Found this meme on kinok0girl’s tumblr. Soooo, I had a urge to do it too, so I did. I just added Favorite Day to it; it can be any day but Im super excited for my favorite holiday nearing by: Halloween. No other day in the year gets me as excited as Halloween 😆
So now I tagggggggg, my good friend RedRascal. I havent told him I have a new Tumblr, wonder if he’ll figure out who I am or if he’ll think Im some sorta stalker.
Anyways, anyway who sees this meme on here and decides to do it too, please tag me!

Hi there! Sorry for the lack of posts. Life is getting busier as I get older. Here’s a snapshot of some scribbles I drew during my day off from work. I’ll post the rest tomorrow cuz it’s getting late. Good night!!!