Love Vocabulary in Norwegian

Kjærlighet - Love

Jeg forguder deg - I adore you (lit. I worship you)

Jeg elsker deg - I love you

Jeg er glad i deg - I love you

Jeg trenger deg - I need you

Jeg savner deg - I miss you

Jeg vil ha deg nå - I want you now

Jeg vil ha deg - I want you

Du er bare min - You are only mine

Jeg tenker på deg hele tiden - You are on my mind all the time

Kjæreste - Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Kyss - Kiss

Suss - Kiss

Nuss - Kiss

Gi meg et suss - Give me a kiss

Mamma kysset nissen - Mom kissed santa claus

Du er min eneste - You are my only one

Å gå ut med - To date/hang out with (lit. to go out with)

Å flørte - To flirt

Han flørte med henne - He flirted with her

Klem - Hug

Han gav meg et kyss på kinnet - He gave me a kiss on the cheek

Tungekiss (lit. Tongue kiss) - French kiss

Han kysset meg! - He kissed me!

Et lidenskapelig kyss - A passionate kiss

Et kyss - A kiss

Gi/Få - Give/Receive

Han ga henne en rose - He gave her a rose

Jeg har aldri elsket henne - I have never loved her

Jeg har aldri elsket med henne - I have never made love to (had sex with) her

Å forelske seg - To fall in love

Å bli glad i - To become fond of (to start to love/care about)

 Å falle for - To fall for

Jeg faller for deg - Im falling for you (Im falling in love with you)

Elske sin neste - Love one’s neighbor

Å kline - To make out

Å kile - To tickle

Du er min hjerteknuser - You are my heartbreaker

Hun er litt av en hjerteknuser - She break lots of hearts

Jeg elsker deg av hele mitt hjerte - I love you with all of my heart

Du har et hjerte av stein - You have a heart made of stone

Hjertet mitt slår for deg - My heart is beating for you

Du er hjerteløs - You are heartless/callous

Du varmer hjertet mitt - You are warming my heart

Hun har et godt hjerte - She has a good heart

Hjertesorg - Heartbreak

Hva har du på hjertet? (“hva har du lyst til å snakke med meg om?”) - What’s on your mind? (“what do you want to talk to me about?”)

Å ikke ha hjerte til (“ikke klare å gjøre (på grunn av medfølelse)”) - To not have the heart to ("be unable (because of compassion)”)

“Hjerte” rimer på “smerte” - Heart rhymes with pain (in Norwegian)

Jeg stoler på deg - I trust you

Jeg liker deg - I like you

Du har et vakkert smil - You have a beautiful smile

Øynene dine glitrer - Your eyes sparkle

Så lenge jeg er med deg, så er jeg glad - As long as I am with you, (then) Im happy

Kjærlighet på pinne -Lollipop

Du betyr så mye for meg - You mean so much to me

Du er søt - You are cute

Jeg lengter etter deg - I long for you

sexyshoelessgodofwar  asked:

(1/5) I'm going to talk about two more of my Oblivion characters: a female Nord warrior called Arctura, and a male Imperial bard called Kinnet. They were originally NPCs from a DnD game; I decided to recreate them in Oblivion, and had enough fun with them to make them part of my personal Elder Scrolls canon. Arctura and Kinnet are adventuring partners. They travel together, fight at each others' backs, split their loot, and so on. I play one of them, then play the other, doing the same

(2/5) things I had just done with the last one. If their times become desynchronized, I adjust how many hours they sleep so that they wake up at the same time. They’re largely your typical murderhobos: go into a dungeon, kill its inhabitants, take anything of value, sell whatever they don’t want to keep, buy better equipment, and repeat. Arctura doesn’t know any magic. She only heals with potions and sleep until Kinnet learns a spell that lets him heal other people.

(3/5) Then I let Arctura cast healing spells, cause ostensibly Kinnet can heal her. Arctura fights in the arena. Kinnet bets on her and watches arena fights. They also joined the fighters guild. They’re going to do the fighers guild questline. I haven’t finished it though; it’s taking longer than my other characters’ quests, partly because I do everything twice, partly because I sometimes accidentally save one of their files over the other one’s, buy mostly because they’re more interested

(4/5) in exploring random caves than taking guild contracts. They’re my only Oblivion characters, other than my HoK, who would willingly go through an Oblivion gate. But they don’t get the chance, since they never go to Kvatch. I thought about installing a mod that creates gates without doing the main quest (since my HoK ostensibly has gone to Kvatch), but since the gates are randomly generated, I’d have trouble doing the doubling thing.

(5/5) When I’m playing with them, in my imagination they’re bantering with each other, defending each other in battle, and stuff like that. It’s oddly helpful for getting immersed, and makes playing them a lot of fun.

That’s really neat. I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to synchronize playthroughs like that. And my only TES OCs that know each other are my Bosmer twins. Those two are pretty much crimelords. You’ve got Valithor leading the thieves guild and Arden leading the dark brotherhood and then the two of them pooling together the ill-gained spoils. The only person they trust in all of Cyrodiil is each other.