So, @benignmilitancy, @greenyvertekins and @nuttyrabbit yesterday had talked about the size of Sonic and how you could sneak him into school in a backpack, and I couldn’t help but draw that idea. Mainly because I could see some kids in Sonic’s World trying (and failing, unlike our dear Ovi here) to convince Sonic to go into a backpack and stay there.

Tails and Amy are off-screen wondering how Ovi managed to even convince Sonic to even stay in the bag. Also, people are outside because I couldn’t be convinced that it wouldn’t be a strange scene in and of itself.



lookit how pretty and pastel maria is i had the most fun with her

| Update - New Verse : Human ( Normal )

          ( there are technically two versions of the Human verse. One where the muse is normal, and one where he has powers similar to the main verse )

B A S I C S :

Name: Maurice Kintobor

Age: 25 ( Born June 23rd, 1991 )

Gender: Male

Orientation: Biromantic / Bisexual

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 120 Lbs

Relationship Status: Single

Face Claim: Herman Tommeraas

Occupation: Musician / Unemployed

Place of Residence: London ( Born In Suffolk )

( More Info Under The Cut )

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Oh-ho my God, I have come to an amazing conclusion. 

Snively’s real father… is professor Von Schlemmer! 

Don’t believe me? Look at Von Schlemmer. 

Now look at Snively. 

Look at them. They have the same lightbulb shaped head. The same giant schnoz. Von Schlemmer is even a redhead, a recurring Kintobor family trait. 

The truth is obvious; Von Schlemmer is Snively’s father, and Robotnik’s brother. Von Schlemmer is just a pseudonym. 


Oooh lordy. LSC bio for Geoffrey St. John got posted. And oh my, it is… something else.

“Kintobor”. “Blue Spined Erinaceinae.” “Princess of Acorns.”

I don’t know how he managed to outdo “K’nox” and “Echyd’nya” in terms of blatantly copying…. and yet, there it is. There it fucking is.

Also… good God, Geoffrey’s totally a Gary-Stu here. That terminology gets tossed out a lot but… there it is. THIS is what it looks like. Hooooly shit.

And since I’m in such an informative mood...

I’m gonna share the only two headcanons/theories/what have you that I got about the Boom interation of Eggman. 

I don’t give this guy a lot of thought, for various reasons, but I got at least two for him… nothing fancy, but better than nothing. 

Headcanon the 1st: His surname is literally “Eggman”, rather than Robotnik or Kintobor or the like- “Dr. Eggman” is his legitimate title and not a nickname or alias that he uses- and before you ask, yes, it IS in fact a legitimate surname in real life. I’m surprised too, but then, truth tends to be even stranger than fiction. Which ties into the second headcannon…

Headcanon the 2nd: … namely, that Eggman originally came from a family of chicken farmers. I based this off the concept art from Sonic Boom, which showcased various designs for a younger Eggman intended for an unused plot point involving time travel.

Personally I prefer the very first design… 

But yeah, looking at him here he always struck me as looking like a bit of a teenaged redneck/hillbilly, so I sorta imagined that he was born to a long line of chicken farmers before going out on his own to become a mad scientist. 

So, there you have it- my only two significant headcanons for Boom Eggman. Because for some reason I just can’t stop.