Sonora Mud Turtle (Kinosteron sonoriense)

Also known as the Sonoyta Mud Turtle, the Sonora mud turtle is a species of kinosternid turtle native to the southern United States and Northern Mexico, centering around the Sonoran desert. The Sonora mud turtle usually inhabits streams and creeks where it patrols the bottom for invertebrates and the occasional small fish/frog. They typically spend their entire lives underwater but will surface occasionally to bask/breathe. To cope with the harsh cold periods that come with desert life sonaran mud turtles will  aestivate (become dormant) in a nearby stream bank, or on the bottom. They will also do this if their water source dries up, they migrate to a new source if the water does not return. Sonraran mud turtles are currently listed as near threatened, due mostly to habitat change and destruction.



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Razor-backed musk turtle / カブトニオイガメ

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Sternotherus carinatus

Razor-backed musk turtle カブトニオイガメ

Animalia Chordata Reptilia Testudines Kinosternidae
動物界 脊索動物門 爬虫網 カメ目 ドロガメ科

Noboribetsu Marinepark, Hokkaido, Japan.

Kinosternon flavescens
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Photo : Eric Osmundson – Flickr

  • Sous-ordre : Cryptodira
  • Famille : Kinosternidae
  • Genre : Kinosternon
  • Espèce : flavescens (AGASSIZ, 1857)
  • Nom commun : Tortue boueuse jaune (Yellow Mud Turtle)


  • Description générale :Pour le genre Kinosternidae, la Kinosternon flavescens est de taille assez grande, bien que faisant toujours figure d’espèce de petite corpulence. Elle se caractérise par une…

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Eastern Mud Turtle (Kinosternon subrubrum)

Also known as the common mud turtle, the eastern mud turtle is a species of Kinosternid turtle which is native to the United States, where it occurs throughout the eastern and central portions. Like many other turtle species, eastern mud turtles will occupy a range of freshwater habitats like ponds and lakes, where they will feed on a range of invertebrates and small fish


Animalia-Chordata-Reptilia-Testudines-Kinosternidae-Kinosternon-K. subrubrum

Image: LA Dawson