the university of iowa children’s hospital built a viewing room that overlooks kinnick stadium (iowas football stadium) and every home game after the first quarter everyone in the stadium turns and waves at the kids that are watching from the hospital because they’re too sick to go to the game and im honestly crying while typing this i love this new tradition so much.

10 Best College Game Day Experiences

How much can the atmosphere at a college football game vary from one location to another? After all, it’s the same sport. At each campus, the tailgating and game will feature the same major players: students, alumni, beverages, bands, beverages, food, beverages, cheerleaders, and beverages.Despite these common elements, the game day experiences at college campuses across the country reflect vast regional differences in food, fun, and temperament. Here’s a list of the 10 best game day experiences for your consideration.

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tuulsos  asked:

Do you have any other pets? I have wayyy too many dogs and a cute black kitteh. She likes to meow at me and snuggle me and bite me. I would like a bunny, but it would die of a heart attack because of all the dogs. I would probably name the bunny Aloysius or Captain Furball. Actually you're really supposed to get two buns.

I have only a hamster but Cal has a cat named Kinnick who loves me a lot and sleeps with me when I go to bed


Big props to @iscott555 on her first muscle ups!!! Then she decided to try 2!! So close!! Something in the water @crossfitkinnick must be @crossfitgames OPEN time!! #kinnick #crossfit #crossfitkinnick (at Crossfit Kinnick)

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