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Gakuen Psycho-Pass ~Last Part~
Kougami Shinya (CV: Seki Tomokazu)/Ginoza Nobuchika (CV:Nojima Kenji)/Masaoka Tomomi (CV: Arimoto Kinryuu)/Makishima Shougo (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Gakuen Psycho-Pass ~Last Part~

This is the second and last part of the Gakuen Psycho-Pass audio drama. It deals with the aftermath of the practice match with Last Armageddon High.

Rough translation after the cut! Enjoy~

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Nojima Kenji/Arimoto Kinryuu

In the radio talk part of PP Radio Revival Nojima & Arimoto Pair, Arimoto-san compares the characters from the original work and the gakuen AU. His inputs are very interesting… :D (long post ahead!)


Nojima: The short drama this time…is a gakuen drama…
Arimoto: Hm.
Nojima: Even if the four of them come together and talk with each other in the drama, they most likely won’t get along in the series proper. It seems unlikely that all four of them would even meet there, right?
Arimoto: Yeah, it’s unlikely.
Nojima: (laughs) Well, one of them is a criminal…
Arimoto: What I found interesting was…
Nojima: Yes.
Arimoto: Um…the personalities of the four characters were shown in a very direct manner.
Nojima: Yes.
Arimoto: Hm. I think Ginoza’s personality was easy to comprehend, it was really straightforward…
Nojima: Hn.
Arimoto: One scene I found interesting was, when Kagari was asked by Tsunemori to participate, he gave an OK right away. When Kougami heard that, his reaction was a dot dot dot, and then just said, “Hm?” (laughs) You’d see that Kougami was more or less interested in Tsunemori.
Nojima: Oh, that part?
Arimoto: That part! Ah, wait a minute. We aren’t implying anything here, right?
Nojima: We aren’t! (laughter) Not at all! (laughs)
Arimoto: Hn…also, Makishima…
Nojima: Yes.
Arimoto: …The part where Makishima agreed to participate. He agreed, but in exchange for getting back his confiscated items, and also for revoking all of the violations he did until then.
Nojima: Yes, he did…
Arimoto: I think, the one who suggested that Kougami be the first to fight was Makishima.
Nojima: Ooh…
Arimoto: I think, by doing that, and by just giving his word that he’ll participate, he ensures that all of his violations will be cleared. He probably planned that far ahead…
Nojima: That does make sense…
Arimoto: Yeah. Even in the series proper, he doesn’t get his hands dirty, he makes other people do the work for him. His younger days were portrayed this brilliantly…
Nojima: Just like in the original work…
Arimoto: …he’s portrayed as such.
Nojima: Kinryuu-san is Masaoka-san himself! (laughs) You’re basically the same!
Arimoto: One more thing… 
Nojima: Yes.
Arimoto: Next, Ginoza makes the necessary arrangements, and carefully plans everything…
Nojima: Right, he gets everything to proceed.
Arimoto: He does that. He was probably also confident in his judo skills. But since Kougami was the first to fight in their team and finished all of it, he wasn’t able to take part at all in the competition!
Nojima: (laughs)
Arimoto: Kougami took all the good parts!
Nojima: Yes, he really did!
Arimoto: This is very similar to the original series.
Nojima: It’s almost the same! (laughs)
Arimoto: Hm. After that, Ginoza was most likely feeling envious.
Nojima: Yeah.
Arimoto: Well, the other characters in the series also trust Kougami more than Ginoza. I think this was clearly portrayed in this case.
Nojima: Hmm, well, it now seems that even if it was a spin-off story, it’s very similar to the original series. Wow, that’s great. Hearing this makes me think how deep this story is! (laughs) It isn’t just a gag story, kind of…
Arimoto: Truly.
Nojima: Okay!

Gakuen Psycho-Pass ~First Part~
Kougami Shinya (CV: Seki Tomokazu)/Ginoza Nobuchika (CV:Nojima Kenji)/Masaoka Tomomi (CV: Arimoto Kinryuu)/Makishima Shougo (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Gakuen Psycho-Pass ~First Part~

Hi! As mentioned a while ago, here is the first part of the Gakuen Psycho-Pass audio drama. This is from the special Psycho-Pass Radio Revival DJCD.

It’s different from the Chimi-Chara gakuen AU; in this one, Makishima and Ginoza are both students, and Ginoza is a Disciplinary Committee officer (I think it’s more similar to the newly-released spin-off manga).

Rough translation after the cut. Second part most likely to be posted this week~

I hope you enjoy! Thank you~

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