“Shadow’s Girls” by Sally Vinter

As I said before, Shadow seems to get along with girls way more than he does with guys (he may respect certain guys but that doesn’t mean he has to like them). So I threw him in an AU slumber party with all of the girls he’s been shown to have a friendly standing with in the various continuities.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Child of the Green Hill

Is pleased to announce that soon I will be able to publish here the first chapter of my small Sonic comix, the name of which - «Sonic the Hedgehog - Child of the Green Hill".
Its story is actually not so simple.
As a kid I got acquainted with the version of Sonic’s history where he was originally brown, and Dr. Eggman was a good-natured scientist, Ovi Kintobor. It should be noted that I have learned it is not out of Fleetway comics and the American Sonic-1 booklet, and in an the unofficial book about the Sega games.
I really liked this version of the story, and I wanted to make it an interpretation even in those years, but when I found out that this Sonic’s story is not recognized as an official, I was disappointed in my idea …
However, recently I decided to realize my dream of childhood. In the «Child of the Green Hill" I will try to convey how I took that story and adapt it to a modern Sonic universe. What will come of it, you decide.
The first pages will soon be available here (both Russian and English versions).
But first, I want to show the comics’ cover. Happy 22th anniversary, Sonic!

Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters © SEGA and © Egmont Magazines Ltd. . Other characters belong to Liris the Dolphin (Malysheva Elena).
Рада сообщить о том, что скоро мне удастся выложить первые главы своего небольшого комикса о Сонике, название которому – «Sonic the Hedgehog – Child of the Green Hill”.
Его история на самом деле, достаточно непростая.
В детстве я познакомилась именно с той версией истории Соника, в которой еж изначально был коричневым, а Доктор Эггман был добродушным ученым, Ови Кинтобором. Стоит отметить, что прочитала я это не в Флитвейских комиксах, и не в прилагающемся к Сонику-1 буклете, а в неофициальной русскоязычной книжке об играх Сега. Мне очень полюбилась эта версия сюжета, и я хотела сделать его интерпретацию уже в те годы, но когда я узнала, что эта версия не признается официальной, то я разочаровалась в своей идее…
Однако, совсем недавно я решила осуществить свою детскую мечту. В «Child of the Green Hill” я постараюсь передать то, как именно я восприняла эту историю, а также связать ее с новой вселенной Соника. Что из этого получится, решать вам. Первые страницы скоро будут доступны здесь (как русская, так и английская версии).
А пока – обложка комикса! С 22-летием, Соник!

Sonic the Hedgehog и другие персонажи принадлежат © SEGA а также © Egmont Magazines Ltd. Остальные персонажи созданы Liris the Dolphin (Малышева Елена).



lookit how pretty and pastel maria is i had the most fun with her

For the sake of my sanity, I’m going to focus on something other than that, something that gives me joy. 

Such as Sonic stuff. 

Now as many of you know, I tend to love Sonic in all his forms, and whenver possible I tend to mash up the continuities however I see fit… and this has lead me into some really, really odd directions.

For instance, including Sonic Underground’s Robotnik in the same verse as Satam/Archie Robotnik. Confused? Well trust me, it doesn’t get any better past this point ID 

Sonic Underground’s Robotnik was a somewhat different animal from the Robotnik of either Satam or the Archie comics; while still a horrid dictator, he was a tad more sane in his methods and goals. He operated as a feudal overlord, granting privilege and rights to a noble class who in turn paid taxes to fund his operations, with the Roboticzer serving as a ‘punishment’ for criminals (a criminal being anybody who Robotnik said so, of course). This is a bit of a far cry the Robotnik of either Satam or Archie, both of whom dispatched with such things and simply went straight to roboticizing everything. 

Given the similarities between Sonic Underground and Satam, it made me think of the differences between this version of Robotnik and the one on Satam, and from there a very peculiar idea took root. 

Let us suppose for a second that there are some parts of Robotnik’s empire that have yet to be totally brought to heel the same way that Robotropolis and other parts of the world where. What if in these areas, Robotnik decides to humor the notion of an actual nation, as well as using such areas to 'farm’ Mobians to be made into Robians. So, in the 'outer empire’, the territories furthest from Robotropolis, life is half-way normal. So where does SU Robotnik come in? 

Simple; he’s a body double, who pretends to be Robotnik in order to keep the people of the Outer Empire in line. 

I got the idea reading an article about real life dictators and how many of them had body doubles to do public appearances for them and divert assassins; Saddam Hussein press-ganged one unlucky schmuck into being 'him’ due to having a similar skeletal structure, and a body double to his psychotic son Uday even wrote a tell-all book about the experiance. 

Besides his voice, SU Robotnik differs from his Satam/Archie counterparts in that his mustache, though hard to see at times, is in fact a deeper shade than either of theirs…. thus did the idea germinate. 

