Victor Villarreal is one of my guitar heros

worst releases of 2015:

  1. Firewalker
  2. Gag
  3. whatever bands from DC with all the same members
  4. all those shitty midwest/texas bands trying too hard to sound like kbd/weird/obscure 70s punk
  5. pretty much literally every demo I saw people on here reblogging
  6. all that toxic state shit 
  7. I’m sure somewhere somebody released some kinsellacore
  8. and probably folk punk too
  9. that band ICE who sound like Municipal Waste but worse
  10. Ceremony trying too hard to sound like Joy Division which is only really their latest attempt in a long string of attempts since they started to carbon copy an old band and make the big bucks
  11. whatever deathwish inc put out this year was probably bad
  12. this is hardcore fest
  13. literally every band from boston except Sadist
  14. bands with joke names that suck
  16. the hard times dot net 
  17. my existence 
  18. Sheer Mag I don’t even care if they released anything or not this year 
  19. that band Falter who sound like Nails but shittier (wow right?) and the singer bought all these expensive synths and pedals for noise but doesn’t know how to use them so it was just like static and I laughed at them holy shit they’re so bad also there’s so many bands like them and they all suck
  20. going to see Big Zit and seeing this shitty band who think they’re mid-80s Replacements only somehow worse why are they allowed to play punk shows someone tell me
  21. chain wave and/or glove punk
  22. “stompy” 
  23. people trying to copy matt bellosi
  24. also like most of matt bellosi’s stuff
  25. Alexander Heir 
  26. bands whose artwork is just shitty goofy doodles 
  27. oi revival (why??????)
  28. punks inexplicably liking thin lizzy out of nowhere 
  29. those shoe string headbands or whatever 
  30. will be updated when I think of more things that suck