Big props to @iscott555 on her first muscle ups!!! Then she decided to try 2!! So close!! Something in the water @crossfitkinnick must be @crossfitgames OPEN time!! #kinnick #crossfit #crossfitkinnick (at Crossfit Kinnick)

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‘Merica!! As usual had a fantastic day at @crossfitkinnick #battleoftheboxes - Grip Edition. What a day! Awesome teams and athletes! Ran 52 teams, over 200 athletes, and over 300 spectators through our doors! Honored to be able to host a competition of this caliber at our CrossFit Affiliate. I love this community!! #kinnick #cfkbattle #crossfit #butterbattle #cavecrossfit (at Crossfit Kinnick)

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Another fun track day compliments of @hinshaw363 with these awesome people & training partners! Had a special appearance by the birthday girl @tori_dow! Thanks @shelleydow for letting her skip school for a fun track day with us!! HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TORI!!! #kinnick #crossfit #crossfitkinnick #CrossFitGames #gamesbound #openfirst @skins_usa @beyondthewhiteboard @3fu3l @activeliferx @nick_darkshadow @swoodman17 @mainekinnick #claytonandrewkinnick #carsonleekinnick (at Strehle Track Pomona College)

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C/O 2012

Damn, I can’t believe you guys are gonna be seniors in a matter of what, 2 weeks? I remember meeting some of y'all back when you guys were freshmen.  Some tips yeah?

  • The idea of it being your final high school year won’t hit you on the first day. It’ll hit you during grad practice, or at graduation itself. Enjoy every minute.
  • Screw the bullshit from the past 3 years. Now’s not the time to be fussing over things that should be over and done with.
  • Get all your college recommendations and apps done in time. The counselors have the rest of your class to deal with, not just you. Get essays proofread by English teachers. If you live overseas, send those apps in a minimum of two weeks before the deadline.
  • SENIORITIES. It will get to you, promise. I didn’t think it would get to me. But then I reached the point where my A+’s would turn to C-’s and my B+’s would turn into D-’s, and I wouldn’t give a fuck. Then I realized I had 2 weeks to get my grades up in order to get my credits. Instant FML mode right there. Try not to fall too far behind, and if you do, figure out a way to get out.
  • Tell that guy or girl you like him/her. You have nothing to lose. I told the guy I liked that I liked him (I even asked him to prom…), and although he doesn’t like me back like that, it was a risk that I was glad that I took.
  • Have fun at all the “last’s”; Last homecoming week/game, homecoming dance, all the stupid assemblies. Seriously, you’ll think back after graduation and say “damn, that just seemed like yesterday.
  • This goes personally to the seniors of Kinnick: Don’t hold back on lip sync performances during Yo-Hi day. Although you can’t beat the c/o 2011’s senior lip sync (this is just me being proud of my class), do things that you know will get you DQ’d. We did. Did we give a fuck? HELL NO. But we did know that we had the best lip sync.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, when you’re on that stage on June 2012, with that diploma in your hand, I want you to think ”I REGRET NOTHING.

A text from my wife in response to her first day back to college 14 years later. Taking 3 of her 6 Fire Science classes at MT. SAC. Very proud of her hard work and dedication. Oh and yes I refer to my wife @mainekinnick as #sexywifey
#kinnick #chasingadream #godhasaplan #crossfit #crossfitopen #CrossFitGames #trainingforlife (at Crossfit Kinnick)

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