I proceeded to reinterpret SU Robotnik as a body double of Robotnik’s, a human with a similar body structure to Robotnik who had been surgically and cybernetically altered to resemble the fat tyrant, save for a few 'tells’ (his voice, his mustache color, and the fact that he’s shorter than Robotnik proper). While Robotnik really runs things from within Robotropolis, Un-Botnik runs the Outer Empire as his own personal fiefdom, hence his pre-occupation with more mundane things such as wealth and luxury. As to why Robotnik would use him instead of a robot? Well think about it; if his he died and the body was flesh and blood, then that would convince people that he really IS dead, and people might get complacent about his death, assuming they didn’t look closer into 'Robotnik’s’ body. 

So yeah, SU Robotnik as a body double of Robotnik. And once the real Robotnik seemingly bites it, THIS guy seizes control of the Outer Empire entirely and PRETENDS to be the real Robotnik, much to Snively’s consternation as the pretender usurps a fairly hefty part of the Empire and declares him a traitor… of course, this only lasts until Robotnik proper gets back. 

In a bit of irony, one thing I pictured to differentiate this guy further from the real thing was his choice in outfit… this red uniform that showed up in the Archie comic. 

A red variation of Julian’s warlord uniform from the Satam show, I always rather liked this, and always had a bit of a debate when it comes to Robotnik’s deisgn; whether to go with a military uniform look or something more sci-fi… ultimately, I side on Sci-Fi, but having a love of uniforms, I chose this move because I felt it would indicate another difference in the imposter’s character; namely being far more vain and thus far more likely to wear something 'nice’ by comparison. 

I find it particularly ironic given that Sonic Boom’s own Eggman wears a similar outfit, and I’ve joked that he’s not actually buff but wearing a girdle underneath. Given the vanity I picture in Not!Robotnik’s character, I kinda like the idea that he’d do similar… funny how that works out?

Anyway, that’s one chapter of the Continuity mashups down… but there is another still, though, this one with its origins in Fleetway. 

For those of you not in the up-and-up regarding the UK’s very own Sonic continuity, this one was based upon the old translated story for Sonic and Eggman; that once upon a time, Dr. Ivo Robotnik was Dr. Ovi Kintobor, a kindly scientist and friend to Sonic who, in a freak lab accident, was turned into the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik. 

Now since I buy into the Archie origin for Robotnik primarily, Ovi could not possibly exist… but then I found a way, and considered a very delicious irony; what if Ovi Kintobor was a relative of Robotnik’s? A kindly cousin of his whom, for his kindness to others, Robotnik preferred to pretend simply didn’t exist? 

I grew fonder and fonder of the idea, and then I considered how to make Ovi more distinct from Robotnik, and lo and behold, the idea came to me in the form of a StC Storyline. In this storyline, the Brotherhood of Metallix (an organization of Metal Sonics) went back in time to prevent the event that turned Kintobor into Robotnik, and in doing so created a world where Metallix reigned supreme. In this alternate timeline, Ovi Kintobor fought the good fight against the Brotherhood… while wearing a rather strange robe-like get-up. 

There was nothing wrong with it, I just wondered why he wore that get-up. Then, some time later, the fan-continuation of Sonic The Comic, StC Online (which you should read) re-used those same robes and established them as being the robes of Mobius’ Order of Magic. 

And that was when it hit me; Ovi Kintobor could be both a scientist AND a sorcererer, a technomagician par excellence whom, out of shame of his cousin’s cruel actions, was doing his part to help save people from Robotnik’s wrath. What better way to ensure Robotnik’s eternal hatred by not only being kindly towards Mobians, but to also DARE and blend science and sorcery with one another? 

Through this I thought of another thing from STC to include, the Omni-Viewer. 

In StC proper, the Omni-Viewer is a transdimensional friend and ally to Sonic and the Chaotix. Here, the Onni-Viewer would be a creation of Kintobor’s, a construct built of science and sorcery capable of remote viewing across the planet and transporting anyone to anywhere. Through the Omni-viewer, Kintobor would rescue those in need of it and take them to his 'Sanctuary’, a hidden place where they could live free of Robotnik and in peace. 

Helping him in this endeavor? A young hedgehog who managed to break into his laboratory… Manic the Hedgehog. 

An orphan first taken in by thieves and then going on the run when Robotnik enslaved his surrogate family, Manic was born with a natural ability to control seismic waves. Kintobor took in the young rogue and taught him to hone his powers, and in return Manic became Kintobor’s agent, going out and rescuing those threatened by Robotnik. 

As you can imagine, Manic’s story in itself is a massive act of continuity blending, but I’ve said enough so far. 

Either way, just some of my odder ideas of incorporating the various Sonic continuities into each other. Hopefully they’ll distract you from…. certain things that have been going on ID;