Wip of reiji and kino after i get a better sketch ill fix my proportions abd placement Shari ignore my instagram signiture. Meant ti chsnge it to CS i should really be sleeping
also credit to @sloxed forthe reiji redesign im using. Also sorry sloxed for having kino in the pic and being mentioned here i know you said any more speak of LE and him would get people blocked unless i misread or interpreted that wrong. i just felt as if it was nessicary to five you creditfor thw rwdesign of reijis outfit since you spent 18+ hours on that artwork and redesign uwu.

madisnorm asked:

What do you think about the new vampire? Kino?

Ooo, relevant topic! Not sure if you meant me or the boys so I’ll answer both ways. 

I think I’m not going to like his personality. The main thing seems to be that he’s an entitled prince, add on to that he likes mobile games and you might get a whiny, tantrum throwing, overgrown child that gets pissed if you try to distract him from his phone. 

I am surprised Rejet gave him a more modern trait though, i.e. liking mobile games. I didn’t expect them to make a tech savvy vampire since the boys are never really shown using modern luxuries. Anyway, we’ll move on to what the boys think now.

Ayato: Fuck the old man, how many women has he knocked up now?

Shu: What do you expect from that man? 

Reiji: While a agree with your sentiment, I would ask that you refrain from using such vulgar language. This news is indeed troubling however.. 

Subaru: How many lives has that bastard fucked up at this point? 

Kanato: I don’t want another sibling… Teddy and I already hate all of you.

Laito: We don’t like you much either, but I may actually hate him more. The old man gets around… And that is not me sounding impressed.

Subaru: He already has those Mukami shits, not that they’re his real kids.

Shu: He’s never paid attention to his real children regardless.

Ayato: And this entitled little prick is calling himself the Prince of Vampires, Ore-sama already own that title.

Kanato: He’s not that important… Neither are you.

Laito: *sigh* We’ll just wait and see.


All the DIABOLIK LOVERS boys now have official Twitter accounts!

This was launched since today’s Rejet new titles announcement show. All 13 characters, including the new character Kino, now have Twitters for a limited time period.

For the fun of it, I’ve also translated whatever tweets there have been (as of 6 Feb, 8PM JST). I think Kanato’s ones are the most hilarious so far xD

To follow all their individual accounts, here:

I will also add more DiaLovers news to my blog later~^^


DIABOLIK LOVERS has announced for a new game, versus CDs and drama CDs in year 2016!

As it is the 5th anniversary for DIABOLIK LOVERS this year, a new PS Vita game titled “LOST EDEN” has been announced! It will feature all 12 characters, plus a new character named Kino, voiced by Maeno! All characters will also have new school uniform designs. Like before, the main illustrator remains as Satoi.

A new “VERSUS III” CD series will also drop starting 20th April 2016! The CDs will see new combinations among all 12 characters.

A new drama CD series titled “LOST EDEN” will also start from 17th August 2016 onwards.

Today at Rejet’s new title announcement, Hirakawa Daisuke (Sakamaki Laito) and Sueraga Rie (Anime: Yui) also appeared as special guests!



CD Schedule:

  • August 17, 2016 - LOST EDEN Vol.1 [Sakamaki Story]
  • September 21, 2016 - LOST EDEN Vol.2 [Kino Story]
  • October 19, 2016 - LOST EDEN Vol.3 [Tsukinami Story]
  • November 16, 2016 - LOST EDEN Vol.4 [Mukami Story]

WE GOT A NEW VAMPIRE, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_____^

Kino [cv: Maeno Tomoaki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Here is the official PV:

Kino, the vampire Prince
  • Kino:hello, I am the vampire prince
  • Ayato:eh?! We're the princes! Unless-
  • Kanato:did that man have ANOTHER wife?
  • Laito:4 wives....impressive
  • Ayato:what did that old man fuck this time?
  • Shu:finally, now I don't have to be the heir
  • Subaru:punches wall for no reason
  • Reiji:let's get back on task here, who even are you, "Mr Vampire Prince"
  • Kino, playing smartphone games:I should be a sadist vampire but knowing Rejet I'll be tamed by my Maniac Route

Snap shots from Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden 1/3, these are in random order so please bare with me. @diabolik-misaki @diabolik-boyfriend-scenarios @forsakenoathkeeper @hadairono @asksugarbearthings @diabolikloversscenaitoandaskbox