Who is Kino Sakamaki?

Many of you want to know who exactly Kino Sakamaki is on this blog. I have been writing a story which brings out what I HOPE his character is like, but just in case, for the time being, here’s how he is on my blog~ (Kino- ‘Bout time..)

Kino is a cocky, arrogant person, who kinda acts like Ayato in that way. He is very used to being #1 and all important that he suspects to always be put first. Kino has anger issues in which he will physically abuse his maids, servants, maybe even his lover, if they displease him. He is ruthless towards his servants, but more relaxed for his lover. He is a Do-S, but doesn’t mind his lover topping. 

Kino is nearly obsessed with finding out how to wipe out the vampire race quickly and efficiently, but he has a problem with staying focused for very long periods of times, so he can be a bit of a slacker and plays on his phone when he should be working. He also tends to have very strange mood swings. One moment he will be very relaxed, another he’ll be screaming in anger, then he will be sweet and loving…

When it comes to his lover, he would first try to charm her, and if all else fails, he’d force or threaten her to be his. After a while in the relationship, he reveals he has a type of puppy-love with his lover and loves having their attention and affections. He is either split between being very romantic or very rough when coming to intercourse.

This is Kino Sakamaki. If you have any more questions, Kino and I are online and ready to answer questions~

Kino- Mmm, do not be afraid to ask, darling~

A New Fan’s Guide to Pentagon


Cube Entertainment’s New boy group
Debut: TBA
Currently on survival show “Pentagon Maker”
All of them are precious dorks

*Have their own channel on the V app!*

Group Debut Teaser “Come Into the World” 


Fun Facts: smol darling, too precious for this world, knows English rather well, was in SM the Ballad in 2010, trainee for 8 years, oldest in the group, gets nervous and excited easily

Fun Facts: “charismatic” leader, 1st place at JYP’s 7th Audition Final Round in 2010, fails at life/literal second-hand embarrassment, smiley hyung, aegyo, sunshine-sweetheart

*edit: Yang Hongseok not Yang Honseok* Fun Facts: 180cm, participated in YG’s Mix and Match, speaks English and Chinese, literal mom, auditioned for JYP 9th Audition Final Round in 2012, really self-conscious on how well he’s doing

Fun Facts: cute little bunny, composes and writes songs, auditioned for JYP Audition Final Round in 2012, will be the one to reveal everyone’s secrets, has mad stage presence and charsima

Fun Facts: Visual/Center of the group, ultimate derp, scaredy cat, plays piano, big baby, never stops laughing, extreme fail

Fun Facts: directionally challenged, can imitate Xia Junsu of JYJ/TVXQ, modeled for CLRIDE.N with Hyuna of 4Minute, dork, good teacher-takes his time with Yanan and Yuto and their Korean troubles, natural born MC

Fun Facts: apparently is a rapper but sings really well, a shy and sweet child, an actual cinnamon roll, amazing visuals, from shanghai, very soft-spoken

Fun Facts: stoic expression, is actually very cute and endearing, deep voice, shy and mature looking baby, easily embarrassed

Fun Facts: Friend of Got7′s Yugyeom, dancer and choreographer, triple threat: dance, singing, and rap, fails at aegyo but is naturally very cute, talks to dogs, evil child

Fun Facts: tallest and youngest, 188cm, swag high school student, fail aegyo, mature looking maknae, competitive AF


[Eng Sub] Pentagon Maker Episode 1 

[5vs5] Team Hui Performance “When I See You Again”

[5vs5] Team Kino Performance “Sorry”



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Pentagon Live

Pentagon Network

Personal Note

So I made this to make it easier on people wanting to get into Pentagon. Getting into groups is hard at first when you don’t know the members and don’t know where to go to get videos and such. But, go support and stan these dorks! I’m not one to stan a group so quick but Pentagon got me.  OT10 hwaiting!!

*Please note that Fun facts are based on actual facts, what I’ve seen from them and my opinion*

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Molotow GRAFX 寫大字也滿彈的

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