Old sketches :3 

I probably did this after “Indirect Kiss” since we learned a bit more about Rose so I had to doodle!

And then baby lion… Okay I want to know more about where that pink puff came from and how he and Rose became allies!

Then Lion as a cub came into existence. I have no regrets

And steven would probably enjoy Lion as a cub since he’d be all playful and junk

ok friends, here is the playlist ^o^ happy holidays to all of you!! I’m sorry it looks more Valentine-ish than anything else but I meant it as a present for my followers :>

I wanted to include songs that were sweet and significant, and also plenty of electro and bass, because I think it reflects the sense of adventure and excitement for these two ;w; I think “I Love You” is definitely my favorite.

I made it on YouTube instead of 8tracks because I just find it less obtuse. I hope that all of the videos are available to everyone!

>>listen to the playlist here!<<

Ashhh I drew this for you because apparently it’s OC kissing day so you draw your OC’s kissing other people’s OC’s~ This is Lepa and Turlock ^^ I’m sorry I don’t really know Turlock very well so I don’t know if he’s all wrong but I hope you like it <3