KinSma - EXILE’s Story with English subs, Part 1.

For anyone interested in learning more about EXILE I would highly recommend watching this programme as it shows their history from HIRO’s early life; meeting AVEX boss Masato “Max” Matsuura, joining ZOO (the original group to perform CHOO CHOO Train), forming the first JSB to becoming EXILE, and creating LDH.

Links for Part 2 & 3:



Enjoy! :)

kinsmas replied to your post: CJ Wilson to the Angels?

omg the ego comment! CREYS! but i’m glad they didn’t buckle beneath the weight of what cj’s ego thought he deserved. i really don’t think he’s worth much more than 50mm so i’m glad jd didn’t overpay for him without him deserving every cent of it.

I really did … as much as I love CJ and his ego… I really thought that being #2 to CC or to Weaver would keep him right where he was in Texas. Especially with the racing he seems to be so into, I thought it might be another plus in our column. 

I think the offer we gave him was insulting to our #1 starter just because the playoffs didn’t go his way but JD seems to love to piss people off around trade time. I still don’t forgive him for the whole Michael Young debacle.