Numbers formed by the hands of clocks

This video is mesmerising. A wall of 288 beautifully choreographed clocks sync together to form huge outlines of digital style numbers.  

Called ‘A million times’, the beautiful motion of analogue hands moving to represent digital numbers happens between each minute. 

Created by Stockholm based creative studio, Humans since 1982 (referencing the year both founders were born), there is a smaller 24 clock version here available to buy (POA)

I’ve got to watch it again…


invisible question marks? like nothing you say is an affirmation?

like this video? for example? ;)

poisonera replied to your post “Had to swing by a contemporary art gallery that features some fairly…”

So you saw Justin’s art gallery, and I spent two days at a place I’m pretty sure could be Kinnetic if it expands to the UK. How do we escape this show?? To make matters worse, it was a street away from a bar/club called “Beach Blanket Babylon” I’m pretty sure someone planned all that to mess with me..

Ahahahah I’m fairly certain there is no escaping. I’ve accepted that is my lot in life. To be fair, there are far worse possibilities. I’m sure in time my heart will hurt less. Maybe. Probably. Maybe.