Heaven and Earth - Rathalos and Rathian 

Commission work for @nom-nom-keiko
Los and Ian with their Subspecies (Excluding KuroReia and Zerureusu)

Fun design and shows the original duo of Monster Hunter, Los of the Heaven, Ian of the Earth. 

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- Normal Rathalos and Rathian 
- Azure Rathalos and Pink Rathian
- Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian 

Wallpaper Version Available! 
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“Hearts that go boom” - Guildmarm x Brachi

Something I was working on for a few days, and got around to finishing! The Marm and her Ebony Knight. 

And here! A fitting song to go along with this piece :) “Flames of Love”

Enjoy everyone!


~ Hour of Twilight ~

Wolf Link
Imp Midna

Been in a Loz Mood lately so made these. Hope they are enjoyable enough for your eyes. I actually had a hard time coming up with a Midna design because I’ve never done a humanoid before in this style but hopefully I pulled it off (Sorta)

designs are also up on my Redbubble shop, the names have click through links to the designs. 


Bastion - Squirt 

I’ve been playing this very lovely game recently, was intentionally playing it to speed run but on my casual playthrough for the first time, I loved Bastion for the story, the art, the design, gameplay, and music. So made a fanart of one of the little mobs “Squirts” the baby versions of the Ghastfellas. 

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ふわナバルデウス - Fuwa Ceadeus 

Commissioned work, to add to my monster “Fuwa” line of work. Man I always hated Ceadeus. Underwater combat always made me dizzy
Yian Garuga vers. R.Ludroth Vers. 

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Harbinger of Disaster - Shiny Absol

Commissioned work for Adam. 

I know I’ve done an Absol design already but this task was to make it relative to how it was posed in the manga. 

Anyway; the second task was for it to be a Shiny Version. I enjoyed how I designed this and I hope you all do too! The only hard part about this was using the mouse since my tablet is out of commission :( 

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For those who don’t know, all my newer followers and passerbys, I have a Redbubble Account for my different lil’ pieces I’ve done. 

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I can also take commissions for different designs as well ~! I just charge $5.00 a piece and sometimes I usually add a bonus for free <w>! 

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~ Crystalline Symmetry - Akura Vashimu & Akura Jebia ~ (Monster Hunter Frontier)

Commissioned work of the two most annoying scorpions in Frontier haha. The Akurites. Tried to get it to work with my style since they’re more geometric and I usually do more organic design. 

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