at any point, please seek professional help. There could be something else going on.
  • Do educate yourself on the differences between tulpas, soulbonds, kintypes, etc and alters. Fictives (fictional introjects) are a type of alter, which again are specific to DID. Alters are split off from severe childhood trauma, and fictives are just alters who have similar grounded identities to that of fictional characters. This is not equatable to kintypes, IDs, soulbonds, etc. 
  • Listen to members of marginalized groups and keep your coping and spiritual beliefs free of ableism, racism, transphobia, etc!
  • Use your kintypes to make yourself a better person! It can be a powerful coping tool and a powerful tool for spirituality! If you’re using kin to cope with trauma, mental illness, everyday life, etc, that’s great. I’m pro-kin, just not pro-ableism and silencing of trauma survivors!

Kintypes are not the same as alters. The core difference is that kintypes are you, whereas alters are split from severe dissociation and trauma and are not you. It’s disrespectful and ableist to equate these. 

Most of the time, kintypes and related beliefs and behaviors can be changed and directed. If your behavior is ableist, racist, or unhealthy for you, it can be changed for the positive! Coping behaviors and spiritual beliefs are not exempt from criticism. 

hi, I spent a good few hours diving down the rabbit-hole of otherkin tags because I’m pretty new to it, and I honestly find the concept so interesting, and I want to learn more about it on an individual level.

if you’re any kind of otherkin (spacekin, therian, deitykin, etc.) and you’re okay with talking, I’d love to talk with you to gain a deeper understanding of your specific kin and kintypes all around ☺️

If you’re alright with talking, reblog this or reply with your kintype and I’ll follow you and send a message your way. Thank you so much! 😌💕

To otherkin and fictionkin

First of all, having even one kin type is absolutely absurd
But then, you people make LISTS of what kin you are.
Do you not understand the concept of FICTIONAL?
Do you not understand you cannot be a nonhuman entity, let alone 15 different entities?
It’s called relating to a character, not being kin with them
It’s called liking the clouds or galaxies or animals, not being kin with them
If you claim you believe in reincarnation, you need to realize it was a PAST life and you need to let it the fuck go and focus on this life
If you use it as a coping mechanism, please seek out other coping mechanisms. Believing to be a god or plant or animal or character is causing your mental state to deteriorate even further. I understand if you sometimes lapse into the state to prevent yourself from harming yourself or others, but you people need to come back to reality.

WolfKin suggestions

Hey! I have some suggestions for fellow wolfkin!

• Food

-Grab some meat out of your fridge and add a little salt to it. This will give it a more raw taste! Then, warm it up somehow, making it warm like fresh kill meat. Then, if you’re comfortable with this, eat it without utensils! This will give a more authentic feel to the meat!
~~please don’t eat completely raw meat! As it is very authentic, you don’t wanna get yourself sick! Stay safe!
~This can also be done with vegetarian meat!


-grab a large bowl or deep plate, and fill it with lukewarm/cold water. Then, drink it like you were drinking out of a pond or lake!
~~you can keep a bowl in your room by you so whenever you’re thirsty, just take a lap of water!

-Grab some chairs or boxes and some blankets. Then, later the blankets over one another atop the chairs and boxes. Place some blankets and pillows on the bottom of the ‘den’ and curl up and relax!

I hope this helped!!

An Otherkin Rant

There is a lot of things that I see floating about the otherkin community that I’m pretty tired of seeing, so here we go. Putting this under a read more since this might get long

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i need to be honest here (factkin/otherkin/fictionkin)

Just learned about this whole “factkin” thing and very disturbed. This whole “factkin” thing is not a healthy coping mechanism for what you may have to deal with - you do not know this person you are identifying as. You are going off of how they present themselves to the public, which is oftentimes entirely different from how they genuinely are as people. You are not this person, and you will never be this person, no matter how much you claim to identify with them - especially if they currently exist. You are stealing their identity and parading yourself around as that person. That is not okay. You need to find new coping mechanisms that are not unhealthy or dangerous to yourself or to anyone else.

While I’m at it, I can say the same for the few otherkin who take it too far (eating dog food/raw meat, trying to “photosynthesize,” staying underwater for excessive periods of time, trying to eat diamonds, getting high in attempt to feel “astral limbs,” etc.) Identifying strongly with something non-human is one thing, but treating your physical human body as if you are actually that thing is not healthy, and you could very well die. If you genuinely believe that things like that are good for you, please seek help. While it may make you feel good mentally, physically it can destroy you. You have a human body. You can’t treat a human body as you would treat a dog’s body. Two different kinds of bodies, two different needs.

One more thing - while fictionkin does not seem inherently dangerous, the same pretty much goes. Whatever your kintype may be, your body is human and you need to treat it as such.

Sometimes I feel like tumblr is just a giant contest for who can be the biggest special snowflake.

You are a human being. You are your own person.

Please take care of yourself.