kinoderm abrasion

friction (feedback and reverb)


art object

and noisy patterns

pitter patter tendency
listen up kids


remix quick the triple dip clipped gaze
snip snip grays to scaled grid layer haze,
moiré maze, fresh hip skills for days

and check that techniqued fractal glaze
just sideways, skinned end of days
and the dermal siloed
sigh bin plays


see, i sense a snake
wiry and lithe
unraveling at every
and shedding flesh frequency

saw, that misdetect is on the scene
investigate this!
graceful throwback
seeing wiry and with

xtra xtra you can read all about it!
on the random access

and tell wireless


haiku whispers
in the early morning

Toward a Kinoderm Aesthetics
Department of Biological Flow (2011)
text used for
“A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Special Topics in Visual Arts”
University of Western Ontario Department of Visual Arts

- - -

double potluck (i am lucky)

wow, the course “toward a kinoderm aesthetics” is done at uwo, potluck lunch and my first-ever crits were today and the projects were so cool! the assignment was to disrupt the kinoderm aesthetics framework in some way, using any medium.

the results from the six students, most of whom were not from the art department? these descriptions won’t do them justice, but in no particular order:

1. a sculpture of a walking body made of unraveling twine and coloured yarn;

2. ‘one-breath’ haikus of daily moments written on transparencies and hung as a mobile against a painted backdrop;

3. a 6-flipbook story of a woman wearing an x-ray of a titanium rod on her broken arm – a story of memory after a car accident;

4. a minimalist double video installation, site-specific in two locations around the building, each with large eyeballs gazing and zooming in and out of focus to play with the panopticon and the cut.

5. perhaps the most soft-spoken person in the class doing a grace kelly/sophie calle-inspired performance of research-creation to investigate the introduction of surveillance cameras on public buses in london – 'ms. detect investigations’;

6. peeled glue handprints plus a videocamera-recording-TV-image mise-en-abyme, which produced distortions that looked like skin patterns when the camera was zoomed inward;

yes, i know i’m new to this whole art school thing, but knowing where we came from to where we ended up today, i feel pretty fortunate to have witnessed it all, really – very happy for them. and very happy for the ideas they’re already giving me in return.

ongoing, the process feeds forward…………………………………………