KinokoNiji made this mixtape a year ago for the end of the summer and it still works now. Sit back and enjoy these dwindling late summer afternoons while you can.

1. FreeTEMPO : Moon
2. HNC : Night Thoughts
3. Purity Ring : Saltkin
4. KinokoNiji : Pomegranate
5. サカナクション : 夜の踊り子
6. Little Dragon : Sunshine
8. Teams : Freakwaves (Pegasuss Sanctuary Remix feat. HNC)

Untitled (Mix)

2.) Augustus (Kero Kero Bonito)- Vs.
3.) Slime Girls- Heart On Wave
4.) KinokoNiji- Sidekick Syndrome
5.) This Deep Well- Ponder
6.) yasumiyasumi- Shinjuku Morning
7.) Space Boyfriend- Bug Spray (Space-Time Cinderella Ver.)
8.) Melt Channel- Bedroom
9.) Cyclops Rock- Make Your Youth Complicated

[A mix originally curated for Groupees]
This collection holds a sense of reflection on the sounds that we grew up with. Melodies and feelings attached to that of playing video games and the culture around it, one that feels distinctly Japanese. For those growing up outside of Japan, video games and Japanese Pop culture in general has given a lot of us a sort of “punk rock” sensibility due to it being a largely unacceptable thing to mainstream culture. In a sense, we’re pushing what we love through the only way we can; music. It’s not as much nostalgia as it is almost a sort of necessity. The love for those sounds are still here and strong. Although appropriated by our own distinct worldview, this collection hopes to present something as endearing as what it was originally influenced by.